Thanksgiving weekend best bets

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It’s Week 13. Whether that’s unlucky or lucky for anyone out there who may be inclined to wager a few bucks  on the outcome remains to be seen.

So guidance for your picks appears in our weekly best bets segment. And in looking for locks this weekend, something occurred to me: There are plenty of teams who are for all intents and purposes down. More than usual, seemingly. And when those teams that are simply coasting to the finish lace ’em up on the Sunday that caps Thanksgiving against teams that are still very much alive, it could get ugly.

Think about the unique distractions of Thanksgiving week. Think about the temptation to yield to those distractions for teams that have three or two wins. Think about what that could become today.

That’s the basis for two of the picks made by Simms and me. For all of the picks, check out the attached video.