Washington linebacker ejected for shot on Greg Olsen

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Panthers tight end Greg Olsen appeared to be out for a moment.

Moments later, the guy who made him that way was for the rest of the afternoon.

Washington linebacker Ryan Anderson was just ejected for lowering his head to initiate contact on Panthers tight end Greg Olsen.

Olsen appeared to stiffen as he went to the ground, and was eventually able to get up and go to the medical tent, and then the locker room for further evaluation. He will not return.

At least that penalty was called.

Earlier in the game, Washington punt returner Trey Quinn was knocked out of the game with a concussion, when Panthers special teamer DeAndrew White got there before the ball. White was penalized but not ejected. Quinn did not return.

Washington leads 15-14, in a game that has been played at a pretty low level by both sides.

11 responses to “Washington linebacker ejected for shot on Greg Olsen

  1. Once they start ejecting guys for those types of hits I bet you’ll see them disappear. Guys don’t care if they get a penalty. They do care when they lose a paycheck.

  2. They both lowered their shoulders, and heads. I get the penalty in the interest of protecting players, but I saw nothing malicious to warrant an ejection.

    Refs aren’t consistent.

  3. Earlier in the game a Carolina player leveled Trey Quinn with a helmet to helmet hit, not allowing him to field a punt, that guy stays in the game but Ryan Andeeson gets ejected….really ref!?

  4. buckstalion12965 says:

    Refs aren’t consistent.

    I don’t think there’s been a more correct statement on this board than this. The officiating has been abysmal this year. With all the technology they still somehow figure out how to screw it up. Maybe they need to get rid of the whole lot and get some in there who have a brain.

  5. The entire bunch of Washington Alablubber defenders should be fired for incompetence and grand theft check stealing. These guys are awful. No name players are added and doing better.

  6. The problem with unnecessary roughness right now is that offensive players are learning that if they just lower their head they can draw a helmet to helmet about 40% of the time

    Not to say Anderson’s hit *wasnt* violent, but there’s an example practically every game of an offensive player lowering the crown of *his* helmet and drawing a roughness call on a totally normal defensive play.

  7. Lack of ref consistancy is shown in this game considering white wasn’t ejected for his hit that was intentional. But then anderson was for another player lower his head?

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