Amari Cooper on his future: I love it in Dallas, feel it’s the place for me

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The Cowboys traded for Amari Cooper 14 months ago. He has found a home.

In 11 games at AT&T Stadium, the Cowboys receiver has 82 catches for 1,309 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Cooper, though, is in the final year of his contract, scheduled to become a free agent in March. With Dak Prescott also scheduled to become a free agent, the Cowboys have only one exclusive franchise tag to use, and they would use it on their quarterback if they can’t get Cooper or Prescott signed before free agency begins.

That has invited speculation about Cooper’s future.

“I haven’t really thought about that,” Cooper said Monday. “I’m not going to put the cart before the horse. We’re still in the season. I haven’t given much thought to it.”

Cooper made clear, though, that his preference is to remain in Dallas.

“I’ve approached the situation like if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” Cooper said. “Obviously, I’m more productive here than I was in Oakland, so why would I want to change things?”

Cooper has 64 catches for 971 yards and seven touchdowns this season, even after Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore shut him out in Week 12.

“I’ve enjoyed it a lot,” Cooper said of his time in Dallas. “It’s cool. [A reporter] talked about my numbers at home. It just feels good to play here, to live here. I’m happy. . . . I love it here. I want to be here. I just love this situation, my teammates. I just feel it’s the place for me.”

16 responses to “Amari Cooper on his future: I love it in Dallas, feel it’s the place for me

  1. Cooper is soft. Of course he’s going to love it somewhere where he is going to get top 3 WR money. Everyone knows (him included) that if you put a physical DB on him to rough him up at the line of scrimmage, he will shrivel up and fall apart.

  2. One of the most humble players in the league. Never had a melt down or demanded more passes his way since he has been in Dallas.

  3. Will be interesting to see if Cowboys can sign Cooper and Prescott. Pie is only so big as Jerry Jones likes to say. If $50+ mil for those two, not much pie left. Good luck. If one or both has outrageous demands, have to let them walk and take your two 3rds. Figure Dak more likely to want crazy bucks as has already turned down big bucks.

  4. Why not stay in Dallas? There is no pressure. Mediocre passes as excellence. An 8-8 season in Dallas is looked at as a 14-2 season anywhere else. Why leave that and have to face real scrutiny?

  5. calizcowboyz says:
    December 2, 2019 at 5:15 pm
    Dak 28 mil, coop 18 mil. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT! Cuz we are a 500 team with ya both!


    $28 million? That’s crazy. That’s like top 10 money. More like 20-25 million. Somewhere in the middle of the pack. Cooper, 18-20 million. The dude has more leverage than Dak.

  6. $28M and $18M may sound crazy but I bet each of them will want more than that. Jerruh is probably dumb enough to do it too.

  7. Discount…LOL….I guess some of you have forgotten his agent is Joel Segal….One thing for certain Raiders will be going after a wideout with their 75 million in cap space. I hoping it is AJ Green, and Paul Guenther can help get him.

  8. Coop just took himself out of the game because he couldn’t get open. This is not the kind of WR that should get paid big money.

    Gruden was right to let him go.

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