Doug Pederson: Lack of discipline, consistency on me

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Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said on Sunday that the team self-destructed in a 37-31 loss to the Dolphins and he assigned blame for that on Monday.

Pederson said on WIP that he is disgusted, mad and angry about the way the team played on Sunday and pointed to himself as the man responsible for those feelings.

“Our discipline, our consistency, the lack of that that showed up in this football game, that’s on me,” Pederson said. “That’s on me. And that’s why I’m disappointed. I felt like and I think most people felt like we were the better football team. . . . Having watched [the tape] again this morning, it’s not who we are, it’s not who I am as a coach, it’s not how we teach things. It starts with me and I have to fix things this week heading into the Giants game.”

At a press conference later on Monday, Pederson said that he didn’t expect to make any changes to the starting lineup before next Monday’s game and that his message to the team is that they still have a great opportunity because of how things stand in the NFC East. That’s true, but making anything of that opportunity is going to take a far better effort than the Eagles have managed the last couple of weeks.

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  1. Indeed it is Doug, you and your team stink, they’re old, stale, slow, disinterested, without heart or direction. You and Howie have done a bang up job. The Super Bowl is over and I wish you were as well.

    Signed, a disgruntled Eagles fan.

  2. Is it just me or does it seem like Pederson and Wentz take the blame just about every week, yet nothing ever changes.

  3. Wow. What a difference a year makes. Last year Pederson was being hailed as one of the greatest coaches of all time…….. I guess all time only encompasses a two year period.

  4. This has been a historic collapse. And the lousy play of Foles, Wentz and any other QB who ever played for them makes one wonder HOW they ever won that superbowl. Truly head scratching.

  5. Since Lane Johnson said Patriots do not have fun the eagles are 15-15.
    Greetings from the six time champion New England Patriots Lane.

  6. It’s because they no longer have the greatest athlete in the history of the world, Nick Foles. He invented sports and throwing.

  7. Belichick makes these kinds of statements all the time. “We need to coach better and play better,” and “They made more plays than us,” and “They were the better team.”

    The difference, I guess, is that Belichick means it and makes sure that it doesnt happen again.

  8. I’m not happy with the performance this year but I still got your back Doug. See you at the game Monday night fellow Eagles fans. I didn’t hear no bell.

  9. Better get younger – FAST !

    Those old heads get injured more frequently and take longer to recover.

    The offensive coaching staff needs an upgrade .

    Schwartz better switch scheme to ‘press-man’if he wants an effective 4 man pass rush.

    Team now must lose that _’Super Bowl Strut’_ .

  10. He’s Andy Reid 2.0, and really has been the entire time with the Eagles. He defaults too often to the bad Andy Reid in game management and play-calling. The Super Bowl win has masked it for a while, but after yesterday no one is really in denial anymore.

  11. Maybe you should have given the Dolphins a bit of respect yesterday. You probably came in expecting to
    Be the winner. I guess your fans said they were the better team, it didn’t turn out like that, did it🐬🏈Dallas Cowboys say thank you.

  12. Long way to go to right that ship, and it might be too late. There’s a lot of talent on that team but nothing is clicking.

    At least he didn’t take the Jerry Jones approach and blame everyone around him – some points given to Pederson for at least manning up as a leader.

  13. They don’t seem to have any heart anymore. Yeah, it’s discipline and execution, too, but you just don’t see any emotional leadership like you used to from this team in the past. Who is this team’s Duce, Dawk, Reggie? Where is the heart?

  14. annes22 says:
    December 2, 2019 at 2:31 pm

    Maybe you should have given the Dolphins a bit of respect yesterday. You probably came in expecting to
    Be the winner. I guess your fans said they were the better team, it didn’t turn out like that, did it🐬🏈Dallas Cowboys say thank you.


    Eagles went into Buffalo and destroyed them. What happened when you played the Bills at home?

  15. @ackattack22 says:
    December 2, 2019 at 1:38 pm
    Is it just me or does it seem like Pederson and Wentz take the blame just about every week, yet nothing ever changes.
    Because postgame pressers always have them at the podium and nobody else.

  16. I love how as Eagles fans we make these comparisons to Andy even though he is actively coaching. At least he figured out to get receivers to throw to all game. Doug still has a ring though.

  17. But you’re Doug Pederson – author of ‘fearless’ – who obviously had no fear writing a book after your one Super Bowl win!!!

    Maybe these guys should stick to their day job instead of writing books while they are still coaching (as if they are legends already) and clean up his own house before trying to tell everyone how it’s done!

    Get over yourself, coach!

  18. This is just an embarrassIn season for the NFC East in general. We just better not have a division winner at 8-8. Our division winners have always been over 500 unlikely the rest of NFC.

  19. So, what are you going to do about it other than apologize? Words are ringing more empty each week.

  20. Poor drafts are on Roseman. Maybe Frank Reich was the real genius behind the Eagles Superbowl run.

  21. phillycheez says:
    December 2, 2019 at 3:37 pm
    Same message three weeks in a row. Only Jason Garrett is doing less with more talent


    But he’s better at clapping……..

  22. thisisastupidusername says:
    December 2, 2019 at 1:33 pm
    He won’t be here after 2020.


    Pederson will probably be there at least until 2021. Maybe even until the end of his contract. Eagles will hold onto him for too long thinking he’ll right the ship.

  23. The “it’s on me” thing was getting old many years ago. Nobody wants to hear that lame-azz nonsense anymore. Lombardi never said that. The notion that you, as the HC…the guy in charge…is a screw up, does NOT instill confidence in the players. It does the opposite.

  24. Hey Doug you and the city of Philadelphia and it’s team had one good year. You had all of the breaks go your way, and you caught lightning in a bottle. It was a great ride wasn’t it fun? Sure it was, but you know how you build a dynasty? It’s with consistency and discipline not with a book about your one good year, and a statue to commemorate the luck that came with it

  25. re Brian Grayson ‘he is andy reid 2.0’
    he wishes he was andy reid 1.5.
    doug got lucky one year and will be long gone and andy will still be coaching.

  26. There will be major changes in the offseason. A coaching staff does not just consist of a head coach. The Eagles lost their OC, QB Coach, WR Coach, DL coach, and it shows. The 2017 Eagles had an elite coaching staff, and Pederson was great playcaller. I also expect moves to upgrade at WR and the defensive backfield among other positions. If the front office can pull this off, Pederson might become a good head coach again. If not, he’ll be gone soon enough.

  27. The Eagles personnel department have to learn to draft only wide receivers with speed who run at least a 4-3 forty. When you draft tall slow guys like JJAW and Mathews you’re drafting guys that can’t get any separation and get open. The tight ends do the exact same thing the JJAW and Mathews can do. You should have drafted Metcalf the receiver that the Seahawks drafted in the last draft.

  28. “Lack of discipline, consistency on me”

    I’ll take, “Phrases foreign to Freddie Kitchens” for $800, Alex

  29. Being a die hard rd waiders fan and embarking through so many losing seasons it normally starts at the very top with the ownership. When al Davis died we s grrr arrested climbing out of our grave

  30. Only thing eagles are consistent at is running their mouth. Right Lane Johnson?
    PRETENDERS and Lane is the town fool. Greetings from the defending champions.

  31. @tylawspick6 says:
    December 2, 2019 at 9:24 pm
    It’s a long, long way down when you have that kind of arrogance.
    You should know! And if you don’t you will soon find out.

  32. Refreshing to hear that amongst the muck and mire of usual post-Sunday coach press conferences. Easier to do when sitting on the SB champ and contact. Nonetheless can they rally behind their anointed leader? It is still there for the taking.

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