Freddie Kitchens isn’t concerned about his job status

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The Browns have lost seven of 12 games, and they face long odds to earn the postseason berth that many preseason prognostications had presumed. If they don’t make it, ownership and/or G.M. John Dorsey could decide to pull the plug on the Freddie Kitchens experiment after only one year.

The question of his job security came up at Monday’s press conference. And while Kitchens told reporters that he’s not concerned about his job status, he probably should be.

Though it’s not his fault, he was never groomed to be a head coach. And like many coordinators who get a bump up, Kitchens has bumped up against the apparent ceiling of his coaching abilities. With a talented core of young players, can the Browns afford another work-in-progress season that may not yield nearly enough progress?

If the Browns had held their 10-0 lead over the Steelers on Sunday, the vibe would be far different. But the Browns lost to a lesser team, based on the current position-by-position, player-by-player talent of the two franchises. And that underscores the reality that Kitchens currently doesn’t have what it takes to match wits and abilities with a guy like Mike Tomlin, and it raises the possibility that he never will.

Complicating matters for Kitchens is the infamous “Pittsburgh Started It” T-shirt. Apart from being a bad look, post-game comments from Steelers players made it clear that the gesture backfired, making Pittsburgh more determined to prevail in what basically was a sixth-seed elimination game.

Kitchens at one point on Monday said that he’s done talking about the T-shirt. And then he kept answering questions about it.

“I had a jacket over it so I should not have extended my arm to take the picture,” Kitchens said. “That is what I should not have done.” (In other words, it was OK to wear the T-shirt, as long as no one saw it.)

Was he disappointed that the T-shirt became bulletin board material for the Steelers?

“Yes, of course,” Kitchens said. “If that is what they take as motivation, of course, I am disappointed. I know Mike very well. They are motivated by more than just a T-shirt. We had a lot on the line there for that game, and I do not think that T-shirt put them over the top. Now, that is being strictly honest for you.”

We’ll be strictly honest with Freddie: He needs to be concerned. And he has four games left to earn on the fly a graduate degree in NFL head-coaching, surpassing last year’s 7-8-1 record, ideally finishing above .500, and hoping that ultimately winning seven of eight games to end his first season will be enough to secure a second season.

25 responses to “Freddie Kitchens isn’t concerned about his job status

  1. Browns kept the wrong coach. Last years results were because of Gregg Williams discipline. All one must do is look at how hey played under him and how they play this year.

  2. Of course not. Every Brown coach is a one and done….
    Best job in sports..traking Browns money and sitting home..

  3. 1 year and done? gimme a break , he’s already won more games in the short time he has coached “17 games”. than the guy before him ” who was an experienced coach has in 2 years “.
    watch them next year, bet you’l see a WHOLE DIFFERNT SCENE .

  4. Many recent Cleveland coaches were fired immediately after losing to the Steelers. Kitchens seems to have avoided that…

  5. Not his fault, but he should never have been hired. Ill prepared for this difficult job.

  6. He’s a perfect example of why it’s so rare for a guy to go from position coach to head coach in such a short span. As a position coach you don’t ever really discipline anybody as that’s above your pay grade. Freddie was everybody’s buddy. Then he got promoted to OC and after just a few games he was suddenly the head coach who DOES have to discipline people and set the tone for the team. He’s still everybody’s pal, blindly siding with guys even when their actions are hurting the team, etc. Nobody would take him seriously now even if he tried to clean things up.

  7. Kitchens is an OC in a coaches position. The Browns needed to get a coach to sort out the culture problem. This guy just lets too much unaccountability and Indiscipline to go unpunished.
    A very good OC, but not coach material.

    The T-shirt stunt should’ve been left to the players and junior staffers. Not the H.C
    John Dorsey and the Haslams have a decision to make.

  8. If you watched that game on Sunday you saw the same thing I did: Freddie Kitchens showing his inability to use the talented players he has to win a Football game. Time after time the Browns found themselves at 3rd and long, only to have the Steelers overwhelm them and sack or hurry Mayfield.

    Not once did Kitchens dial up a play to counter that, something as simple as a little swing pass to Kareem Hunt who works well in open space. No screen pass, no designed scramble, no draw play, nothing. Just time after time let the QB take a five step drop and get forced into a collapsing pocket.

    Kitchens is over matched as a HC, he’s nothing but a QB Coach.

  9. I can’t stand the Browns but I do feel for the fan base , deserve so much better. Kitchens is a tool and a perfect fit for Mayfield.

  10. since week 3 Steelers Rank 1st in the league in takeaways, first in QB hits, First in passes defended, first in forced fumbles, second in interceptions, 2nd in sacks and tied for 3rd in defensive touchdowns.

    They are only lessor talented on 1 side of the ball, where yesterday 5 players started that were castoffs, not wanted, or backups just weeks ago.

    Tomlin has shown this year that perhaps relying on too much Ben was the issue in years passed, not him

  11. Cleveland got set up by a coach famous for getting his team and coaches to start up fights so the opposing players get ejected, Those who remember that Cincinnati game where Joey Porter picked a fight on the field and Mike Munchak pulled Reggie Nelson’s hair know what I’m talking about. Tripping up Jacoby Jones was the least of Tomlin’s crimes.

  12. I think the media is controlled by millennials! If Dorsey didn’t anticipate growing pains with a first year head coach, then maybe he shouldn’t be hiring coaches.

  13. Is it a coincidence that the two teams ahead of them in the division have better o-lines and d-lines? I think not. The games are still won in the trenches no matter how great your skill players are.

  14. TimTebowGodOfFootballKarma says:
    December 2, 2019 at 7:27 pm
    Cleveland got set up by a coach famous for getting his team and coaches to start up fights so the opposing players get ejected, Those who remember that Cincinnati game where Joey Porter picked a fight on the field and Mike Munchak pulled Reggie Nelson’s hair know what I’m talking about. Tripping up Jacoby Jones was the least of Tomlin’s crimes.

    15 35

    Signs of the Steelers living rent free in the empty brain of a lost millennial. So desperate for attention you are trolling a Clowns thread to troll the Steelers…….Skippy get some help.

  15. This has been the most frustrating and disappointing season in a long long long time as a Browns fan. Yes, more disappointing than the Hue Jackson years. They’re unlikable. It’s the lack of professionalism and discipline, the trash talking they can’t back up, the unearned hype, the egos for no reason, the lack of focus and grit and almost unwillingness to play smart football that takes team limitations and strengths into account that makes this the WORST Cleveand team in decades. They”re the dumbest Browns team in decades. Now that’s a mouthful! At the center of it all is Kitchens. (Really it’s about Dorsey and his poor head coaching hire but…) Kitchens is the center of the wheel of this team and his total lack of leadership, judgment and discipline is why the wheels have come off. He’s in totally over his head. I’m almost always in favor of continuity and letting things grow but nothing this season has indicated it’s going in the right direction. There’s TONS of talent on this team and it’s been squandered. Utterly squandered.

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