Kyler Murray: “Everything just felt off”

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Games like Sunday’s are hard for Kyler Murray to get used to.

Taking a 34-7 beating from the Rams was one for the books for the Cardinals rookie, who said afterward the 27-point defeat was the most lopsided loss “in my life, probably.”

And coming off the bye week to take such a beating was even more difficult for him.

“For me personally, I don’t like getting away from it,” Murray said, via Katherine Fitzgerald of the Arizona Republic. “I just like to keep playing. I’m not saying that if we didn’t have the bye we wouldn’t have come out here and lost today, or however we played, but that’s just how I feel. I just don’t like getting away from it and then coming back. . . .

“I don’t want to blame it on that, but everything, everything just felt off.”

It was Murray’s lowest-rated game of the season (56.4). He finished the game 19-of-34 for 163 yards and an interception, and ran four times for 28 yards and a touchdown. But those numbers are deceiving, as he had 78 of the passing yards and 23 of the rushing yards in the final quarter.

“I’m not into saying, ‘Oh we kind of got it going at the end,’ because they took out a couple of their guys,” Murray said. “I guess it feels good to score or see the ball get moving, but we got beat today pretty bad.”

That’s something Murray never really experienced in college, or even to this degree in his rookie season. Coach Kliff Kingsbury said he never considered pulling him, giving Murray the opportunity to work through the problems while surviving a six-sack day.

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  1. Honest question, what makes cardinals fan so sure that Kingsbury will turn this around? Sure the Cardinals offense is vastly improved compared to last season (mainly because they drafted #1 overall and picked the HeismanTrophy winner. How hard was that?) But great offense doesnt always translate to wins. I’ll direct you to none other than Kingsburys Alma Mater, Texas Tech. Nearly every QB that plays there averages 400 yards passing per game. But while Kingsbury was there for 5 years, he had a losing record overall and at one point he was coaching future NFL MVP Pat Mahomes. The Cards biggest problem is personnel. When you’ve missed on nearly every single 1 round pick for 8 years it sets your franchise back. (And former first rounder Hasson Reddick was permanently benched today for Joe Walker). Keep in mind that Keim moved up to draft Rosen, proclaimed him the best passer in the draft, and Lamar Jackson went 22 picks later. Let that sink in. The Cards need a new person surrounding Kyler with talent.

    I know when your team has been perpetually bad, you look for anything to inspire hope for the future. But remember this. The best indicator of what you’ll do in the future, is often what you’ve done in the past. How much faith should Cards fans really have in Kingsbury….or Keim for that matter. 🤔

  2. “Murray has struggled in the first half of most games this season. His decent numbers only occur when his team is already getting crushed.”

    For some reason I feel like you are not an expert on the flow of Arizona games this season.

  3. I still have faith in Kingsbury and Murray. I don’t have a lot of faith in the OL. The receivers are young. I have to think they will be better next season. Someone has to establish himself as the ‘go to receiver’ when your back is to the wall. I love Larry Fitzgerald, but he not getting any younger. DB have been problem all season.

    I think the Cardinal organization is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel this year. The is something to build on. Some good free agent signing and some key draft will make a difference next year.

  4. 34-7 and it could have been much worse. Rams had a missed FG and 2 interceptions on the Cards side of the field called back by penalty

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