Nyheim Hines feels Colts offense is letting defense down

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The Colts’ loss to the Titans on Sunday was their fourth in the last five games and it was the first of those four losses that saw the team allow more than 22 points.

The Titans took the lead when they blocked a field goal and returned it for a touchdown in the fourth quarter and they extended their lead to the final score of 31-17 after a Jacoby Brissett interception set the team up in Colts territory. The blocked field goal was the third unsuccessful field goal attempt of the day and trying four field goals was a sign that the offense wasn’t doing enough while the game was still in doubt.

Running back Nyheim Hines would likely sign on to that assessment of how things have been playing out as the Colts have slumped from 5-2 to 6-6.

“Offensively, I feel like we’ve been letting the defense down,” Hines said, via the Indianapolis Star. “It seems like the games we’ve lost, the defense played well, and as an offense we haven’t bailed them out.”

Indianapolis has had to deal with a slew of injuries on offense and played without Marlon Mack, T.Y. Hilton, Parris Campbell and Eric Ebron on Sunday. That helps explain why the offense has fallen short, but it doesn’t make it any easier to swallow the change in circumstances.