Packers cut Tremon Smith

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The Packers are going to have a different kick returner when they play Washington next Sunday.

The team announced on Monday that they have waived Tremon Smith. Smith played the last seven games for the Packers and served as their kick and punt returner over that span.

Smith returned 13 kickoffs for 303 yards and four punts for a total of zero yards. He joined the Packers after opening the season with the Chiefs and he averaged 26.8 yards per kickoff return for Kansas City as a rookie in 2018.

The Packers have not had much success returning punts this season. They’ve used three different returners who have combined to return nine kicks for a total loss of eight yards.

14 responses to “Packers cut Tremon Smith

  1. It’s no secret that the return game has been absolutely brutal this year, an obvious byproduct of Gutenkunst trading away Trevor Davis at mid-season.
    I’m not sure which direction management will be looking to fill this hole.

    Returning kicks has basically become negligible, with as few kicks that are returned today, but it would be great to have somebody marginally dynamic for punts,
    But, in the end, I’ll settle for someone who’s sure handed and can fall forward.

  2. Packers claimed Tyler Ervin off waivers. Ervin is a kick and punt returner/RB.

    I don’t know much else about Tyler, other than that he is a return specialist and I am hoping he can add something to the return game.


  3. I actually liked Smith. He had good vision. Too bad the return teams are horrendous. Hard to get anything at all when you get tackled the instant you touch the ball.

  4. I’m of the opinion that on Kick Offs,….. just take the touch-back and start at the 25.
    The percentage of returns past the 25 can’t be very good. Plus,… how many times do they get the “block in the back” penalty,… and you start inside the 20 or worse,.. inside the 10.

  5. I said it before last season (when the return game was even worse, directly fumbling away 2 games) – Pack should just fair catch everything let the offense move the chains. Free attacked me.

    Maybe another solid draft will improve the special teams but when Ibrahim Campbell is getting defensive snaps you know you are thin.

  6. Too many Smiths on that team — it was hard to keep them all straight. (But I not believe the remaining two are at risk of being cut.)

  7. punts I get…but returning kickoffs is silly. when do you see anyone getting to the 25 if they return it out of the end zone? the reward vs risk ratio is low

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