Tom Brady on offense: “Just have to do a better job”

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They may have made it close late, but it doesn’t take too close of a look to realize the Patriots have some problems on offense.

Not that Tom Brady wants to delve too deeply into it.

After last night’s loss to the Texans, the Patriots quarterback dropped the usual Patriots line about moving on.

“Just execution, just have to do a better job. It’s tough to get behind and come back. We put ourselves in a pretty deep hole and you can’t do that on the road,” Brady said, via Mike Reiss of “We didn’t get the job done. A loss is a loss, and learn from it and try to move on to next week.”

Brady’s stat line ended up looking good (24-of-47 for 326 yards, three touchdowns and one interception), but it was another struggle, as they were behind 28-9 before a couple of cosmetic touchdowns. After scoring 17 and 13 points in their previous two games, there’s legitimate reasons for concern.

Mostly, it’s Brady’s rapport (or lack thereof) with his receivers. NBC cameras caught him in the middle of a long sideline discussion with the offense, where he implored them to improve.

“I think we’ll be all right. What I did see is a team that fought to the end, so you can take that and you can build off that,” wideout Julian Edelman said. “It was ugly out there a little bit here and there. We didn’t play the way we wanted to. But you got to tip your hat to Houston. They played a helluva game.”

That’s true, but the Patriots yet again did not.

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  1. Too many dropped balls and overthrows. Still, they would have won if the defense hadn’t allowed 4 TDs. Why was Gillmore leaving so much room for Hopkins?

    And, Van Noy was held on the Stills TD. No call.

  2. The Offense isnt screw up its BRADY !!! This guy is getting slow with blinders on ! He cant even tell when a sack is upon him ?! Coach Bill needs to continue using WHITE as a safety net with this piss poor years performances ! Pefect (Tom) my *** !!!

  3. Edelman was blanketed last night, but he looks like he’s lost a step and can’t get quick separation for Brady to get a fast release on the ball. No deep threat so safeties can play up without fear. No bruising run game – Roberts is doing well enough at FB, but Develin is missed. I bet they wish they had Hollister back on the roster.

  4. it was painful watching them, the offence is so bad its almost on the side of comical. receivers are totally out of sync, no line. they are going to get bounced first playoff match for sure. this isnt the patriots of old…they are just old…

  5. I clearly remember the exact moment when Dan Marino was no longer himself. Last night we witnessed history… Brady is the GOAT, but the “Dynasty” is over. Watch how the Patriots Bandwagon’s wheels fall off the cart. Sure they will go back to beating up bad teams, but when they play the likes of the Raven or Texans; they are exposed for what they are. A mediocre team with a soft schedule.

  6. Cameras never showed the full field, so who knows why Harry was never targeted and Sanu just barely. From my poor lip-reading, it seemed like Brady was telling the guys to go faster and Collinsworth said he thought he was talking about separation.
    In any case, the offense clearly still wasn’t in sync at all. And McDaniels insists on running Sony Michel right into a packed middle on every first down. The other team’s D can rely on it, and Michel seems incapable of adjusting in any way if there’s no hole.

    I wouldn’t actually refer to the Patriots’ later TDs as cosmetic, for one reason. The final onside kick ball popped up in the air and Bolden had his hand on it. If he’d caught it, he had a nearly clear field ahead. Even if he didn’t get in, there was time for a TD, which would have tied the game. And an extra point would have give the Patriots a most improbable win, given their terrible performance on offense and subpar for them performance on defense.

    The fact is, though, the play on the field was never as close as the score. The Texans had a great game plan and executed it almost perfectly. And the Patriots are running out of time for the offense to click. If it doesn’t happen fast, they could lose the AFC East to the Bills.

  7. Just listen to the sound bite… “We have to do better.” That is the same thing EVERYONE on EVERY TEAM says when they lose…. Why? Because they are just saying what people want to hear… period.

  8. I’m very proud and believe in this pats team more then ever they showed heart and never gave up,any other club would have folded like a lawn chair not the champs!They won’t cry over spilled milk they will get back to work and keep giving it all they have banged up,sick or anything else that comes their way.

  9. >> Pats lost!!!! Time to change some rules

    I realize that your post was intended to be inflammatory, but would you mind elaborating on your point? What rules in the past have been changed specifically to benefit the Patriots? I am genuinely curious. I see cases where the NFL has changed rules to prevent the Patriots and other teams from using tricks the Patriots have used, but can’t think offhand of rules which were designed to help the Patriots. If there is anything but bluster to your thoughts, lets have a reasoned conversation over it.

  10. Excuse me, Mr. Brady, please refer to the problems on Offense as “The problem starts with me and then goes to Belichick for refusing to address this in the Draft and before the trade deadline……….

  11. You can’t advance an onside kick unless touched by the receiving team first, which wasn’t the case when Bolden got his hand on it, so he wasn’t running it in even if he caught it.

  12. Texans won their Super Bowl, and the usual trolls come out and proclaim the Pats are finished and Brady is done. Like we say every year: see you in January.

  13. roninscribe says:
    December 2, 2019 at 2:47 pm
    Texans won their Super Bowl, and the usual trolls come out and proclaim the Pats are finished and Brady is done. Like we say every year: see you in January.
    The Texans in-season Super Bowl was beating the Chiefs! Slapping the Pats around was just for fun…

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