Chargers can’t understand close losses

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The Chargers have lost eight games this season, by a combined 39 points.

Even if you’re not good at math (#selfawareness), it’s easy to tell that’s not a lot.

And you don’t have to know much about human psychology to know that’s going to wear on you at a certain point.

“Hell, if there was something I could do to avoid being in a close game,” Chargers coach Lynn said, via Jeff Miller of the Los Angeles Times.I would have done it by now.”

The Chargers were actually good in such situations last year (5-1), but they’re just 2-8 in close games this year, with a six-point win over the Colts in overtime in the opener, and a one-point win over the Bears in Week Eight that came via a missed field goal by Eddy Pineiro.

“But it’s just been frustrating this year, . . .” Lynn said. “If you’d have told me we were going to be in eight one-score games and lose all eight of them, I would have told you you were crazy.”

If he forgets the Colts and Bears games, he can be forgiven, since the stack on the other side is so large.

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  1. I’m not good at math (#selfawareness) but 39/8 is close enough to 5 it is 5. Is 5 a lot? Well, it’s almost 2 FGs. More important, it’s more than an FG. So to say it’s less than a score is technically correct but misleading because to be precise, it’s less than a TD but not less than an FG, so…

    See there? Now their dismal record doesn’t look so gloomy after all.


  2. Rivers isn’t the same QB he used to be, and he can no longer carry the team. The time to pick his replacement in the draft was two or three years ago, which they obviously neglected to do. Now, they will end up wasting a few years looking for the next solution at QB.

  3. I’ve seen a fair share of Chargers games and the common denominator for losing is this:

    1) Philip Rivers has lost it. The 2nd best thing that can happen when he drops back is an incomplete pass. He gets sacked far too often, and he throws way too many arm-punts when they are behind, rather than sticking to the plan.
    2) The insistence to incorporate Austin Ekeler. He did great filling in for Gordon, but he’s a backup, and no threat on the ground. Gordon can do much of what Ekeler does in the pass game, but none of what he does on the ground. They should utilize Gordon more as an all purpose back to keep defenses guessing. When Ekeler is on the field its a pass 80% of the time.
    3) They have no home field advantage, and this just ignored, and very unfair in today’s league.
    4) Joey Bosa is overrated. He’s more likely to jump offsides at a critical time in the game than to make a game changing defensive play.
    5) The loss of Darwin James was too much to absorb.
    6) They haven’t had a consistent kicker since Nate Kaeding.

    I actually think Anthony Lynn is a pretty good coach and will be successful in the future, whether its on this team or another. But Rivers time is up, and they should move on from Bosa as well when his contract is up and retool their talent.

  4. In most of their losses they were outplayed early on and got down & battled back to within 7 to make it respectable, but were never a real threat to win. They’re a pretty bad football team. Should have blown it up at the trade deadline.

  5. Maybe playing to win rather than hoping for a tie would be an effective strategy to avoid close losses?

  6. ” They have no home field advantage, and this just ignored, and very unfair in today’s league.”

    Blame the greedy ownership who would rather not have a home field advantage if he can get someone else to pay for a stadium he can easily afford to finance.

    Which also makes it clear he cares zip about winning, only keeping the TV money checks coming and laughing all the way to the bank while the fans of opposing teams fill the stadium and give him a little extra pocket change

  7. It is simple, besides playing 16 road games a year due to their very inept and moron owner, Rivers tries outsmarting the defense on every play by setting the play up the very last second of the play clock and way to often beyond the 00 costing the team; the issue is he is usually wrong. Time to free Tyrod and let him play the rest of the year.

  8. That’s not a good thing for a coach to say. The message it conveys is either – I can’t do what I need to do, or I don’t acknowledge that there is anything I can do. It’s a strange mix of giving up and denial.

    A coach should always be in the process of figuring things out and conveying that to the outside world.

    A better message would be – we’ve done a lot of work this year overcoming adversity, and we have seen some positive developments. But our approach to managing games needs some work, and I am working on the changes we need to make to get better results.

  9. “Hell, if there was something I could do to avoid being in a close game,” Chargers coach Lynn said, via Jeff Miller of the Los Angeles Times. “I would have done it by now.”

    This tells you all you need to know. Many factors have combined to create the Chargers current situation and the head coach just admitted that he can’t make it better. The Chargers have been highly anticipated underachievers for a while now. Time for major change, whether that’s a new coach, new QB, new GM, or whatever.

  10. Rivers and Brady are both looking old this year. Brady has a defense that is carrying him, Rivers not-so-much.

  11. Let me help them to understand.
    1. Rivers is washed up
    2. Lynn is a below average coach
    3. They’re the chargers. It’s what they’ve done their entire existence

  12. They clearly just aren’t that great of a team. Not saying they’re awful, but to lose that many games, well hello you don’t have to be a rocket scientist. They aren’t even playing good teams!

    Last year they won by not much.

  13. Lynn is in over his head. Why are there calls to fire Freddie Kitchens but not Anthony Lynn? They both have underachieved. They get out coached more often than not. Lynn is wasting Rivers final years in the league.

  14. Fact is, way to many key injuries most of this years schedule. Before you trash Philip Rivers, look around the league and see the dearth of top notch QB’s. This year Rivers is rated 16th. Philip still has it although it’s time to draft his eventual replacement…if they can find one. There’s an old Hebrew saying “don’t throw away dirty water until you have clean.” The LA Chargers have a weak offensive line. You can’t run the ball, much less protect Rivers with a weak offensive line. look at Baker Mayfield who was #1. He’s not doing that great.

  15. Like dad used to say “it doesn’t matter if you lose by 1 or 101 you lost and there are no asterisks in the W-L column, just W’s and L’s”

  16. The result of an inept organization. If they had a really good kicker. They are 16 for 26 on field goals. That’s 30 points left on the field. Now no kicker makes all of his kicks but he should make 80%. That would be 21 for 26 or an added 15 points. How many of those 8 games would 15 points have won? That is 38% of the 39 point margin that the ‘Dolts have lost those 8 games by. So 39% of 8 games = 3 games. They could have statistically won 3 more games just by having an “average” placekicker. So the 4-8’ Dolts could be 7-5 if the tightwad Dean Spanos would spring for an “average” placekicker. Dope.

  17. @ davemishsr, actually your math is a little flawed, its good until you get to the 38% part because to do it correctly you divide those 15 points by total number of games played, not just the losses. That would be just over 1PPG and that 1PPG wouldn’t have made any difference in any of those losses.

    There’s an old saying about people that try to bend the rules of math to make a point:

    “the figures don’t lie but liars figure”

  18. Really. They lost 8 games by 39 points. They have missed 10 field goal attempts out of 26 tries making 16. Now what’s 80% of 26 field tries? 20.8 field goals so I rounded up to 21 which is statistically correct. The NFL average success rate for FG’s, since 2003 IIRC but feel free to correct my lying ass, is a bit over 80 percent. That would translate to another 15 points if the Chargers had an “average” kicker, never mind a top-tier kicker. So what percentage is 15 of 39? That answer is 38.46 so I did make a mistake in rounding. Horrors! So what is 38.46% of 8 games? That answer is 3.0768 games. The Chargers could have feasibly won 3 games just by having an “average” NFL kicker. I could care less about the AFC West or the AFC for that matter. A team’s kicker is almost always their highest scorer so it amazes me that they don’t shell out a couple extra million bucks to get a good one. Generally speaking, the kicker of playoff teams in any given year have good or great years. In this era of parity if I were a GM I would focus on placekicker but I am no GM.

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