Mike Zimmer: Dalvin Cook is “fine”

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Vikings running back Dalvin Cook exited Monday night’s game after a third-quarter fumble, in an awkward haze of camera angles that seemed to show Cook sobbing on the field after the truck finally decided to pivot away from the perfunctory post-turnover Stanley Cup team photo in the end zone. He went to the locker room, returned in uniform, but never re-entered the game.

And his injury has morphed from shoulder to chest (an aggravation of the injury listed on last week’s report) to, reportedly, clavicle.

On Monday, coach Mike Zimmer was asked whether he has obtained more information about Cook’s injury.

“Yes, I did,” Zimmer said, answering the question as literally as possible.

So how does he look?

“Fine,” Zimmer said.

Zimmer has no obligation to say anything about Cook beyond the official injury reports, which will be issued on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. And while the Vikings and Cook have been creating the impression that he’ll play on Sunday against the Lions, it would be smart to give him a week off, if there’s any doubt about his health.

Alexander Mattison did well in place of Cook on Monday night. Mattison has more than enough to help the Vikings win games while Cook heals. For the same reasons the Vikings have been careful with Adam Thielen, they need to be careful with Cook. And if they can get both of them back for January, the Vikings have a team that is built to play anywhere, against anyone.

35 responses to “Mike Zimmer: Dalvin Cook is “fine”

  1. You sure about that Zim?

    Quitting on your team in the middle of a game, that’s not good.

  2. Zimmer went on to say; “I spoke with Fumbles myself. He said he’s good to go.”

  3. Zimmer lying about the crybaby is irrelevant.

    Did Zimmer say anything about his blow up with Xavier Rhodes? That’s the real story.

    The double move looks to be a pretty safe bet against Rhodes. Wasn’t it like 4 of 4 for over 100 yards vs your number 1 CB?

  4. Cook doesn’t look fine though. That is the last 2 games he left the field.Derek Wolfe of the Broncos piled on late near the end zone and Dalvin immediately grabbed his collar bone area and left the game. and they had a bye week in between.

  5. “For the same reasons the Vikings have been careful with Adam Thielen…”

    Huh? Careful? They put him out on the field 11 days after he did his hamstring and proceeded to lose him for five more games due to that RUSH. I don’t think that the Vikings medical decisions deserve the “cautious” label.

  6. Don’t worry Cheese sticks you guys will get yours too. It will be a one and done again for the best QB to ever walk the earth!

  7. Football games are very important to packer fans. So much so they have to pollute a pretty simple story about the vikings with their usual viking hate obsession.

  8. If they can’t beat Detroit and their third-string QB without Dalvin Cook, they may as well hang it up for the season.

  9. Cook has an extended history of not lasting all 16 games so despite Zimmer’s pronouncement, there is at least a decent chance that Cook is seriously injured. Not enough to knock the Vikings out of the playoffs, the Vikings defense will see to that themselves.

  10. Someone’s lying.

    Cook looked like he was sobbing because of agonized breathing. Dude couldn’t breathe without extreme pain so his body started involuntarily heaving. I’ve had several broken ribs after a motorcycle accident and went through the same thing. Your body does that when you have an injury that causes massive pain while breathing in order to prevent going into shock. Been there. It’s no fun.

    Then when the interviewer asked him about the injury, Dalvin had to catch his breath to avoid getting upset. He knows something the coaching staff doesn’t want anyone to know, and they’ve told him that.

    Never disliked Zimmer before, but I do now. He’s pushing these guys out on the field when they’re not ready because he doesn’t want to lose his job.

    It’s that, or Dalvin cook is a wimp. And I find that alternative HIGHLY unlikely.

  11. Football games are very important to packer fans. So much so they have to pollute a pretty simple story about the vikings with their usual viking hate obsession.
    That would be a more powerful statement if it didn’t come from someone who regularly trolled packer stories

  12. Hey purpleppleater84,

    The cheese sticks are all over our articles because they want us & everyone else to forget how the 49ers crushed them. At least our team put up a fight. Their team rolled their eyes at each before rolling over.

    On another note, we have the talent, maybe Zimmer is injured & that’s why he keeps playing Rhodes. Lol

  13. What’s wrong Viking fans? Clavicles were really funny when it was Rodgers. Not so funny now is it?

  14. Vikings have a team that is built to play anywhere, against anyone.


    But not to win against anyone better than average. And that is obvious.

  15. Pettiness is the verbal discourse of the feeble and weak, good show Cheese Sticks, worry about yourself, because if you don’t the pettiness just continues. I care nothing about any news out of Green Bay unless it’s mismanagement or pitiful play. However, I guess most of you grew up in the Randy Wright and Dan Majkowksi eras – go to therapy that doesn’t involve a Schlitz neon sign outside.

  16. Rub some dirt on it and let him rest it. He’s not as fragile as Rodgers is when he took far less of a bump to the ground. For that matter, give him a couple of weeks off to chill and get ready for a good two game run at the end. Detroit and Diego is a cake walk for the Vikes.

  17. h0metownzero says:
    December 3, 2019 at 8:18 pm

    He’s fine. Tony’s doc cleared him.
    Well done. Make fun of Tony Sparanos death. When the majority of sports fans call the packers fans the most obnoxious fans in all sports, look no further than that post for one example.

  18. packertruth says:
    December 3, 2019 at 8:32 pm
    Vikings have a team that is built to play anywhere, against anyone.


    But not to win against anyone better than average. And that is obvious.
    And yet the packers have 2 wins against winning teams.
    The Chiefs and the Vikings.
    But the packers are somehow sooo much better ???

  19. As “FRAGILE” as Cook has been throughout his career he needs to be place in Moth balls until money time comes !!! Why are they holding the leash on Mattison who avgs MORE rushing yards than Cook ?! By committee until Old Fragile gets healthy !

  20. He might be fine, but he is going to get hit in the same area again and have to leave a game.

  21. I love Cook. I really hoped that when the Packers traded back they were going to get him. Instead the Vikings got him first, and we got the Josh Jones fiasco. That said, I think he is more a product of the system than a phenom. Mattison could take over at any time, and the Vikings won’t miss Cook at all. Mattison has an incrediblhy explosive first step. Too bad for the Vikings neither of them can pass block or run routes other than screens.

  22. The problem with this injury is he can’t carry the ball in his right hand, like he’s accustomed. Cook is not a fumbler, yet he fumbled twice on Monday night on pretty routine tackles. My guess is that this injury won’t heal until the offseason, so he needs to get comfortable running with the ball in his left hand, or he needs to be limited to spot duty. This team is not good enough to win in the postseason if they lose the turnover margin.

  23. Zimmer taking the high road in coachsplaining Cook’s situation.

    Zimmer didn’t need to say anything about his blow up with Xavier Rhodes. That’s what a great head coach does. Keeps the sideline stuff in house. Deals with it.

    The double move looks to be something Rhodes needs extra practice on, as well as grasping his role on the field should be one of the Veteran reading, communicating, and executing to ompensate for him being a step slower now. There are several others who can hold the NO. 1 spot if he feels he’s not up to that job.

  24. You haters can say whatever you want about Cooks success is due to the system.The only system that can even begin to take any credit for the success he is experiencing is the state of Floridas high school and college football systems which allowed him to go up against the best talent in the entire football world every day in practice and even more so on Friday nights during the games down in Miami.

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