Mike Zimmer “really not concerned” about failed fourth down with game on line

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The Vikings came roaring back on Monday night against the Seahawks after trailing by 17 points, and after cutting the margin to four points the Vikings had the ball with plenty of time on the clock.

Facing fourth and three from their own 42, the Vikings called a play that involved a pair of “go” routes on the outside, a pair of slot outs from their tight ends on each side, and running back Alexander Mattison leaking out of the backfield. Quarterback Kirk Cousins made a quick decision, and the wrong decision, throwing to tight end Irv Smith when Mattison was wide open and in position to secure the first down.

Asked about the play by reporters on Tuesday, coach Mike Zimmer eventually said, “I’m really not concerned about that one play.” Before that, Zimmer offered this critique of Cousins’ handling of the play: “The only thing he probably could have done better was move until somebody got open. Got to make those quick decisions, and I think he played well.”

Cousins definitely got rid of the ball too quickly, throwing the ball off target to a target who was covered. And while Cousins did indeed play well, he had a chance to make a big throw with the game on the line, and he didn’t.

Until he does, he’ll continue to be haunted by concerns that he simply can’t.

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  1. Well Zimmer and his sudden lack of concern for what seems like everything concerns me. He needs to have his team ready to play hard for four quarters, get his defense together, and stop getting out coached by every opponent.

  2. You can’t blame Zimmer for the comment of not being concerned about the final play, after all he has the fragile egos of the Barney fans to be worried about instead. Rose colored glasses are standard eyewear in the land where you can twist the truth without thinking twice because you live in a delusional paradise.

  3. When fans are more concerned than the head coach about play decisions made by his QB, THAT is a problem. Zimmer is showing he is NOT the guy to get Minnesota its first Super Bowl trophy.

  4. Just get to the playoffs. It’s a new season when it’s win or go home. That’s when you need to play your best football.

  5. Alright Florio, that’s enough. After that entire game, this is what you choose to focus on? The offense is not the issue with this team, nor is the quarterback.

  6. Cousins did more than fine the entire game. The Vikings may have benefitted from timely good fortune and a few missed calls in their favor, but Cousins still had to take advantage of those opportunities and he did. Admirably. I actually like Cousins. His demeanor is a bit flat and too smiley, but he’s relatable and he’s a competitor. He’s handled himself like a true professional with the burden of huge expectations hanging over him. He can’t be faulted for signing a contract somebody else offered. Ultimately, he can’t do it alone. I’ve said it before….this Viking team can be scary and efficiently good and I’m still thankful the Packers already have one under the belt with them. I’d be very concerned if there were still two games remaining against the Vikings. Having said all that, theIr once formidable defense has cracks in the armor. This is normal progression. When a unit reaches to or near the top, you’ve got to strike while you can and the Vikings haven’t. Units evaporate over time, especially when a lot of guys “already got mine!” It’s hard to maintain and it looks to me like their defense is becoming normal. At this point I’d love to see two teams from the NFCN make it to the postseason, and maybe a long shot three. I want the Vikings in Green Bay in the wintertime. Both teams are professionals and I really don’t feel weather affects one more than the other, but it’s still at-home and it’s a lot of fun outdoors and enjoying the same elements the players are forced to endure. It’s as relatable as I’ll ever get.

  7. Cousins didn’t play all that well. He was ok.

    22 of 38 for 276 yards of which 36 came on a missed tackle on a dump off.

    But he wasn’t the reason the Vikes lost, it was their defense, giving up 218 rushing yards at 5.1 yards per carry that did them in.

  8. I said flat out that if you hold the Seahawks to 24 or less points, you win against that defense. Well, I was correct. Of course, the Vikings defense didn’t do that. Yes, the offense gave up a couple turnovers, which pinned the defense and had them out on the field. But this teams defense is supposed to be their strong point. It no longer is. That’s what Zim should be knowing, and I bet he was thinking that when he said he isn’t worried about Cousins.

  9. Yes, we Vikings fans love to see remakes of 1987 NFC Title Game, that final play with Wade Wilson throwing to Darrin Nelson at goal line, with HOFer Darrell Green draped all over him.

  10. 3xcharm says:

    Alright Florio, that’s enough. After that entire game, this is what you choose to focus on? The offense is not the issue with this team, nor is the quarterback.
    Could not agree more. No need to create false narratives around this team.

  11. Hated the simplicity of the play design and call!! Can’t make it easier to defend than that. I would think something about this game has to bother a losing coach, no? Part of me wants them to lose out so him and Spielman are gone. Props to Sea the way they have continually replaced those “irreplaceable” guys. MN needs to begin that phase with the D. However, Zim will live and die with fading vets like Rhodes, Joseph, Griffen and I will include Harrison Smith. He played like a panzy Monday night and let’s not kid ourselves, he’s slow.

  12. As a Viking fan, and after a couple days have passed since that gigantic missed opportunity… I’m willing to wait to pass judgement on Zimmer. If the Vikings go 12-4 and make some real noise in the playoffs, like get to the NFC Championship game…. I’d give him some respect. Let’s just wait and see if it’s the end of the world. It’s sure dark and gray from where I’m sitting.

  13. Enough with the Cousins bashing already, he was not the reason they lost that game, and Zimmer was merely acknowledging that. I actually like the fact that the clock in Cousins’ head has sped up. You can tell the past few games, if Vikings are in an empty set or obvious passing situation, Cousins is getting the ball out quickly. This is out of necessity! Vikes o-line is still very suspect.

  14. Zimmer went on to say “At least we didn’t get severely beaten by San Francisco.” The entire state of Minnesota was so moved by this, Zimmer was given a lifetime contract and a bronze statue has been commissioned, to be unveiled at the end of the upcoming parade in his honor.

  15. Zimmer took his foot off the gas last year once that team won 8 games. Now he’s doing it again.

    He’s a guy just happy to do just enough to barely keep his job. No pride.

  16. So easy to second guess. Cousin’s, while the team lost, his personal efforts to keep them in the game were very good. Just one game. Last check the Vikes are 8-4 and still in the playoff picture so everyone. RELAX.

  17. Alan Light says:
    December 4, 2019 at 10:30 am
    As long as we get to “one and done” Green Bay in the wild card round, I’ll be delighted.

    Sure. That might be fun for you, but not as much fun as it would be for us if it’s reversed. I’d love to add to the all-time NFL records for the most postseason losses and the most one-and-done postseason appearances currently held by the Vikings. Sorry to rub it in……..but you asked for it.

  18. Why would Zimmer be focused on one play when there are so many other things that contributed to that loss? He needs to figure out how to stop the other team’s passing game without giving up 200 yards rushing. He’s the defensive guy. He had the whole bye week to do something to get the defense playing better, and they played worse than ever. He doesn’t have time to worry about one fourth and three play when it never should have come down to that in the first place.

    That said, it would be nice if they could put together a drive to win a game just once.

  19. I’ve got no issues with Zimmer or his demeanor after this game — post-game words mean squat.

    Also have no real issues with Cousins, as he played well enough to win that game. I do agree that it would be nice to see him come through at the end of the game when it matters in a big prime-time game. We’ve seen clutch performances from him in games like the Broncos this year or Pack game last year, but a prime time performance would be nice.

    Where I am concerned is that the D is now average. That’s minimized by a top 10 offense; however, this season there have been several games where the secondary has stunk, and last week for the first time, the front 7 got pushed around. It appears to be a combo of age and poor scheme (ie two high safeties when the Hawks were running with an extra lineman), which, all in all, is not good.

  20. Seattle has 24 wins in their last 26 prime time home games before Monday. They play even better there late in the season. Vikings has some clean up for sure but played a tough game and fought Seattle all game. I would not be singling out one play either. Just some fine tuning. It’s not like they got blown out and need major fixing.

  21. Had three timeouts and the two minute warning left after the loss of possession. That D couldn’t stop a nose bleed, which is why the Vikings lost.

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