Panthers deny that scouts and other front-office employees were fired on Tuesday

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The Panthers fired coach Ron Rivera on Tuesday — and only coach Ron Rivera.

The Panthers claim that a report that multiple scouts and other executives also were fired on Tuesday is not true. Per the team, no football personal were terminated on Tuesday other than Rivera.

It makes sense. Scouts continue to set the table for free agency and the draft. Firing them now would leave the Panthers shorthanded as college bowl season approaches.

Teams typically make changes to the scouting staff after the draft. In some cases, change happens after the season ends. Rarely if ever does a team make broad, sweeping changes to scouting staff during football season.

8 responses to “Panthers deny that scouts and other front-office employees were fired on Tuesday

  1. Darn, i think that he is good coach. I think a team with a better gm situation will get a better winning percentage with him. I think Gettleman crippled him for a few years.

  2. So what was the source of this false, erroneous report? It’s would be good to have their name so that we can look critically at their “scoops” in the future.

  3. The scouts are on a delayed firing. Right now, it would probably be impossible to find new scouts before the draft.

  4. Hey, do you hear that? Of course not. It’s just Panthers fans in stunned silence as it dawns on them that for the next couple of decades they’ll be watching a hedge fund manager play fantasy football.

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