Panthers owner doesn’t want to lose G.M. Marty Hurney

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Panthers owner David Tepper fired coach Ron Rivera Tuesday, but he’s not making a clean sweep of the organization.

In a video on the team website, Tepper made it clear he wants to bring in some help for General Manager Marty Hurney, but he didn’t sound inclined to get rid of him.

“Marty Hurney is one of the best recognizers of college talent in the nation. Period, OK,” Tepper said. “I don’t want to lose that. And he’s also not a bad manager.”

Tepper explained that he wanted to bring in some help for the front office, adding an assistant G.M/chief operating officer type to the mix.

He also alluded to Hurney’s age (63), and said he’d like to have someone in place for the future.

The Panthers used to have one of those in Brandon Beane, who rose through the ranks during Hurney’s first stint in charge. But Beane left to become the G.M. in Buffalo before Hurney’s return in 2017.

The organization has run lean in the past in the personnel department, but Tepper’s more willing to spend money than his predecessor, so that shouldn’t be an issue moving forward.

21 responses to “Panthers owner doesn’t want to lose G.M. Marty Hurney

  1. Marty Hurney is a moron. He gave Jake Delhomme that massive contract and then turned down two picks for Peppers in 2009 into the Lockout, promptly getting nothing in return.

  2. Sounds like Hurney has some leverage. Hopefully the media will stay on top of this situation and keep us informed of future developments. It could get juicy.

  3. He’s “not a bad manager” but I just cut him out of a major football decision and I think he’s too old even though he’s my age. Trust me, I’m a hedge fund manager.

  4. a hedge fund financier that is playing with the trust/$$$ of fan support- what a great situation for fans to consider

  5. Charger383:

    you’re clearly uninformed about the inner workings of the front office, so I can’t fault you for believing what you do. But let me help you. Coaching pros and evaluating college prospects aren’t the same. That’s why it’s a totally different department in the NFL. If you’re putting the right effort and time into coaching, it’s literally k
    Possible to put the time and thorough evaluation into a couple thousand players per year.

  6. Really? Of the two, Rivera was the one you should have wanted to keep. Of the two, Rivera is the one that will harder to replace. And of the two, Rivera was the only one to take your team to a Superbowl.

  7. Also, was it not Hurney’s job to draft replacements and depth for the Panthers, as well as signing new players? The Panthers stunk this year because they had no depth after injuries along the O-line, at QB, at DT, and at TE. They had no depth at reciever. Their O-line gives up a lot of pressure. And their defense needs a second corner and strong safety to better suit the new scheme, as well as a defensive end for a 3-4 defense.

    These are ALL GM responsibilities, not HC responsibilities. Rivera doesn’t acquire players, Hurney does. And if you want to fire somebody, Hurney is the one who failed.

  8. Is it weird that I’ve already heard quite enough from Mr Tepper? Can you imagine any of the sane owners making a statement like this?

  9. Please hire GM Allen from the Redskins. Hah. That won’t happen. The only one dumb enough to employ him is Danny Boy.

  10. cobrala2 says:
    December 3, 2019 at 6:20 pm
    Tylawspick6 with the decade-old bitterness.
    But don’t tell him he’s bitter.

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    Not s Panthers fan. I just remember how dumb he was doing what he did.

    It was a double whammy that hurt them for years. Overpaying Delhomme and then renting Peppers for last year was dumb.

  11. Uhhhh what? Hurney put us in a horrible situation because of his drafts back at the end of theJohn Fox era. He has made good draft picks, but if you’re seriously valuing Hurney much higher than Rivera I am skeptical.

  12. Riverboat Ron’s teams always played hard against the Saints; witness the game two weeks ago in the Dome when they fell behind 14-0 and could have packed it in but fought back to have a chip shot to win at the end (which they missed, but they gave themselves a chance). I don’t follow them closely but my sense is that Mr. Hedge fund Manager wants to show everyone how smart and decisive he is. Hmmmm….

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