Ravens sign Patrick Ricard to two-year extension

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The Ravens have found ways to use Patrick Ricard in all three phases of the game and they’re set to continue finding ways to get Ricard on the field through the 2021 season.

The team announced that Ricard signed a two-year extension. He was set to be a restricted free agent at the end of the season and no financial terms of the deal have been revealed.

Ricard was a defensive lineman coming out of college and the Ravens have used him in that role while also developing him as a fullback. He’s also played 78 special teams snaps this season.

Ricard has eight catches for 47 yards and a touchdown, nine tackles, a sack and a forced fumble in his multiple roles this season.

8 responses to “Ravens sign Patrick Ricard to two-year extension

  1. Solid signing by E.C. I cant think of any other two-way player that plays in the league right now. If there is, I cant imagine them playing at Pat’s level. He is an asset to the team and fits in well with the Ravens identity. The front office is signing ascending players before they become too expensive. Great job developing players while keeping a good nucleus of players for continuity. Go Ravens!!!

  2. It is beyond impressive how versatile Ricard’s been-but more important than his versatility is the fact that he’s actually GOOD at it. Ricard is not just a guy out there who’s a liability because he’s 300 pounds and it just looks intimidating to see him. No, he’s catching passes, cutting off edge defenders, and occasionally running the ball. He’s an asset as a fullback by itself. If he weren’t, he’d just be in on a few goalline packages like several other DTs in the league. Not to mention…he actually has a sack this year, too. So, he actually plays MEANINGFUL snaps at those positions. That’s nuts.

  3. Dude is a beast. No one wants to absorb a block or try to tackle a 300lb fullback with a head of steam. He’s got 50-60 lbs on a linebacker and 70-80lb on a DB.

  4. in a time where most teams try to build a flag football offense. The Ravens build a hybrid wing-t. love it

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