Six more teams can clinch playoff berths this week

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The Saints are already in, and six more teams can join them in the playoffs depending on this week’s results.

The league announced the week’s clinching scenarios, and four AFC teams and two in the NFC can secure a spot in the postseason.

The Ravens can clinch the AFC North title with a win over the Bills and a Steelers loss or tie, or a tie and a Steelers loss. They can clinch a playoff berth with a win, or a combination of other results involving losses or ties by others.

The Bills can clinch a playoff berth with a win and losses or ties by the Raiders, Texans, and Colts.

The Chiefs can clinch the AFC West with a win over the Patriots and a Raiders loss, while the Patriots can clinch a playoff berth with a win, or other more complicated arrangements involving ties and losses by others.

The NFC West figures to be up for grabs for some time, with the 49ers and Seahawks tied at 10-2.

But both can secure at least a wild card berth. The 49ers need a win and a Rams loss to or tie with the Seahawks, or a tie and a Rams loss. It’s more straightforward for the Seahawks, as they advance with a win or tie against the Rams.



13 responses to “Six more teams can clinch playoff berths this week

  1. So glad the Seahawks get a glorified bye against the hapless Lambs after a tough MNF match-up. Nice to get the playoff ticket punched on the way to 14-2 for home field throughout and the Lombardi in DangerRuss hands!

  2. Would be nice for the Chiefs to win and put the Pats in a position where they could end up as a wildcard.

  3. As a long-time Seahawks fan this Rams game has me really nervous.

    Even under Jeff Fisher during the prime LOB years the Rams would give the Hawks trouble. New kids call the Rams cupcakes but I disagree and they will be really motivated.

    One game at a time…hell I am worried about Carolina…and Kyler Murray…that’s how it is this time of year. Good thing the Seahawks have the best December and January

    The one game left that I am NOT nervous about is the SF game at the end. That will be just FUN nomatter what happens. I am just worried about the WHOOPS game before we get there.

  4. I love the Seahawks as much as anyone, but some of these people claiming to be Hawks fans are either trolls, or annoyingly optimistic. The rams won’t roll over, sf could very easily win the week 17 matchup, and Seattle typically drops a game to at least 1 terrible team a year ie cardinals or panthers. Don’t count your chickens and Go Hawks!

  5. @ nwsuccess, WOW a realistic football fan something you don’t see very often as most fans have tunnel vision towards their team, refreshing = KUDOS and good luck!

  6. If the Chiefs cant contain “James White” its going to be more than a Looooooooong day ! Screw Brady and his temper tantrums ! Take the sacks or use the 2 min drill !

  7. Jon Benton says:
    December 3, 2019 at 3:02 pm
    If the Chiefs cant contain “James White” its going to be more than a Looooooooong day ! Screw Brady and his temper tantrums ! Take the sacks or use the 2 min drill !

    Agreed. Stack the box for White, double Edelman on every play. Make the others beat you.

    Sounds almost like what the Pats do to everyone. Take away the best playmakers and force the others to beat you.

  8. The Rams have consistently played us Seahawks tough since we entered the NFC West. Many of their four- and five-win seasons have included sweeping us; at least twice knocking us out of playoff contention.

    And that’s just the years they’ve struggled, never mind their Super Bowl seasons.

    Anyone moronic enough to think any NFL team can be an automatic win is delusional; if they’re players, not just clueless fans, they don’t deserve to be on a team.

    A few of our Rams upsets also include fourth-quarter comebacks of at least two touchdowns.

    After putting together a rare string of three wins, the Jets seem to have overlooked the 0-11 Bengals, much to their own embarrassment.

  9. Wow that NFC West is shaping up to be a crazy one.
    I’m glad I’m not a fan of any team in there. I couldn’t deal with the stress.
    I’m hoping the Ravens just beat the Bills.
    Speaking of which, wonder how Bills fans’ hearts are doing with this nervousness in December.

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