Andy Reid on Eric Bieniemy as head coaching candidate: Hire him right now

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Washington and Carolina already have head coaching openings. Others soon will follow.

Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy could make the interview rounds again this offseason.

The Jets, Bucs, Dolphins and Bengals set up interviews with Bieniemy in January, and he turned down a request to interview with the Cardinals.

Bieniemy’s itinerary could be as busy after this season.

Bieniemy is ready, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said Wednesday.

“I’d say hire him, right now,” Reid said, via Adam Teicher of ESPN. “That’s what I’d tell you. I don’t want to lose him, but I mean if you’re asking me is he ready to be a head coach, yeah, he’s ready. He was ready last year. . . .He’s in the quarterback room every day, and I think if you’d talk to Patrick [Mahomes] he’d tell you how much influence he’s had on him.’’

Bieniemy doesn’t call the plays, but he helps assemble the game plans and runs the offensive meetings. He also relays the play calls into Mahomes.

Reid has had plenty of former assistants go on to become head coaches. Bieniemy will be the next whether it’s 2020 or later.

6 responses to “Andy Reid on Eric Bieniemy as head coaching candidate: Hire him right now

  1. When David Tepper fired Ron Rivera, my first thought for a replacement was Eric Bieniemy. My second was Greg Roman. And my third was simple gratitude that I don’t have to make the decision because I’d surely screw it up. (I thought George Siefert was a good hire.) But yeah, interview those guys.

  2. I would be fine with them sending Andy down the road and promoting Eric to HC for the Chiefs. Hopefully he hasn’t adopted Andy’s time-management skills, or relative lack thereof.

  3. Andy has said the same thing about Pederson and Matt Nagy before they were hired. Believe it or not. Andy actually wants the best for his staff. If Andy wanted Eric off his Staff. He would remove him. This is a legit recommendation.

  4. You guys are missing the point. Reid isn’t trying to get rid of Bieniemy. He’s trying to maintain a system that benefits him over the long run more than it hurts him. When good coaches know that they will not be held back and will instead get support when it’s their time, they are more willing to work for you and are more willing to remain under you, even in reduced roles because they know they are going to get their shot if they earn it. Having a reputation of doing right by your assistants is the best thing for Reid over the long run.

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