Bruce Arians on Jameis Winston: Wait until season’s over and then make decision

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One of the storylines for the 2019 Buccaneers season was the team’s pending decision about whether or not they see a future for quarterback Jameis Winston with the organization.

Head coach Bruce Arians’s hiring was seen as a way to try to get more out of Winston than they’d gotten over his first four seasons, but the first 12 games of the year have shown a lot of the same inconsistencies that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from the quarterback over the years.

Arians was asked on Wednesday about what he’d recommend ownership do regarding Winston this offseason and said he’d like the full 16-game slate to play out before sharing any thoughts.

“I’m going to pass on that one. I’m going to wait until the end of December,” Arians said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “There’s been really, really good and there’s been some really, really bad . . . I’m just going to pass until it’s over and then we’ll make a decision.”

Any call on Winston will likely be tied to what other options would be available to the Bucs this offseason, but five years of peaks and valleys should be enough to know that expecting something else from Winston doesn’t make much sense.

15 responses to “Bruce Arians on Jameis Winston: Wait until season’s over and then make decision

  1. A near 5 year body of work and Arians needs 4 more games to decide what seems painfully obvious…

  2. Dude have a clue. That’s a polite way of saying he’s history if Arians has his way. Besides, Cam is gonna be available.

  3. Or they don’t want to drive up the cost on his extension. Jared Goff got a huge contract for subpar play. Like it or not, Jameis is gonna get paid somewhere. I can just hope it with the Bucs. Second in total passing yards in the league, close to the top in passing td’s.

  4. If Tampa Management has a brain in their head they wouldn’t let the self proclaimed maven of football have anything to do with team past the last game of the season.

  5. Yes the Bucs are so stacked they should let the leagues 2nd leading passer go. Because, that’s what the Bucs do.
    I mean he is 25 now, no way he ever gets better. I’m exactly like my 25 year old self. *cough cough*

  6. Not many better options out there.. there’s a reason another team would snatch him up if the Bucs let him walk. I’m just as frustrated as other Bucs fans, but the grass isn’t always greener.

  7. Especially after 66 games there were WaY more valley than there ever were peaks…
    When it’s a struggle to win 2 games in a row just once a season, this QB isn’t going to take anyone to the playoffs ever!

  8. So many said the same about Josh Freeman but look at how that played out…
    No shock if Winston’s career goes the same way..
    JW could try the XFL!

  9. Tyelee I definitely would be shocked because those two individuals are very different. From their lifestyles to their priorities and values, Jameis is a far cry from Freeman.
    Jameis will be a hot commodity if he hits FA. Nobody was banging down the door for Freeman after he burned his bridges in Tampa.

  10. Winston will get better at avoiding turnovers, but probably not much better. He’ll never be Aaron Rodgers at avoiding picks. He’ll be Brett Favre.

    But the positives are all there. He makes some pretty amazing plays. He moves the chains. He makes some throws that only a handful of QBs can make. The Bucs would be crazy to let him go. But they do need to build the team to account for his weaknesses.

    Pattern the Bucs after the mid-90s Packers. Build a great defense; one that can stop the other team’s offense when Jameis–like Favre–throws a dumb pick. Build a strong running game. Stop relying on Winston to carry the team every single game. With that recipe, Winston WILL be a franchise quarterback.

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