Daniel Jones out of practice with high ankle sprain

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Eli Manning may not be done with the Giants yet.

Rookie quarterback Daniel Jones injured his ankle in last Sunday’s loss to the Packers and he did not take part in Wednesday’s practice session. He is in a protective boot and, per multiple reporters, head coach Pat Shurmur said that he has a “moderate” high ankle sprain.

Shurmur also said that Jones would not be able to play if the Giants had a game on Wednesday or Thursday. He added it is not as severe as the injury that kept running back Saquon Barkley out for three games earlier this year.

They don’t play the Eagles until Monday night, but Shurmur called it likely that Manning gets the start in Jones’s place. If that’s the case, Manning would play for the first time since Week Two and meet the Eagles for the 31st time in his career. The Giants have gone 10-20 in the first 30 meetings.

33 responses to “Daniel Jones out of practice with high ankle sprain

  1. All we have left to reach for in Philly is beating Dallas.
    But now Eli might get sacked a few more times by Philly?
    Yes please! ANY lift is welcome at this point!

  2. Eli should be well rested and the Eagles can’t even cover a kicker. I’m picking a Giant’s victory.

  3. If Eli’s final stamp on his legacy is knocking us out of an excellent draft pick, it would only be fitting.

  4. The Eagles once again benefiting from another team’s failures/misfortune. Backing into the playoffs and acting like they are a dynasty.

  5. Avenging Cowboy says:
    December 4, 2019 at 11:35 am
    Eli should be well rested and the Eagles can’t even cover a kicker. I’m picking a Giant’s victory.


    Coming from a guy who’s team has zero wins against teams over 500, several home losses, and more weapons than the rest of your division.

    I’d hold off on the smack talk.

  6. A lot of morons on here predicting Eli having success against Philly:

    10-20 career versus Philadelphia, 0-2 in the playoffs
    57% completion, 37 INTs, 15 fumbles, sacked 60 times

    In his last 5…
    0-5 record
    8 INTs
    8 Sacks

    But hey..haters gonna hate. Go Birds.

  7. Wouldn’t it be the indignation to cap off the Eagles’ season if they get beat by old fossil Eli Manning, pulled off the bench, when it looked like he had already played his last snap in the NFL?

  8. Seems unlikely that whoever wins the NFC East gets past their first playoff game anyway. This is all trash talking and fun between division rivals that will have no outcome that effects the playoffs in any significant way

  9. Eli starts. Giants win out & somehow manage to win the NFC East, then win the SB over the Patriots

    Ok maybe not but that scenario would be hilarious

  10. We all know Eli’s time has passed, but as a NYG fan, I would love the chance for #10 to lead some magic one last time…

  11. I laugh in the face of those who think the eagles will win this. The eagles are the WORST team in the league right now. The eagles secondary is so bad, Eli will throw for over 500 yards…I guarantee it. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an complete fool and doesn’t know football.

  12. The Giants are . . . I mean they’re . . . they’re kind of . . . they’re not good.
    That said, considering the way Philadelphia has stumbled and bumbled its way through the last few weeks it’s amusing seeing Eagles fans crow and boast as though their team is anything special. You gave up 37 points and lost to the Dolphins, and you’re looking up at Dallas for criminey sakes.

  13. Poor Eli…
    I’d refuse. I know he won’t. He’s a stand up guy.
    But I’d be like “nah, business decision… I need to be healthy for whoever pays me to be their back up next year”
    Seriously… Giants should trot out whoever their #3 is. You don’t go back to Eli now that you’ve gotten your rookie QB hurt.
    Pssh… Call up Alex Tanney and let him take the hits.

  14. This is a disaster waiting to happen. With one Eli win we can go from trying to get the potential #1 overall pick to being stuck at 3 or 4. If I were in charge Id keep Eli on the bench and start Nate Solder at QB.

  15. This guy is TERRIBLE QB, as opposed to tom brady who is very good. Giants fans to the pit of misery!

    Who are you talking about, Manning or Jones? I mean it could be either….

  16. This guy is TERRIBLE QB, as opposed to tom brady who is very good. Giants fans to the pit of misery!
    Who are you talking about, Manning or Jones? I mean it could be either….

    He is confused he was talking about Wentz never won a thing Carson

  17. Eli has zero to prove to anyone in Philly
    Eli has class style and 2 Super Bowl MVP’s

    Phil has nothing the best play they had left for jacksonville

  18. Come now. Brady has been playing for at least 3 more years and was picked 199th in the draft. And he won 3 of the last 5 Super Bowls (and through for 505 yards in a losing cause in a 4th).

    Surely Eli can steer this #1 market franchise to another championship

  19. A lot of the concerns scouts had with Daniel Jones are beginning to play out in real time and were seeing why most had a mid 2nd to early 3rd round grade on Jones.Jones is really struggling especially against zone coverages where he really struggles to understand what he is looking at. His stats aren’t great but a lot of his stats are empty and or garbage time stats where he is just padding his stats when the game is already way out of his reach. Jones doesn’t seem to be learning from his mistakes either, he consistently holds the ball too long which ends up with him giving up a sack & a fumble turning the ball over and he doesn’t read coverage well at all consistently turning the ball over throwing bad INT’s not understanding what defenses are doing to him. Jones has A LOT of work to do over the off-season if he is going to develop into a good starting QB, I think he has a chance to be a good QB but I dont think he’ll ever be more than an above-average starter who ranks between the top 12-15th overall QB in the league which is why many did not think he was worth the 6th overall pick in the draft because he doesn’t have a super high superstar level ceiling.

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