David Tepper: NFL rules lean to offense, head coaching hires do too

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Panthers owner David Tepper held a session with reporters after firing head coach Ron Rivera on Tuesday and he faced questions about what he’s looking for in Rivera’s replacement.

One question was about whether he’d look to the college ranks and Tepper noted “the difficulty of that transition” without ruling it out. He was also asked about favoring a coach with an offensive background to one from the defensive side of the ball.

“In the modern NFL, I think there is a preference for offensive coordinators. I think there are reasons for that,” Tepper said, via the team’s website. “That does not mean that if you find somebody fantastic on the defensive side, I won’t consider it. If he has old-school discipline and modern and innovative processes. The question is if you can have a defensive guy that has that too. He may think the offensive coaches have that more, and then it’s how that gets implemented. The NFL has made rules to lean to the offense. That’s why you’re having more people go that way.”

Teams often look to the opposite of their previous coach when making a new hire, so the prospect of replacing Rivera with an offensive-minded coach isn’t a surprising one on multiple fronts. Finding the right one will be the top priority in Carolina until further notice.

19 responses to “David Tepper: NFL rules lean to offense, head coaching hires do too

  1. I have a great idea! (“m full of great ideas)

    Trade a 7th round pick (heck, a ham sandwich) to the Jets for Adam Gase.
    He’s an offensive minded coach who made Peyton Manning great.

    And Jets fans everywhere would be greatful.

  2. So then if this is the case why are most of the teams on top of the league this year also have the best D’s. which includes the top 3 defensive teams (points allowed) are either 9 or 10 win teams. Granted having a good O works too, but the hype of how the rule changes and the rush to hire O coordinators even if they have very little head coaching experience were going to lead to shoot outs every week just hasn’t happened.

  3. Rich people think that because they are good at making money that they must also be geniuses at everything else. I get that new ownership usually involves a major housecleaning but Ron Rivera is a very good football coach who had a lot of success with just over average talent. The Ravens made a wide decision in keeping what they had in John Harbaugh. Tepper had better have the next Belichick waiting in the wings or he is going to fall on his face publicly.
    As for analytics, I think they can tell you somethings but that they can only get you so far. We’ve had Moneyball for over a decade now and no one has shown that it is a difference maker in the NFL.

  4. Defense and Special Teams win games,and always have. Its’s also much easier, and faster to build a good defense than a precision, pass happy offense. These owners, coaches, and analysts get caught up in all this bull$@#%. Run the ball, play good D, you can win plenty of football games like that, no matter what era, or the trend is.

  5. You’d want a good team manager/coach as a HC, there are near infinite examples of good OC/DCs ending up as bad head coaches, it’s amazing that we are in 2019 and owners hasn’t figured that out.

  6. Rivera is actually a good HC. Not a great HC but a good one. Good HC’s don’t grow on trees. Change for the sake of change is not always a good thing.

    A new HC will allow the Panthers to make a clean break from Cam and draft a QB in the first round if they so choose.

    Cam’s long term ability to stay on the field is at a point where a franchise needs to seriously look at a new QB to lead the franchise.

    A clean break on multiple fronts here.

    As far as Ron Rivera, don’t rush into a bad job just to take a HC job. If you have to wait a year to take a good job, do so. Typically, you only get two bites at the apple.

  7. Uh, but defensive coaches and okay QB’s with great defenses have the most Super Bowl wins in the last 20 years.
    Really? Like who? Dilfer? He’s the exception not the rule. “Most” as you say seem to me to be hall of fame QB’s.
    E. Manning

  8. factschecker says:
    December 4, 2019 at 9:38 am
    Your not reading my comment correctly.
    It’s really about the coaches being defensive. Bellichek? When P. Manning last won, it was because of defense. Just like the Ravens & TB. Seattle won with Wilson but the defense was insane. Also Giants defense was insane in both SB against Patriots. And yes most are HOF QB’s, but defense still rules.

  9. There are a lot of good OC that are simply not good HC material. How many OC have failed trying to be the HC? Too many have failter in that attempt. Only a few have gone on to be great HC. A lot of OC concentrate on the offensive side of the ball and have to hire a very good DC to run the defense. I like a HC who understands both sides of the ball.

    If offensive is the name of the game for Tepper, I think I would consider a college coach know for running a wide open offense. That coach would already be use to the riggers and duties of being an HC. The Pro game is already learning from the college about what it takes to run a successful wide open offense.

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