Is Tom Brady entering his final days with the Patriots?

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His relationship with the team has grayed, even if his hair hasn’t. With four regular-season games left on his current deal with the Patriots, it’s fair to wonder whether Tom Brady has entered the home stretch of his time with the team.

Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston believes that the end is nigh (which sounds way more ominous than “coming”). Whether it’s retirement or relocation, Curran considers whether, eventually, player and team won’t be able to reach an acceptable contractual agreement for 2020.

Complicating matters are the lingering (and, recently, escalating) concerns regarding the quality of the offense around Brady. Even as Brady and other Patriots have given the team below-market deals, the extra cap space hasn’t resulted in the kind of offensive firepower that would enhance the aging Brady’s ability to win games and pursue a seventh championship.

Despite the team’s 10-2 record, it’s suddenly looking like a steep uphill climb. Whether the Patriots make it once again to the top of the mountain or not, this may indeed be Brady’s last attempt at ascending.

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  1. terripet says:

    December 4, 2019 at 2:03 pm

    He’s done


    So what if he is? Doesn’t take away from all that he’s done. More than you’ll ever do.

  2. Zero chance he plays somewhere else. Retirement or a new contract would not be surprising either way…

  3. It does appear as if father time has caught up to Tom. I don’t believe playing until 45 is realistic…it looks as if he’s done now, but will try to get another year in before conceding.

  4. I think he looks fine; He has very little in the way of firepower. Remember when people would say “Even Tom Brady on _________ team wouldn’t do well” because of lack of weapons. Might be the Pats in the blank

  5. It doesn’t look like a SB caliber team this season. Don’t understand all the drama. 31 teams aren’t winning SB, NE being one of them.

    People expecting too much from rookies, it’s either SB or bust on their shoulders. Or Brady bolts even. Unfair and ridiculous.

    Just enjoy your season Pats.You can’t win every year.

  6. Brady has 2 choices–Retire or play for the Pats. At his age and all these years in the same system he’d have trouble adjusting to anything else and few to no teams would rework their entire offense to have him for a year or two.

    It will be up to Bill and Kraft whether he stays.

  7. Happy Birthday!

    I’ve been reading stories like this since 2009. These story’s (which someday will come true) are now 10 years old.

  8. Brady would be in a different atmosphere, if they ever gave him a Top Flight WR. Outside of that year with Moss, they have been average at WR, throughout his tenure.

  9. In other words, it’s Curran’s usual stir-the-pot routine. He knows if he says stuff like this it’ll get picked up and he’ll feel the warm glow of knowing his name is being publicized nationwide.

  10. I hope Brady tells Kraft to get Brown back in this week or he’s not coming back next year. Brady is 42 sure, and has slipped some. But he is still the best player on the offense by a mile. I really wonder what happened with Josh Gordon also.

  11. Yeah. As a fan of a team other than the Pats I’ll just leave it at this:

    I’ll believe it when I see it. On ALL accounts listed in the article.

  12. Was Curran the one pushing the “Brady-Kraft-Belichick feud” narrative around this time last year?
    I remember after the Steelers loss last year everyone was burying Brady. How’d that work out?

  13. “Terripet says:

    December 4, 2019 at 2:03 pm

    He’s done”
    So’s Belichick.

  14. Just as Brady nears retirement with clear replacement waiting in the wings, Belichick changes from a team that feasted on outscoring their opponents to one that depends on keeping the other team out of the end zone.

  15. No contract past this year and he sold his house. He won’t announce it until after the draft so that the Pats can draft his replacement if they want, but the writing’s on the wall.

  16. No way he retires. Zero. He will stay with the patriots if they win a championship this year, or he will be with the Chargers or Cowboys next year. Why do you think Jerrah has held off on signing Dak? Wherever he goes, McDaniels, AB, and Gronk join him. Edelman will try to get traded wherever Brady goes.

  17. dltarnnr says:
    December 4, 2019 at 2:17 pm
    Just wait for 1 more game with Raiders we have something to send you into retirement.

    Send Brady off with another victory…. The last time the Raiders beat Brady and the Pats was 2002. 17 years ago is a long time.

  18. 10-2. That’s the kind of record that always starts the talk of a player that’s done.

  19. I’ll predict he done at the end of the year. If not, then next year I’ll predict he is done at the end of the year. If not then the next year or the year after that. In the end I will right.

  20. Voteforwiggsmofo says:
    December 4, 2019 at 2:19 pm
    Do we really need to point out how often Tom Curran is wrong ?


    Hey, he keeps trying. He will be correct someday…or year…..

  21. unclebluck says:
    December 4, 2019 at 2:29 pm
    The dink and dunk is almost done….

    …as he rides off into the sunset with his SIX Super Bowl rings!

  22. Curran’s reports come straight from NE PR dept. He writes what the Pats allow him to write. Pats letting fans know they won’t be paying Tommy next year.

  23. Nervous about his backup, so he gets him Garappoloed out of town.
    Now he’ll leave the Pats in a lurch with no heir apparent on the roster.
    On to a different team where he can do his “Joe Namath in L.A.” impression.

  24. Must be a slow football news day. Unless Tom suddenly decides he’s done with football, he’ll be a Patriot next year. Case closed.

  25. AB would solve a lot of problems and would open up the offense drawing double coverage as he goes deep creating single or no coverage for Sanu and Harry and would create a light box for the running game with having to have a safety always on AB with the CB.

    See if Kraft caves and allows Brady’s almost new housemate back to the team.

  26. I don’t think Brady is done.

    However, I could see Brady moving on (retirement or another team) in 3 months.

    I have never thought that before. But BB has 7 guys that are free agents on the defensive side of the ball. Don’t forget the D is the bread and butter of this team since last years Super Bowl win over the Rams.

    Brady will be 43 years of age next summer. And don’t forget…BB is a man that will get rid of a man a year too EARLY, rather than a year too LATE.

  27. I said this 3-4 years ago. And for 20 years he’s proved everyone wrong. He’s the goat and I won’t be writing Tom off on anything. This kind of nonsense drives him and all he does is win SB’s.

  28. What teams would make sense for him to go to? He would want to contend and team would have to have a QB need without a young, recently acquired QB.

    Maybe the Colts? Possibly the Panthers? Who else?

  29. There is a coach out west that loves him a veteran quarterback. This coach already has an elite running game, offensive line and group of tight ends.

    Don’t be surprised to see Tom Brady as the Las Vegas Raiders starting quarterback in 2020.

  30. George Blanda played to 48, but he was the K for Oakland for the last 8 years. The patriots need a kicker… Brady apparently needs to become the oldest pro football player ever…. Is anybody else seeing this?

  31. Brady should welcome a challenge of proving doubters wrong that he was just a product of the Patriots system. Playing successfully for another organization will quiet the doubters once and for all.

  32. brady is an overated system qb

    You mean it has been Belichick the coach who never talk to his WR on sideline?

    As lot of those receivers could command the system within 1 years, that would make other QBs like Peyton, Rodgers and Brees look like morons?

    Are you happy now?

  33. What teams would make sense for him to go to? He would want to contend and team would have to have a QB need without a young, recently acquired QB.
    There was talk about benching Rivers in Chargers.

    No saying that Chargers want Brady for long term, but having Brady as part of rebuilding process, letting a young QB learn from GOAT is not bad idea.

  34. Yeah, if Belichick is such a genius why is the personnel on offense so terrible. He’s gotten by with bringing in guys to play for much less and now that doesn’t seem to be working out. I think if they don’t win the Super Bowl TB may retire. Then let’s see how much of a genius BB is without his HoF QB.

  35. canedaddy says:
    December 4, 2019 at 3:03 pm
    It’s over.
    As good as he’s been, his legacy will forever be tarnished by cheating.


    Except that it won’t. Everyone with a brain knows how silly that is. There is not one valued opinion on the subject of Brady’s ability and career accomplishment that thinks that. Just a sorry trove of folks unable to cope with losing at his hand.

  36. If he leaves AFC can pop open the bottle of champagne they have been saving for the past 20 years and before I get a thumbs down how many Quarterbacks can go and win a Superbowl with Philip Dorsett Chris Hogan and Cordell Peterson as your main weapons and that’s just one example.

  37. 10-2 a #2 seed and a bye.

    Im not sure if anyone has followed the NFL since 2018, but let me explain: game of the year was Pats Cheifs high scoring game. Pats went to cheifs in AFCC and were not expected to win, on the road. They won. Great game.

    Im not mistaken, and its 2019 and it looks like the Pats would be going into the AFCC game not favored on the road to play the #1 seed.

    What should we surmise from all this? Oh thats right that somehow Brady and the pats are done and brady is leaving and its all over. LOL

  38. PFT Leave it alone

    Pats fan here and have been watching Brady since his debut, TB has definitely fallen sharply and BB is a major factor in the fall.

    BB has a horrible record on finding weapons for Brady and I wish Kraft would remove him from picking Offense in the Draft.

    Kraft owes Brady much more then this in his final year or two.

    Anyone thinking a 10-2 Record is safe right now has their head in the sand…..

  39. Belichick was a “I can’t win if opponent scores 20 or more points” kind of coach before Brady.

    Bledsoe with Belichick scored 20 or more in only 4 out of 18 times.

    Belichick is a product of Brady.

  40. Tom’s stats for the past 10 games are average at best. It would be sad to watch a great player stay on too long. My guess is even he is seeing the decline.

  41. Brady said that he’ll retire when he stinks. That’s probably why BB shed all his elite weapons. BB probably wants Brady to retire, because he sure stinks now with that flimsy Oline and shaky receivers. Still they’re 10-2. Last year they were 11-5. We’ll see if the GOAT will scale the mountain yet again.

  42. Even with the continued winning Brady’s body language all season has represented to me someone who’s just had enough of professional competition after 20 years, but we will see.

  43. They didn’t mention it by name, but it’s about time someone talked about Brady having Dan Marino disease! At the end of Marino’s career it was never his fault, he would bark at receivers. Tom Brady, 1st Ballot Hall Of Fame, without question! It would be really nice to see Tom go out on top with ring #7.

  44. The risk of leaving is great. What if he leaves and his team stinks? It will be a retirement filled with “he was nothing without Bielichick”.

    I’m not saying that’s the case. I’m just saying it’s a risk. After a stellar career why would you risk leaving.

    Look at his face during a press conference. There is still fire. He’s not retiring.

  45. What a crybaby. Any other QB who does this and the Patriots homers call him a whiner/crying/b*tch but since it’s Tom Brady doing the whining. The homers would call that being competitive.

  46. He’s 42. Of course he is.

    I’d be really surprised to see him out there next season. He’s not having any fun this year whatsoever, and clearly, he’s starting to decline.

    Let the Stidham era begin.

  47. TB12 has earned the right to post an 0-16 season without a single complaint from anyone associated with the New England Patriots – from ownership right on down to the parking lot attendents…… “he’s” currently 10-2.

  48. rogergoodellmyhero says:
    December 5, 2019 at 7:35 am
    What a crybaby. Any other QB who does this and the Patriots homers call him a whiner/crying/b*tch but since it’s Tom Brady doing the whining. The homers would call that being competitive.

    Nah, we call you a crybaby. Name a QB who is not playing great but has a 10-2 record. I will wait here for you to come up with a response.

    Once again a Pats related article to get Roger’s panties in a bunch. Happens daily.

  49. When Brady officially retires or signs with another team, then I’ll believe it. Most sports media reporting these days is based on innuendo, inference, incessant self-righteous moralizing, and peddling their own opinions and personal preferences as if they were known, established facts. Curran, Florio, et. al. don’t “know” diddly squat about what Brady or the Pats are going to do. For all we know, Brady may have already decided to retire, or, he and Kraft have a gentleman’s agreement that they will play it year to year each March. Or none of the above.

  50. patsarticlemustpost says:
    December 5, 2019 at 9:10 am
    Nah, we call you a crybaby. Name a QB who is not playing great but has a 10-2 record. I will wait here for you to come up with a response.

    Once again a Pats related article to get Roger’s panties in a bunch. Happens daily.
    Once again, my pet comes to me begging for attention from. Happens daily.

  51. “Name a QB who is not playing great but has a 10-2 record.”

    So you admit that Brady is being carried by his defense/special teams because they had such a soft schedule in the first half of the season. Good to know.

  52. Once again rogergoodellmyhero shows he does not understand that if he posts on here he will get responses. So I am begging for attention from you when you post first? What is the color of the sky in your world? Looks like your panties are all twisted. Maybe you should post more to show they are not. Haha.

  53. Rogergoodellismyhero – if I am your bet begging for attention then why did you respond to my post in the Chase McGlaughlin article to a response I made to someone else? You also did this before reposting to me here. The logic of the obsessed. Beautiful stuff.

    Check out the time stamp.

    rogergoodellmyhero says:
    December 5, 2019 at 1:54 pm
    We get it. You’re triggered too easily when someone makes fun of Brady and/or the Patriots.

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