Jason Sanders wins AFC special teams player of the week

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Jason Sanders kicked a 51-yard field goal, and that was cool.

But catching a pass for a touchdown was the thing that got him recognized.

The Dolphins kicker was named AFC special teams player of the week, after the trick play that led them to a win over the Eagles.

Sanders caught a pass from punter Matt Haack in the fourth down, the thing no one (particularly the Eagles) anticipated.

He missed an extra point during the game, but his ability as a receiver more than made up for that, as part of a solid season at his day job (29-of-35 field goals).

4 responses to “Jason Sanders wins AFC special teams player of the week

  1. I think I’d cover the guy in front of me or my zone. Even if he was dressed as Santa Claus.

    BB did NOT invent the ‘do your job’ mantra, he just immortalized it. But it sure fits this scenario. No excuse. Someone wasn’t prepared. Either the coaching staff or a blown assignment.

  2. I’m a Ravens homer, but Justin Tucker kicking a 49-yard no-doubt field goal in the driving rain and wind to settle the clash of the titans in Baltimore seems to me to be a higher pressure special teams play. But I do think the Dolphins play was cool.

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