John Ross was afraid injury could be life-threatening

Getty Images

Bengals wide receiver John Ross is glad to be getting back on the field this week.

He’s also happy to be alive.

Via Ben Baby of, Ross said upon his return that there were moments when he feared his chest injury could have been fatal.

Ross suffered a sternoclavicular joint injury in Week Four, and doctors told him an artery was nearly severed.

“I asked him ‘could it be life-threatening?’ And he said ‘definitely,’” Ross said. “He said it was a couple inches off or something like that from hitting the artery. I didn’t want to know any more after that. I said ‘as long as you fix me, I’m fine.'”

That’s a much different situation than Ross’ other injuries. He missed most of his rookie year, and three games last season.

But he had started well this year, with 328 receiving yards in the first four games, looking like the deep threat the Bengals thought they were getting. Since then, they’ve benched Andy Dalton and gone back to him, and won a game even.

“It’s hard to put things in perspective, because it’s been so much time,” Ross said. “I definitely feel I can contribute, and I definitely will put my best forward to go out there and do everything I can to help us win.”

Anything will help, and the simple fact he’s around to contribute is what matters most.