Lamar Jackson on passing Michael Vick: An honor, but it’s about the win

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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson could set a new single-season record for rushing yards by a quarterback by picking up 64 yards on the ground against the Bills this weekend.

Jackson would pass Michael Vick’s 1,039 yards in the 2006 season for first place on that list and he was asked about the prospect of taking the record during a Wednesday press conference.

“It’d be an honor,” Jackson said. “Like I said, Mike Vick’s my favorite player. For me to do such a thing is incredible. He had that record for a long time. It would be pretty cool, but I’m focused on the win regardless.”

Jackson has had similar responses to questions about the MVP race in recent weeks in terms of keeping his focus on winning rather than individual accolades. The wins only help his chances of winning the MVP and the running only helps the Ravens’ chances of winning, all of which adds up to a winning formula for attaining all of those goals.

10 responses to “Lamar Jackson on passing Michael Vick: An honor, but it’s about the win

  1. He’s a much better passer than Vick and he actually cares about his team and the game in general, unlike Vick.

  2. Who remembers when the Ravens kept telling everyone in the preseason how different the offence would be? Everyone laughed it off as bluster…Who’s laughing now?

  3. He is a more athletic and faster Tim Tebow. The difference is the Ravens went all in on Lamar while the Broncos didn’t after Elway took over.

  4. I like his focus on the team. Great leadership quality with this kid. Should be a fun game to watch with two rising stars at QB for their respective clubs, and two teams getting it done as well.

  5. I’ll admit it. I don’t like the Ravens. I want to not like Lamar Jackson. He makes that impossible. Great player. Great human being….

  6. I for one am so very grateful for Lamar’s success. I think it is a great thing for the city of Baltimore to no longer have to worship a guy that killed someone with his buddies, and a guy that punched a lady in an elevator. The whole city needed someone more wholesome to look up to. Charm city is on it’s way back!

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