Robert Woods, Ryan Tannehill win Week 13 #PFTPM player of the week honors

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Tuesday’s #PFTPM hands out awards for the week that was, and this week’s awards went to a couple of guys who deserved recognition for their Week 13 performances.

Rams receiver Robert Woods and Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill secured the honors, with MDS choosing Woods and yours truly tapping Tannehill.

Woods had 13 catches for 172 yards in a get-right game for the Rams, only six days after L.A. suffered its worst loss ever at the Coliseum. The performance came only two weeks after Woods unexpectedly missed a Sunday night game for personal reasons and then returned to the team later in the week.

Tannehill, who is now 5-1 as a starter in Tennessee, led the Titans to a 41-17 victory at Indianapolis. In each of his five wins, Tannehill has generated a passer rating in excess of 100. On Sunday, the number hit 131.2.

He also has completed more than 72 percent of his passes, and the team has scored at least 20 points in every game he has started. Before he took over, the Titans had scored 43, 17, 7, 24, 7, and 0.

Tannehill told PFT after Sunday’s win that he now cherishes the little things about life in the NFL, after seven seasons in Miami that resulted in a trade to the Titans and the No. 2 spot on the depth chart. Tannehill also praised former starter Marcus Mariota for handling the situation in a professional way, embracing his role as the backup the same way Tannehill had.

It’s unclear where both of these 7-5 teams will finish. Both may miss the playoffs. For Week 13, however, Woods and Tannehill played well enough that, if they keep doing what they did, their teams have a good chance of keeping it going into January.

6 responses to “Robert Woods, Ryan Tannehill win Week 13 #PFTPM player of the week honors

  1. I have to admit, I thought Tannehill was a lost cause and back-up material at best. He has shown he’s a capable NFL starter now and will likely earn some money this off-season. I genuinely feel bad for Mariota. I have rooted for him to have success in the NFL because he seems like a classy player but he is just plain erratic throwing the ball and doesn’t seem to have improved. Maybe a QB coach on another team can work on his mechanics and he can still have success somewhere. Let’s face it, back-up QB is proving to be one of the more valuable positions on a football team.

  2. Use a high draft pick to draft a QB – check

    Sign him to a lucrative extension – check

    Have him underperform for 7 years (ok he ws out an entire year) – check

    have him go to a different organization and perform well – check

    What does that say about the Dolphins organization?
    Dolphins, Jets, Browns, Lions, its all the same. Bad organizations from bad ownership.

  3. Tannehill has been pretty good in his own right, but his real value is opening things up for Derrick Henry.

    6 games with Mariota
    113 carries 416 yds 3.68 ypc 4 tds (over 16 games thats 301 carries 1109 yds 3.68 ypc 11tds)

    6 games with Tannehill
    119 carries 724 yds 6.08 ypc 7 tds (over 16 games thats 317 carries 1931 yds 6.08 ypc 19tds)

    those are insane numbers. having a respectable passing game has unleashed DH.

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