Ron Rivera on his years with the Panthers: “We did a lot”

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It speaks to their fondness for Ron Rivera, that even though they fired him with a month left in the season, the Panthers are letting him talk.

He’s having a press conference this morning to say most of his goodbyes, but talked to Max Henson of the team’s official website as he packed up his office the day he lost his job.

“We did a lot,” Rivera said of his nine years. “The people. We brought in good men, good coaches. We did things the right way. How fortunate I am, . . .

This has been really cool.”

Rivera went 76-63-1 with the Panthers, winning a pair of coach of the year awards and taking them to a Super Bowl with a 15-1 record in 2015.

People bang on him for never having back-to-back winning seasons, but they won a division title with a 7-8-1 record in 2014 after going 12-4 in 2013.

“That’s probably the biggest thing, coming from where we started, where we came from, you know?” Rivera said. “That’s the biggest gratification to me. We started way down and worked our way up to being respectable. Unfortunately, we couldn’t maintain it. . . .

“I do want to get one thing clear. Three straight division titles — that means winning doesn’t it? We were the first ones to do that.”

Rivera’s work there was ultimately incomplete, but good enough that he should be able to find a job if he wants one. And having a month’s worth of head start on the market could help him find one.

20 responses to “Ron Rivera on his years with the Panthers: “We did a lot”

  1. He’ll land the next job as soon as he’s willing. Ron Rivera is first class when it comes to doing things the right way, and the next franchise–along with its community–will be lucky to have him.

  2. It was time for a change. 4 times in one season you have a chance to win or tie on the last play. 3 of those times you were inside the 5 yard line. You can balme one or two on executionor OC play calling or … 4 times and you have not been able to solve a systemic problem that is keeping your team out of the playoff hunt. It was a good run and the 3 division titles in a row and 2 coach of the year is the reason you weren’t fired the last year.

  3. There will be some really good coaching candidates once the hiring begins. Remember, Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll are retreads, so having been fired shouldn’t keep anyone from hiring guys like Ron Rivera, Marvin Lewis, or Jay Gruden. So when you hear the word “retread”, just think of the word “GOAT”. Also remember that when the GOAT was fired, nobody was calling him the GOAT.

  4. Rivera will be fine in the long-run. He’ll be back on the sideline next year or whenever he wants to get back there.

  5. I am not close enough to know the particulars in Carolina, but Rivera always came across to me as a great coach and a fine person. I hope he finds something soon where he is better appreciated.

  6. So when you hear the word “retread”, just think of the word “GOAT”. Also remember that when the GOAT was fired, nobody was calling him the GOAT.


    Patriots fans never miss an opportunity to make EVERYTHING about the Patriots.

  7. As a Buc fan (yes, we do exist), in the timeline that RR was coaching Carolina, the Bucs went thru five coaches with whopping .354 record.

    I get it, Carolina didn’t win the big one, but the reality is that there are very few guys who win in this league, let alone consistently.

    Here in the great state of the melting pot (and tweakers), a coach like RR and his record both on and off the field would have been welcomed in that same period (especially since us Buc fans witnessed it twice a year, and 8-14 against Carolina under RR).

    Just saying.

  8. RussianBreadMaker says:
    December 4, 2019 at 7:55 am
    That owner should be ashamed of himself. He will never find a classier coach… might find one that takes his orders better, but none will be better than Riverboat Ron.
    I half agree – because in fact there’s demonstrably better HCs – but Tepper won’t find them.

  9. You did a lot alright…a lot of losing big games that’s what you did best, and that’s what you’re gonna be remembered for. That and wasting Cam Newtons best years which has led to his demise. The guys stinks now Ron, and you have EVERYTHING to do with that

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