Ron Rivera’s intent is to coach again

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Ron Rivera held a press conference on Wednesday to discuss being fired as the Panthers head coach on Tuesday and one of the things he emphasized was the team’s run of three straight division titles during his tenure.

While Rivera lamented not winning the Super Bowl after getting there following the 2015 season, Rivera was clear about being proud of the record he built over eight-plus seasons in Carolina. He said he thought the best coaching job he did was in 2014 when the Panthers went from 3-8-1 to 7-8-1 and an NFC South championship.

That record is one that may appeal to other teams looking for head coaches and Rivera also left no doubt about his plans on that front.

Rivera said he has the next four weeks off, but “absolutely” intends to coach again. That suggests he’ll be taking interviews come January should he find the teams soliciting a conversation to be appealing landing spots.

We know Washington will be one of the teams looking for a head coach, but it remains to be seen how many other clubs join the list. History says that there will be a lot more than two and Rivera’s track record is likely to distinguish him from other candidates on the lists being compiled now and in the weeks to come.

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  1. Maybe Gettleman will hire him. Then we can have a decade of mediocrity (which would be ab upgrade, actually) before they both get canned.

    I now know what it feels like to be a Jets fan.

  2. He does not have to wait until January to interview for Washington gig. As to the jobs that will open later there is nothing to prevent forward thinking proactive management types from feeling out Rivera now. Is there any doubt a team like LA Chargers are going to be moving on? Rivera has a history with that organization and if there is a mutual interest why would the Chargers wait until January to kick the tires?

  3. The jets have had 2 HC with a winning record EVER, Parcels and Groh who was just 9-7.

    I would take Rivera in a second. Gase, Bowles, Rex, Mangini, Edwards, Kotite, Carrol (YES that Carrol) Coslet, Walton what a trainwreck

  4. Sometimes it’s just the length of time together that requires change

    we’ll take him in Cincinnati

  5. Best of luck to him from a long time Panther fan. Too bad Super Bowl 50 didn’t go just a little bit different. Solid coach, respectable man. Someone will benefit greatly where ever he gets hired next.

  6. Ron Rivera is a good and experienced HC, and seems well-respected around the NFL. He’ll be high on the list of many teams.

  7. Hey Browns fans…… now is the time to make some noise………

    He will bring you 6 wins on his own……

    Get the kitchens out of town…if you really want to win.

  8. there are some bad coaching situations in the league. I am sure many good coaches have had careers ruined by bad GM’s and bad owners. I hope he finds a spot where he has a fair opportunity to be successful. to do that he may need to take a year off.

  9. People keep saying Gettleman and Ron to the Giants but don’t understand the fact Ron didn’t care for Gettleman, so that’s not happening…………

  10. I don’t know why anyone with an ounce of reputation would want to respond to Washington’s calls. That organization is a mess, and it starts with the owner. Daniel Snyder is like Jerry Jones, but much worse.

  11. Technically, Weeb Ewbank had a career winning record. Just not a winning record for the Jets. But he did win the BIG ONE.

    I think Rich Kotite’s TE should jersey should be the #1 seller until the Band Aid boys sell the team.

    Bring back Rex ! he didn’t draft the guy who makes 3 huge mistakes per game.

  12. Could be some openings coming up but the problem may be you had the first pick in the draft and got Cam plus some very good players to support him and went down hill.

  13. Rivera is to smart and well seasoned to talk to the Redskins or Cowboys. Look for him to land with the Giants or Chargers

  14. I think he could take the defensive guys in Washington and make them dominant. That D-line as a group is very talented, but horribly coached. He could get that thing right.

  15. I am sure Rivera will get another head coaching opportunity come the end of this season once they start opening up but on the off chance he isn’t hired as a HC for some odd reason then Arizona’s owner Michael Bidwill needs show Rivera the money and do what it takes to bring him on board as the DC, though i’ll admit the odds of that happening aren’t great. Once the Giants fire Shurmur and his head coaching staff I hope Arizona thinks about bringing DC James Bettcher back as the DC, he is a good DC and had a top 5 caliber defense via DVOA every year he was the DC in AZ he just hasn’t had much talent in NY since taking that job. The players in AZ loved him to, hopefully they ship VJ out of town and hire either Rivera or Bettcher.

  16. Shad Khan of the Jaguars should be calling this guy as soon as he legally can and see if he’s interested in coaching the team after they blow up the entire front office.

  17. I think he’ll do better in his second stint as a head coach. He spent a lot of time worrying about “playing by the book” in his first few years, and also struggled with game management. He did find his identity in Carolina, but by the time he did Newton was banged up. Given a new start he should hit the ground running now that he knows how to be a head coach and how to properly manage a game.

    That said he’ll never be a major winner; he just lacks a win at all cost mentality. That’s why he kneels out the first half with 90 seconds on the clock and time outs in his pocket, that’s why he plays prevent defense if he has a lead in the 4th, he just is not very aggressive when he needs to be. That has allowed I can’t tell you how many teams to make blowouts close and solid wins turn into losses.

  18. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    December 4, 2019 at 10:09 am
    He’ll take the best job with a NON -meddling OWNER and a half way decent GM. That would be the NY Giants or Pittsburgh Steelers (once Tomlin gets canned)


    There is no way Tomlin will get fired. I would gladly wager anyone on that.

  19. Ron Rivera to the Cowboys is interesting thought! To the best of my knowledge he doesn’t upstage an owner. He doesn’t try to grab the spotlight. He just goes about the business of coaching his team.

    Unlike Garrett, who never takes chances, Rivera isn’t know as ‘Riverboat Ron’ for no reason. He will take chances to win a game. That could be a trait that Jerry might want if he tires of Garrett and send Garrett packing. Anyway, it’s a thought!

  20. Look – Tomlin ain’t going anywhere. Get that idea out of your heads now. As much as I want Riverboat Ron to come home to Chi Town? That ain’t happening either. Neither is he going to Washington. Not if he wants to keep his sanity with the set-up there. The only place I can really see Rivera is either the Browns or the Giants.

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