Ryan Fitzpatrick is “better now than I’ve ever been”

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Ryan Fitzpatrick recently turned 37. This is the ninth season the Dolphins quarterback has started nine or more games in a season.

Fitzpatrick insists he has never felt better . . . or played better.

“Personally, I feel like I’m better now than I’ve ever been,” Fitzpatrick said Wednesday, via Alain Poupart of the team website. “Statistically, whatever, just in terms of what I’m doing and my focus and preparation and going out there with the group that I have and my confidence is at an all-time high just in terms of all that stuff.”

Although he is 3-6 as a starter this season, that’s three more wins than most thought the Dolphins would have. He has passed for 2,266 yards with 13 touchdowns and 11 interceptions, while running for three touchdowns.

Fitzpatrick has six touchdown passes and two interceptions in the team’s three wins.

“I just came in and tried to do the best I could,” Fitzpatrick said. “I’m happy with the fact that I’ve been able to, that I was reinserted into the lineup and able to play and able to grow with some of these guys. The way that some of these guys are playing right now and developing a rapport with them, that stuff has all been really good.

“I don’t like losing, but in terms of the day-to-day and the effort that we put in from the top down, the coaches to the players to the kitchen staff to the equipment guys, everybody, this is a really good building in terms of all that stuff and the effort and the ‘want to’ is there. I’ve had a very positive experience.”

16 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick is “better now than I’ve ever been”

  1. He’s a true journeyman, kinduva poor man’s Favre – his style, but not his arm. He plays with a lot of passion and courage, just throws it up for grabs too much.

  2. Eagles fan here.

    Sorry Fitz, you don’t get to play the Eagles every week. Enjoy.

    He did the same thing to the Eagles while on the Bucs last year.

  3. for all his years in the league–he has never made the playoffs. When he had a chance–usually fitztragic shows up and throws a few INTs. And if he plays enough–he will throw enough INTS to play himself out of the job. Coming off a great year with the Jets…he threw 6 INTs in a single game and then was angry about being asked about it.

  4. After playing for sorry franchises such as Buffalo / Tampa & the Jets – he’s now a team that is about to have an epic turnaround ( even though he probably won’t be there) over the next couple seasons

  5. Love me some Fitz.. however I still think they should be playing Rosen to see what he can develop into. Miami might possibly be having Rosen learn behind Fitz and not even draft a QB. I would not be opposed to that at all. I think Rosen can be a franchise QB with a quality OL and WR/RB group. He has never had any time to go through progressions in Miami or Arizona.
    People forget this kid was expected to be the top QB off the board in that draft. I think he has a ton of potential but just needs the chance to show it and learn. I prefer Miami to draft OL/DE/CB before taking a QB. Build the rest of the team up 1st.
    One thing you can not take away from Miami is they are growing together and fighting each play and each game. The roster is a bunch of nobodies that were not even on the team in training camp. The stars like Howard and Williams being on IR will be back next season also. Miami will be legit in 2 years

  6. Love the man, don’t care much for the QB. And he’s not better. He’s exactly what he’s been his entire career. He’s at his career TD rate, interception rate, yards per attempt, and QB rating. As in almost exactly dead bang on. He’s only marginally better in completion percentage but still below where most QBs are these days.

    He’s a great guy. A great leader. But oh my, he’s a woefully average QB.

  7. hamlet423 says:
    December 4, 2019 at 8:41 pm
    for all his years in the league–he has never made the playoffs. When he had a chance–usually he shows up and throws a few INTs

    You just described Ryan Tannehill.

  8. He’s made a nice living no doubt. One of the good guys. At least when it’s all done he’ll be one of those, ” hey! I remember you! You’re Ryan Fitzpatrick. You played QB for 22 different teams right? Lol!

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