Tua Tagovailoa working his way through “business decision”

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Going into this season, it seemed an easy bet that Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa would leave school a year early and be one of the top picks in the 2020 NFL Draft.

But his recent hip injury has seemingly complicated his decision-making, and he said he’s still considering all his options.

You think of risk-reward on coming back. You think of risk-reward on leaving,” he said during an interview with ESPN. “And when I look at it, I kind of look at it, if I come back, the risk is what if I get hurt again? But the reward could be maybe I jump back to the top of the charts, the boards for all these teams.”

Tagovailoa had surgery last month in Houston, after he suffered a separated hip and fractured posterior wall in a game against Mississippi State. That has naturally created some doubt about his draft status, though Alabama team doctors declared the surgery a success and said he should make a complete recovery and be throwing by the spring.

So Tagovailoa has to weigh the possibility of being chosen later in the first round, as teams might not be willing to use a top-five pick on a guy who may not be fully healthy at the time they draft him.

“I’d say the reward in all of that is, yeah, I’ll be getting paid millions,” Tagovailoa said. “But a lot of the money that I could’ve made, you can’t make that money up now. So that’d be me leaving money on the table.

“But then, at the same time, I still gotta talk with my family about all this, see what their input is. Now is not the time to be making emotional decisions. But now you gotta change into thinking as a businessman. You gotta make business decisions.”

He has until Jan. 20 to make that decision. But the fact he’s thinking as a businessman seems to be shading it in a certain direction.

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  1. Tua’s very own surgeon said they will not know for months if the vascular necrosis will settle and that did Bo in. He’ll slide way past Round 1 or Is picked up by a Team wanting to gamble on him.

  2. Here is why he his thinking about the business side. If he comes out he is leaving money on the table however in a league with so many average QB’s I think he will go higher than most people think even coming off an injury-
    #1 pick rookie contract $35mm w/$23mm signing bonus
    #10 pick rookie contract $18mm w/$11mm signing bonus
    #20 pick rookie contract $12mm w/$7mm signing bonus
    #32 pick rookie contract $10mm w/$5mm signing bonus

  3. The best qb coming out that draft will be Jalen Hurts, if he isn’t the next Lamar Jackson, I don’t know who is

  4. There is no decision, you still leave college early. The real money is on the second contract and waiting another year means you effectively lose 1 year of free agency.

    There’s plenty of benefit of not going in the top 5 as well. You can avoid a Josh Rosen situation where a team can’t compete and ends up drafting 1st overall again next year.

    If Rosen had been drafted by a competent team 2 years ago he would be a starter for that team now.

  5. I can’t see any reason why he’d stay. Might as well go when you can. If he drops even better since it means he won’t go to a loser team that will get him hurt before the season’s half over. I’m not sure his draft stock would go any higher if he stays in college for one more year.

  6. Go and get paid to rehab.

    Tua can throw the deep ball, but he was a qb that was going to need a year anyway. Has the same problem Mariota did coming out of Oregon in that he didn’t stretch the field.

  7. Much better QB class next year. Nothing’s guaranteed. Come out now and get paid.

  8. “How about finishing your degree might be a great business decision”

    Wow, Alabama has a degree that pays millions of dollars immediately upon graduation? Every student in America should be attending there.

  9. Take the bird in the hand. He won’t slide past the 2nd round unless a doctor or three say he’s done.

    He goes back and he’ll have to rely on his degree, like the rest of us. Not the end of the world, that’s what most of us went to college for. But 2nd round money is still ‘mini lotto’ and can be parlayed into a better life, regardless if he only gets one contract.

    Bird in Hand…there’s a reason for the saying. Greed kills. Ever make one more pass with the lawn mower or chain saw or snow blower? That’s when you hit a rock. All 3 do damage to the above. Problem with experienced decisions is that it takes a negative experience to get there.

  10. I don’t get why this is even a discussion. Unlike most players, QBs will get numerous contracts as long as they can play. With the current going rate for QBs, I don’t get the issue as to where he is picked. It might even benefit Tua if he is picked outside the first round, this way he doesn’t have to get picked by a bad team and he gets to his second contract faster.

  11. Small, lefty, below average arm strength, injury prone (4 surgery’s at Bama) and now damaged goods. No way I’d take him till late second or third round.

  12. I mean, if you go back to school for another year, you shouldn’t tell people it’s because it was a business decision. The team will always believe you’re putting yourself ahead of them.

    I think he’s just sugarcoating it. He’s going to the NFL.

  13. If he declares, he could end up on a team like the Pats, who will be looking to replace TB12 very soon. It could actually be the perfect situation for him – a year or two to rehab and learn under one of the best of all time, and when Brady’s done, Tua could walk into one of the most desirable jobs in the league (assuming Belichick stays or the transition to McDaniels goes smoothly).

  14. If he can get drafted round 2 or later he wins by getting a new contract sooner ala Dak Prescott

  15. NFL teams are salivating at having the next Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, as uber-talented young QB’s, Tua 100% fits that bill. There’s no way he would not be drafted in the 1st round and Top 10 is still likely. Teams will happily wait a year.

  16. golions1 says:
    December 4, 2019 at 8:30 am
    Bama used him up for free.
    If it wasn’t for NCAA football nobody would know who Tua was or what he is capable of. I won’t even get into how much better of a QB college football helped Tua prepare for becoming an NFL QB. The coaches, the meetings, the marketing, the travel.

  17. He will enter the draft. Worse case scenario is he falls later in the first to a team like the Patriots, 49ers, or Saints……. oh darn.

  18. Playing at Alabama is not like playing in the NFL, there are no Arkansas’s, Ole Miss’s or Worford’s. I would not draft him until the fourth or fifth round.

  19. Tua can make all the NFL throws with deadly accuracy. He has a fantastic arm. His own problem initially but not so much this year, was he was a bit of a gunslinger and ended up turning the ball over.

  20. So much for ‘Tank for Tua’.

    Just another example of why most media narratives are pure nonsense.

  21. Of course he enters the draft for next April. He will get drafted in the 1st or 2nd round. If he returns to college and the injury keeps him from playing next year he may never be drafted.

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