Bears have 210 yards, 17-7 lead over error-prone Cowboys


This feels like a rerun to Cowboys fans. Only the jerseys of the opposing team has changed.

After scoring on their first drive against the Bills a week ago, the Cowboys lost 26-15. They scored on their first drive Thursday and then what could go wrong did.

The Bears lead 17-7 at halftime.

The Bears, who rank 29th in total offense, gained 210 yards in the first 30 minutes, averaging 6.2 yards per play. The Cowboys have only two penalties for 10 yards, but both were offsides penalties on third down that gave Chicago first downs.

The Bears are 4-for-5 on third down.

Mitchell Trubisky has completed 12 of 17 passes for 126 yards with two touchdowns and an interception. He also has run for 28 yards on five carries.

Allen Robinson has both touchdown catches, giving him four in the past 10 quarters.

Bears receiver Javon Wims had his right leg landed on by Jaylon Smith late in the first half. He is questionable to return with a knee injury.

The Cowboys gained 75 yards on 17 plays on their first drive. They had 57 yards on 14 plays the rest of the half, including one kneel down.

Dak Prescott has looked ordinary for the third consecutive game, completing 6 of 13 passes for 60 yards in the first half. Ezekiel Elliott has 13 carries for 72 yards and a touchdown, including a season-long 31-yard run.

Cowboys kicker Brett Maher missed his 10th field goal of the season. He has missed three consecutive field goals in the 40-49-yard range and is 1-for-5 for the season from that distance.

The Cowboys worked out kickers this week but stuck with Maher.

“Well, the [tryout] kickers weren’t exactly kicking very good,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said in the pregame show on 105.3 The Fan. “It shows you why, when your kicker misses a field goal, you don’t go out on the street and get another one.”

At this rate, the Cowboys will be looking for both a new kicker and a new coach soon.

27 responses to “Bears have 210 yards, 17-7 lead over error-prone Cowboys

  1. Looks like a rerun of the Bills game. Other than the pick Trubs had a nice first half. Oh, and the look on Jerrahs face at halftime was priceless…

  2. I learned a lot about the Cowboys as time winds down in the half, a ball deflected in the end zone a very nice play by the defender, but after the receiver is clearly needing medical attention Smith starts showboating and a teammate comes over to do a dance with him.

    Just another reason as to why people don’t like them.

  3. If I were a Dallas fan, I’d be worried.

    Dakota is regressing at a time when he should be leading his team to the playoffs. Lost in all his gaudy numbers is the fact that the clown Dakota has not beaten a team with a winning record all season. For all of his foibles, Kirk Cousins managed to choke AND to put up big numbers with a team that had no defense and limited actual offensive talent (and with an offensive line that included that clown Trent Williams) that could not run or pass block consistently.

    So has Dakota ended up being Kirk Cousins without the passing talent? We know Dakota is really a running back, but at least this year he tried to impersonate a QB instead of running from his misery.

    Right now Dakota is worth what he is being paid right now and not a penny more. Maybe the GM Jerruh had open eyes and knew that Dakota will never be anything but a 50/50 QB on a consistent basis. After four years, he should be winning. He’s a joke.

  4. Even worse for Dallas, is this team is proving to be gutless. This team should be renamed the Dallas Cupcakes.

  5. Cowboys are fielding a team of Tony Romos, bunch of numbers guys who never win anything significant.

  6. Will Jason Garrett even survive the game? His team has given up on him. Even the Worthless Washington Numbskins haven’t given up. And that team doesn’t even have a pro quality QB.

  7. I wish they’d show more of Jerruh Jones. He could experience a catastrophic face lift failure and end up with his jaw dangling near his dangles.

  8. There’s no excuse for the Cowboys to be a .500 team with as much talent as they have on both sides of the ball. Part of it is Garrett being more concerned with keeping the WRs happy instead of taking advantage of perhaps the best offensive line in football and running the ball down opponent’s throats. Instead they throw the ball when they should be running it. Whatever. That is what they are. The GM is an idiot. The head coach is an idiot. The players are under-achievers. Dallas is a hot mess. Not that I’m disappointed because I’ve never liked them but it’s mind boggling that they are going to be 6-7. They may win that division with a .500 record. They have games against the Rams, @Eagles and Redskins. They should go 2-1 and finish with an 8-8 record but if they lose to the Iggles they’ll probably be out.

    Still, I can’t see Jerruh firing Garrett. Who is going to come in and be Jerruh’s puppet?

  9. These Cowboys look like amateurs. They can’t beat anyone at this point. Jerry Jones deserves this beating and more. This is HIS team. He’s the owner, he’s the president, he’s the GM. Jason Garrett needs to go and find a Pop Warner team that needs a towel boy and head cheerleader. This team sucks…

  10. Every time the camera shows Jason Garrett, he looks like he doesn’t care anymore. I hope that he lets Jerry Jones know what he thinks of him on his way out. On second thought, he’s probably going to walk away clapping and spitting.

  11. Watching the Cowboys get smoked is good fun for the entire family because they America’s team, don’t ya know.

  12. Cowboys have become unwatchable. DAK has regressed and that defense can’t stop a nose bleed.

  13. Mitch Tribusky made a deal with the Devil to make him a probowl Quaterback.Im convinced with that statement.

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