Brian Schottenheimer: Seahawks “very difficult to deal with” when run game firing

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With Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny both getting involved in the team’s rushing attack on Monday night, the Seattle Seahawks rushed for a season-high 218 yards against the Minnesota Vikings.

The pair combined for three touchdowns on the night as the Seahawks carved up the a defense that ranked sixth in the league against the run entering the contest. As Carson and Penny begin to form a cohesive dual-threat attack for Seattle’s offense, the Seahawks are excited about the potential that brings to the table in the final month of the regular season.

“We’re very difficult to deal with when that’s going on like that,” offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer said.

Seattle is third in the league in rushing with an average of 143.7 yards per game through 12 games. However, they’ve improving as the season progresses with an average of 159.8 yards per game over the last eight games and 171.0 yards per game over the last four. The only game since the start of October where they have failed to rush for 140 yards as a team was their Week 7 loss to the Baltimore Ravens when they rushed for just 106 yards.

After getting just 36 carries through the first 10 games of the season, Penny has rushed for 203 yards on 29 carries with two rushing touchdowns and a receiving touchdown the last two weeks.

“When those two guys are feeling it like that, it’s very energetic,” Schottenheimer said. The guys feel the energy. It’s truly tangible. You can just feel it like there’s no question.

“You’ll rarely get linemen who will come up to you and say, ‘Hey we need to throw it more.’ They don’t say that. They’re not programmed that way. ‘Hey Schotty, we need to spread them out in empty and throw it more!’ They always want to run the ball more, number one. This group of guys, they do feed off of the success. They do get going, they do take it personally.”

The Seahawks rushed for 273 yards in their last trip to face the Rams in Los Angeles a season ago. Another similar performance would go a long way toward Seattle maintaining their slim lead in the NFC West ahead of the San Francisco 49ers this weekend.

7 responses to “Brian Schottenheimer: Seahawks “very difficult to deal with” when run game firing

  1. It’s a formula that gives them a chance to beat any team in the league, home or away.

    One side-effect is that the game is usually pretty close because running the ball uses up the clock, but Russell Wilson doesn’t care about all that. Just give him the ball at the end of the game.

    Pete Carroll has a cheer/chant/saying that goes:

    Can you win the game in the 1rst quarter? NO!
    Can you win the game in the 2nd quarter? NO!
    Can you win the game in the 3rd quarter? NO!
    Can you win the game in the 4th quarter? YES!!!!


    It might sound corny to you but that is exactly how they play. That is the philosophy of the team and how they manage the game emotionally.

    They fell behind last week but it was only the first half. They then proved you can’t win in the 3rd quarter either because even though they dominated the 3rd, the vikings came back in the 4th and the Hawks had to finish it.

    It’s how they play. You people talking about point differential don’t understand the Seahawks at all. If they win every playoff game by less than 7 points and then the SuperBowl by 3 points you will probably still be confused at what happened.

    They are comfy in tight games like no other team.

  2. I never thought I would ever say this but Brian Schottenheimer is coaching himself into getting some serious HC interviews in the off season. Just seems to be leaps and bounds better at calling plays than he was last year.

  3. Once upon a time I would have absolute confidence in the Seahawks winning winnable games. These are not those guys though. No gimmes, no cakewalks, no creampuffs, nothing. Every opponent is a threat. Bengals almost beat them in Seattle! But in the entire history of the team, I don’ lt think I have enjoyed a season as much as this one. Drama every week, overperforming anyone’s predictions, big plays, clutch plays…it really has been a great ride. After the NFCCG last year, I fell out of love with the NFL a little. The romance is back though

  4. Brian Schottennheimer came here with a terrible reputation as a playcaller. But the last two years the improvements he has made to the offense and Russell Wilson can not be denied.

    Wilson’s footwork, timing and ability to navigate the pocket were all a focus after letting go of Bevell.

    I like the adjustments they make mid-game. Getting Penny involved in the run game will do wonders for the full offense including Carson for a playoff run. Hope they can keep the division. If not a revenge game on a Cowboys team would be great to look forward to.

  5. agree w the sentiment on Schottenheimer – have noted that too.

    And yeah, it seemed like the breakout game Penny had two weeks ago flipped some switch in him – because I’ve never seen him consistently run as hard as he did against the Vikings.

    Overall – it’s been this way the last several years for the Hawks – Russell is a constant, he’s always good. But when the run game is getting 0 yards, and 1 yard, and we’re consistently in 3rd and long – we are terrible. We can’t hold our passblocks, and Russ gets sacked or throws it away. We get 3 and outs, and eventually the D can’t withstand the reps, and we lose.

    But – when the run game is working – we are one of the best/most efficient offenses in the league. things do seem to be gelling at the right time for this year’s team.

  6. Seahawks run game is improved but so is their defense. The D still isn’t great but it’s much better than the first half of the season. This team is a different vibe than the ’12-’14 teams, the defense isn’t as strong but the offense is better. This could be their year again.

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