Cowboys, Jason Garrett have no answers in 31-24 loss to Bears

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The Cowboys remain in first place in the NFC East with a losing record, but they look like they’re going nowhere fast after a 31-24 loss to the Bears on Thursday night.

Owner Jerry Jones’ fairytale officially has turned into a nightmare.

Chicago stayed in the NFC wild-card picture, moving to 7-6 on the season with an impressive victory. The Bears and Mitchell Trubisky are playing their best football of the season, gaining 382 yards while holding the Cowboys to seven points until the fourth quarter.

The Cowboys added garbage stats and empty points in the final 15 minutes.

Trubisky threw three touchdown passes and ran for another as he and his teammates dominated and embarrassed the Cowboys, who have lost three in a row and four of their past five.

It brought back memories of the 45-7 loss the Cowboys had to the Packers in Week Nine of the 2010 season that got Wade Phillips fired. The following week, Jason Garrett made his head coaching debut as interim coach.

Could Thursday night have been Garrett’s last game as the Cowboys’ head coach? The Cowboys have 10 days until their next game.

Jones didn’t fire Garrett after the Thanksgiving Day loss to the Bills, believing his team still had a chance for a “fairytale” finish. The loss to the Bears showed him otherwise.

It wasn’t as close as the final score might have indicated. The Cowboys gained 184 yards in the first three quarters when they trailed 24-7 and had 224 in the fourth quarter when they scored 17 points.

The Bears did whatever they wanted — aside from two turnovers — and looked a lot like the 2018 contenders they were. Trubisky threw touchdown passes of 5 and 8 yards to Allen Robinson and 14 yards to Anthony Miller. He also ran for a 23-yard touchdown.

Trubisky entered the game with 80 rushing yards this season. He had 63 against the Cowboys.

It seems a long time ago that Dak Prescott was in the MVP conversation, and it was only three weeks ago.

Prescott had his third consecutive subpar game, going 27-for-49 for 334 yards and a touchdown. In the past three games, he is 78-of-131 for 901 yards with three touchdowns and two interceptions.

85 responses to “Cowboys, Jason Garrett have no answers in 31-24 loss to Bears

  1. Sure, give Dak the $30M he wants. That’ll help. If he’s their QB of the future then look forward to more games like this.

  2. Bottom line is….for 25 years Jones has been obsessed to show the world he can win a super bowl without a Jimmy Johnson built team.
    He can’t do it and it’s eating him alive.

    Enough blaming the whole organization, the blame belongs to its clueless and incompetent leader!

  3. Every time they showed the Dallas side line in the second half it looked like a scene from The Walking Dead. Game was not close. Dak looks scared and totally lost out there. Garbage time at the end and the game was not even close.

  4. The game was never as close as the final score indicates. The Bears took the entire 4th quarter off. Cowboys looked like they quit on Garrett, not that I can blame them.

  5. The Dolphins have won 3 of their last 5 games with zero talent on their roster. The Cowboys have won 1 of their last 5.

  6. The Cowboys are simply not a good football team and Prescott is an average QB at best.
    There is more hype about this team vs reality. Jerry has no choice but to fire Garrett.
    The team simply knew the circumstances and did not step up to the occasion.

  7. Dallas sucks.

    The Bears are better than the Packers. And our cheap wins don’t make us Packers fans feel very good about our team.

  8. Jason Garrett just came to the podium – “Proud of my team tonight. Really proud of the way we put up points late in the game when it didn’t matter. There’s still time we have plenty of time to make the playoffs I’m not worried. Jerry loves me like a son why would I be worried” Smiling and clapping all the way back to Dallas

  9. Fire garrett hir meyer (if he’ll take it) see what happens he’s free no reason not to take the job. If he doesn’t take it scratch him from the list. Seasons over anyway that takes one crack out of the search.

  10. The silly Barneys have been obsessed with worrying about losing their slim chance to make the playoffs to the Packers all season. They’re irrelevant to Green Bay, but The Heidis forgot about the Bears breathing down their neck. Between the two Chicago is the better team right now. Gonna love seeing Chicago knock Minni’s sorry butts out of contention. Now, I have to go be Lions fan this weekend. This is hard.

  11. The Referees tried their best to hand Dallas the win with the three missed facemask penalties at critical moments in the game but unfortunately the Cowboys still couldn’t capitalize.

  12. Dallas will never get a strong head coach because the job description includes playing toadie to the owner.

  13. Jones can’t fire Garrett with the NFC East still in play. If he fires anyone before the season ends it will be the defensive coordinator. That unit has fallen hard…

    But here is my question for you Florio. Where is Zeke’s burst? He’s looking like Shaun Alexander more and more every week.

  14. The sad thing about this is one of the garbage teams is going to get into the playoffs and a team with a great record and season is going to be out. At least we know whoever it is will be one and done. It will be like a bye week for the team that plays them.

  15. Funny thing is beat the rams or Redskins and philly win the division. Or have philly lose 1 and dallas beat the rams and redskins. Man the mighty nfc east sucks this year.

  16. Everyone in sports media talks about the Cowboys roster and how talented it is.
    What if it isn’t? What if Dak, and Zeke, and Cooper, and Ramsey, and Lawrence, and all the rest….what if they’re not really that good.
    What if all the pundits just bought into Jerry’s hype, and Dallas is really just an average team. Sometimes they look pretty good, more often not.
    After all, what do they ever win.
    They’ve been also-rans for a generation and then some.
    The genius is Jones is making a sh*t ton of money hyping a perenially mediocre team.

  17. The Cowboys added garbage stats and empty points in the final 15 minutes.


    I don’t know how many times it was mentioned that Dallas has the number 1 offense, but this line says it all. A 6-7 team having a #1 offense? Get out of here. Half of those stats are garbage time yards and TDs

  18. Don’t know about Garret… It has to be difficult to work and coach for a guy like Jerry.
    I’d like to see Garret coach a team with structure and discipline within the front office and an owner who respects and delegates responsibility where it belongs.

  19. Garrett is there as long as Jerry is there. It makes no difference as long as seats are filled and merchandise is sold. Money comes in. Just keep the hype going.

  20. They won three super bowls during the Johnson/Switzer era. Jones effectively took over as General Manager 23 years ago and no super bowls since then. Jones needs to hire a real GM and step aside and let him do his job.

  21. I set my DVR to record Skip and Shannon tomorrow because I will probably forget to watch and I really don’t want to miss Skip crying about this and that and Shannon rubbing it in making him cry more.

    Should be a good one.

  22. Harry Palmer says:
    December 5, 2019 at 11:50 pm
    Ron Rivera has just been hired as the Cowboys interim coach. Jason Garrett’s face remained stoic when he learned of the situation.
    And then he clapped.

  23. Okay. I have been hammering him all year. But Trubisky looked good in this game, outside of the INT near the endzone. It was good to see him running when needed. It was beneficial the Cowboys couldn’t tackle at all. If Trubisky can look like this next week in GB, then I will be impressed.

  24. I can always count on Jerruh to brighten my day and make me smile. Jerruh’s repsonse to this travesty of a season will be to sign Dak to a 10 year/$500 million dollar contract and talk about his brilliant signing for 2 hours straight on his stupid radio show. Somewhere Jimmy Johnson is laughing.

  25. So, Dak put up all his numbers in garbage time? But when Brady does it against Houston, oh look at him, he almost brought his team back! SMH
    Bears actually played a pretty standard D with blitzes, Brady was handed yardage.
    You Pats fan will finally wake up after the KC and Buffalo beatdown and realize your team is gabage. Put the goat out to pasture. LOL

  26. Chef Mitch Trubisky cooked up a wonderful feast of quarterback scramble and humble pie for his critics (myself included) last night. Would love to have 3 more servings.

  27. Loved when Aikman,shut Buck up by saying all those yards at the end were fake stats,and there should be an asterik,nest to them

  28. Loved when Aikman,shut Buck up by saying all those yards at the end were fake stats,and there should be an asterik,nest to theem

  29. The Bears were a lot of people’s pick to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, and they’re playing really well right now. They’re a good football team. The Cowboys are a good team too, but they’re stumbling a little right now. Mitch Trubisky is starting to develop into the QB that the Bears drafted at #2 overall, and they have several outstanding players on defense. Their young RB’s and WR’s are also starting to gel. I know the Cowboys are getting the headlines, but the Bears are just a better team. If you want to blame someone for a 6-7 team being in first place, blame the Eagles. They also received some pre-season votes to go to the Super Bowl. They’re the team that’s underachieving this year. Nobody expected much out of the Redskins or Giants. But more than anything else, watch out for the Bears. They’re hitting their best strides at the right time.

  30. Wisconsin’s Favorite Son Jeffrey Be Dahmed says:
    “Dallas sucks.
    The Bears are better than the Packers. And our cheap wins don’t make us Packers fans feel very good about our team.”

    I’m a Bears fan, but I watch every Packer game and I’m not sure about that. The Packer defense is better than it has been in many years, and Rodgers seems to be back to his old self. I’ll be happy as a clam if the Bears beat them, but I’m not confident that they will.

  31. What gets missed in all this under-performing Cowboys team mess is what it tells us about their opponents. For example, the Pats barely scraped by Dallas, at home, aided significantly by a few key questionable penalty calls.

  32. The Dolphins have won 3 of their last 5 games with zero talent on their roster. The Cowboys have won 1 of their last 5.

    and 3 of their last 10

  33. oops, can’t say I’m not happy to watch this crash and burn.
    Go Redskins lol

    Seriously??? Have you seen the redskins play this year?

    They still have a surprisingly realistic chance to win that garbage division
    and they have won 2 in a row

  34. If a team has a quarterback that is lacking confidence and has been playing poorly, make sure the Cowboys are on your schedule. That is a sure fire remedy to fix an under performing quarterback…..See Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and Mitch Tribisky

  35. dumpster fire. at least jerruh realizes they “need to win a game” now. that should put a quick damper on his *superbowl* talk. unless/until they win a game again. which will fire him right back up. smh

  36. Aikman pointed out that the Cowboys defense doesn’t cause any QB confusion… they just line-up and play their D straight. Why on earth, in this day and age, can’t the D “mix it up” and cause a garbage QB like Trubisky some confusion? He’s an interception waiting to happen, throw a blitz or change from man to zone at the snap. Why let Trubisky look over the D, decide on his ONLY receiver (because the world knows he stares down his primary receiver and doesn’t look elsewhere) and easily complete the pass? Let the firings begin, starting with Marinelli.

  37. Also, who cares who wins the East?–whoever does will get hammered by Rams, Seahawks, Saints, 49ers, Vikings or whomever ends up wild card. For me, that would just be one more week of misery, imagining how long it is until NEXT season.

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