Richard Sherman: No reason for outrage over Tim Ryan’s comments

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San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman says broadcaster Tim Ryan shouldn’t be shunned for the comments he made about Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson‘s “dark skin” making it easier for him to hide the ball from the defense.

Sherman said today that he doesn’t believe Ryan was making a racist comment.

“I know Tim personally and I listened to the dialogue and saw it written, and honestly I wasn’t as outraged as everybody else,” Sherman said. “I understand how it can be taken under a certain context and be offensive to some, but if you’re saying, this is a brown ball, they’re wearing dark colors, and he has a brown arm, honestly, sometimes we were having trouble seeing it on film. He’s making a play fake and sometimes he’s swinging his arm real fast and you’re like, Does he have the ball? And you look up and [Mark] Ingram is running it. So it was technically a valid point, but you can always phrase things better.”

Ryan was suspended for saying during a radio interview, “He’s really good at that fake, Lamar Jackson, but when you consider his dark skin with a dark football with a dark uniform, you could not see that thing.” Sherman said Ryan was correct in his analysis that the 49ers’ defense was struggling to tell whether Jackson had the ball on some plays.

“It 100 percent is an issue,” Sherman said. “That’s why it wasn’t that offensive, because what he was saying was a great point. . . . He could have used better words, but it was made bigger than it really was.”

San Francisco defensive end Dee Ford also stuck up for Ryan.

“I told him, ‘I got your back,'” Ford said of a conversation he had with Ryan after Ryan was suspended by the team. “The words kind of got taken out of context. I think he knows now he could have used better judgment with his words, but we’ve got his back. I knew what he was trying to say. This era we live in, it’s just what it is.”

The 49ers have said Ryan will not work their radio broadcast of this week’s game. They have not said whether he will face any further consequences. Based on Sherman and Ford’s comments, it sounds like the players on the 49ers think Ryan should return to the booth.

68 responses to “Richard Sherman: No reason for outrage over Tim Ryan’s comments

  1. If a black broadcaster said this about a white man, there would be absolutely no issue. Because Tim is white, he’ll get punished for it. Pathetic.

  2. It was and is the truth. Nothing wrong with Ryan’s description. It was also the only way to say it. Thanks for being reasonable, Sherm.

  3. Ridiculous to suspend someone for actually speaking Truth. To call someone white or black or brown or whatever is not racist. To disparage someone solely FOR the color of their skin is racist. People need to chill out. I feel awful for Tim. The rest of his life “oh the racist guy”. What a joke. I don’t applaud Sherm too often but good for you! He’s 100% right.

  4. A very good observation in the world of political correctness- even the players know that

  5. niners816 says:
    December 5, 2019 at 4:21 pm

    If a black broadcaster said this about a white man, there would be absolutely no issue. Because Tim is white, he’ll get punished for it. Pathetic.

    I agree he shouldnt have been punished, but stop your crying.

  6. While our society definitely still has struggles with racism – we do need to be a bit more discrete when we analyze intent.

    I Love Richard Sherman (Brains & Football play) – you don’t always have to agree with ANYONE, but that dude is always speaking from the heart. Card carrying member of the No f given club.


  7. So does it mean that Tim infers that the opposing D can spot Drew Bree’s white palms while dressed in all black when he hands over to Alvin Kamara who has darker skin? I call it bs. Sherman you are wrong on this one. Skin color makes no sense to sleight of hand. It’s about Lamar’s skill not his skin

  8. Again society is addicted to outage.

    Male Student:
    Gee Ms Weller that blouse matching your eyeshadow looks ver nice on you.

    Female Professor:
    You’re a sexist pig, I will not be objectified.

    3 Days later

    When is Mary’s bachelorette party?

    Friend of Bride:
    This Saturday at the Wild Side

    Female Professor:

    I cannot wait to see Thunder from down under, those guys are so hot and incredible hunks.

    This is America folks!

  9. This is great. Considering that 90% of the people calling for his head were actually white. Not only are white people racist, they also tell black people what to be angry about.

  10. zappa73 says:
    December 5, 2019 at 4:32 pm

    While our society definitely still has struggles with racism – we do need to be a bit more discrete when we analyze intent.

    I Love Richard Sherman (Brains & Football play) – you don’t always have to agree with ANYONE, but that dude is always speaking from the heart. Card carrying member of the No f given club.

    One of my fave players of all time, can talk trash like no other but when the game is over a very respectful player!

  11. niners816 says:
    December 5, 2019 at 4:21 pm
    If a black broadcaster said this about a white man, there would be absolutely no issue. Because Tim is white, he’ll get punished for it. Pathetic.

    You sound too angry.

    Red flag.

  12. There is nothing wrong with the comment because it’s 100% fact.

    Ryan is a crackup on any plays that go against Clara. You hear him in the background complaining like a disgruntled fan and it’s hilarious.

  13. Do you realize who punished him? You guys dont even know where to direct your anger. This is a non-issue (with everyone except the Niners) but somehow everyone here is blaming the “world” for this.

    And quit the if game.

  14. Yesterday I questioned whether anybody had asked the Niner defense if Jackson’s skin and uniform had been an issue and got more downvotes than upvotes. I deserve a cookie and 10 uninterrupted minutes during halftime of the Super Bowl.

  15. We’re in an era of overly p.c. companies being more concerned with bad press than actually tackling an issue. They don’t stand up for employees who are being unfairly judged, it’s hypocritical and it hurts the actual fight against racism and every other ‘ism out there. Instead of being p.c. they need to take a hard look at these situations and then explain why they made the decision they make.

  16. I used to listen to Tim Ryan (T-ROCK) on Sirius back in the day with Pat Kirwan. He never seemed like anything other than a standup guy who loves ball. I like seeing players who undoubtedly have a better perspective than a fan of his old radio show stand up for him and confirm what I thought. Glad the 49ers didn’t overreact too much.

  17. If you believe Sherman couldn’t see the football when Lamar had it, then you must also believe Baker didn’t shake Sherman’s hand.

  18. total BS. Guy just giving a honest take on what is so obviously true, and not racist at all!!
    What a screwed up world we live in!

  19. It was a very dumb thing to say. I am more than sure Ryan isn’t racist, but the cultural implication is that Lamar Jackson’s skin color was determining success, not his actual ability to successfully play quarterback in the NFL. Ryan could have stopped with “dark football against a dark jersey” and been fine. Bringing skin color into a conversation is just begging for trouble. That said, a week off to think things over is all the punishment needed. He’ll no doubt try to express himself more eloquently and everyone should drop the issue after that point.

  20. It sure is easy to see the ball contrasted against Aaron Rodgers’ pale arm when he tries to conceal it.

    What? What did I say? What do you mean you’re taking my season tickets away? What’s going on?

  21. Total overreaction. Dark uni, dark skin color (could have even been a tanned white person’s arm), and a very dark uniform color.

    Our country is going right down the crapper.

  22. Let’s see. a 49’er, backing a 49’er broadcaster. Yep, there is objectivity there.

    Ryan invoked race by making a man’s ability based in part on the color of his skin. You all can rally around each other all you want. When ability is judged in part by skin color, Mr. Ryan should catch heat. He asked for it.

    Just curious, I assume every QB now will buy gloves and arm sleeves that are dark colored and run the RPO as well as Lamar? Yep, let me know how that works for ya!

  23. Bills fans are drunken idiots…. so there’s that and I’m white and don’t find this offensive. I work for one the biggest company’s in the world – diversity is the norm – most of my fellow employees have a much darker skin tone than I & none of them have an issue with a factual statement such as Mr.Ryan’s….. the world today is ridiculous

  24. Anyone offended by that is looking for reasons to be offended. If a ball was light tan and it matched Brady’s skin and you said his skin color blends in, it would be the same thing. Ridiculous

  25. It can be hard to see what the Jets are doing whenever a game’s played on grass or green turf.

  26. Thankyou thankyou thankyou Richard Sherman!!
    I can relax now and stop being outraged.
    Whew, what a relief.

    Richard is smart. He went to Stanford, you know.

  27. streetyson says:
    December 5, 2019 at 5:21 pm
    It can be hard to see what the Jets are doing whenever a game’s played on grass or green turf.

    We dont need to actually see them to know they are awful…so there’s that

  28. The sports world that is full of nick names and jargon is the thinnest skin individuals in entertainment

  29. I don’t know Tim Ryan but it seems like everyone is taking his side on this. The guy seems to have alot support. We are humans. We make stupid analogies that sound wrong but only our heart knows what we meant.

  30. Refreshing to see players come out in Ryan’s support. Seems those closer to Ryan than most of us, know his words weren’t used in a derogatory manner. But if the words he chose could have been better words, what should they have been? Richard Sherman used the word “brown”. Would that have been more appropriate?

    I think as humans we all try to learn from the mistakes of others, so when we have these situations it would be really beneficial to learn from those that are offended on what would be a better way of saying it. Allow us all to learn so we can live better as one race…the human race.

  31. 49ers are the new kid on the block. Saints will make em look like it.

    Who Dat!!

    24-16 Saints

  32. Finally something logical out of his mouth. I’m surprised he did not pile on. Had he not knows this Tim fella I bet he would of piled on and made it more then it was.

  33. He called Lamar Jackson’s arm brown. Seriously, this is where we are at in society. People’s jobs on the line for a logical comment but others in power can say what ever they want and nobody bats an eye.

  34. There’s a difference between racial and racist. Unfortunately in today’s hypersensitive world people look for offense. The sad thing is this prevents actual dialogue because everyone is so afraid to offend.

  35. Wait, it’s not offensive because the point is valid?

    Not because saying, “his hand is brown” is neither offensive nor racist.

  36. ilovemyravens says:
    December 5, 2019 at 4:37 pm

    Should be fired. End of story…

    I love my Ravens, too. And, he should not be fired for stating his opinion. Everyone who has watched the Ravens have commented on how hard it is to detect where the ball is and who is running with it. I just never thought about the colors until Ryan brought it up. Possibly it is part of the equation that Lamar and the Ravens are using to their advantage. I’m happy Lamar are the Ravens are being so successful!

  37. Shouldn’t be suspended but he did sound like a dope when he said it.

    If I said white pitchers have an advantage because the ball is white I might not be racist but I just sound like an idiot.

  38. Ryan should not have been suspended, he used a poor choice of words, that’s it. He also said that Jackson skintone was part of the reason for his skill, that is just BS. Put dark gloves and sleeves on any of the quarterback in the NFL, and see if he is anywhere near as good as Jackson, it won’t be the case.

  39. I fail to see anything incorrect about the comment. It seems–as Sherman agreed–an astute observation, unless…Would it help if white QBs wore dark gloves? don’t they? And how much of a help would dark gloves be versus the Ravens’ dark uniforms?

  40. Wow. A measured, reasonable response from Sherman. That’s refreshing. Oh, and Ryan never said that Jackson is successful *because* of his dark complexion. Nothing Ryan said detracts from Jackson’s greatness or attributes his greatness to anything other than ability, work ethic, brains, etc. That manufactured narrative needs to stop.

  41. Glad there’s at least a few people out there that understand Ryan never stated racist or slandering comments about Jackson’s ability due to his skin color. All of this was created by the media & unknowing fans. All he was trying to state is that seeing a hand off vs fake is extremely difficult to decipher when you factor in the weather; plus the ball, jersey & skin are similar. Not sure how he could’ve stated this point, while articulating it differently to avoid offending anybody.

  42. The truth is “everybody else” is not outraged. The overwhelming, majority of people hate this type of hyper-sensitive whining.

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