Ryan Tannehill: A “disservice” to focus on anything but this week

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The Titans season can be broken down neatly into two parts.

In the part before Ryan Tannehill was their starting quarterback, they were 2-4 and heading nowhere fast. In the part where Tannehill is their quarterback, they are 5-1 and trying to find a way into the postseason.

Tannehill’s play over those six games have led to discussions about potential starting jobs in 2020 after he took a one-year deal in Tennessee after a rough end to his time with the Dolphins. Tannehill’s not interested in engaging in conversations about anything other than the Raiders, however.

“For me, it’s a head-down process of taking advantage of the week,” Tannehill said, via the team’s website. “I’ve seen how this thing goes, the waves, the ins and outs of the season. So if you start taking a step back at this point, then you’re doing a disservice to your teammates and to yourself of opportunities you could take advantage of this week. So, really just trying to lock in on the Oakland Raiders and do everything I can to prepare for them.”

It’s a win-win if Tannehill continues to play at this level for the final four weeks. The Titans get a real chance to make the playoffs and Tannehill gets a platform to use for a deal that seemed highly unlikely when he left Miami after last season.

8 responses to “Ryan Tannehill: A “disservice” to focus on anything but this week

  1. Tannehill has been pretty good in his own right, but his real value is opening things up for Derrick Henry.

    6 games with Mariota
    113 carries 416 yds 3.68 ypc 4 tds (over 16 games thats 301 carries 1109 yds 3.68 ypc 11tds)

    6 games with Tannehill
    119 carries 724 yds 6.08 ypc 7 tds (over 16 games thats 317 carries 1931 yds 6.08 ypc 19tds)

    those are insane numbers. having a respectable passing game has unleashed DH.

  2. Mortimer you must be pretty pathetic: constantly ragging on a QB that is way better than you think. RT has always played with mediocre everything yet is scrutinized like he’s surrounded by hall of famers… MM has never been that good – not bad just not very good : RT 5-1 – I hope it continues

  3. MortimerinMiami, way to take a cheap shot (like Calais Campbell) at RT17.

    Tannehill had a great 2016 season and was having the game of his life week 14 against Arizona when Campbell fell into his legs.

    Tannehill lead them to the playoffs and he still gets zero respect.

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