Washington signed receiver from Colin Kaepernick workout

Getty Images

The Colin Kaepernick workout worked. Sort of.

The quarterback at the center of three years of controversy hasn’t found employment, but one of his receivers from his recent Georgia workout has.

Via Sam Fortier of the Washington Post, wide receiver Jordan Veasy (who caught the viral deep ball during the workout) was signed to the Washington practice squad based on the workout.

It helped,” Veasy said. “That’s one of the reasons I wanted to be a part of it. Just being a part of the history of it, and I knew it was going to help me.”

Washington was one of seven teams to attend the hastily arranged workout (Veasy’s the one standing on the far right in the photo), and saw Veasy reel in the deep ball down the left sideline which got a lot of people’s attention.

Veasy knew Kaepernick from a class they took together at Berkley (Veasy played at Cal, Kaepernick was auditing the class), so he reached out to be involved.

The Browns (who weren’t at the workout) flew him in for a tryout nine days later, but didn’t sign him. Washington had a spot and brought him in. Veasy had previously spent time with the Titans, Jaguars, Colts, and Bills in camp or on practice squads.