Jerry Jones will not make coaching change this week

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was mad after Thursday’s 31-24 loss to the Bears.

But not mad enough to make a coaching change.

Jones told reporters the Cowboys just have to play better.

“We’ll line them up here next week,” Jones said. “We’re going to go practice, and we’re going to try to win a football game. Everybody that’s in here that’s healthy will be playing, and everybody who is in here coaching will be coaching. We’ve just got to play better.”

The Cowboys lost their third consecutive game and have dropped seven of 10 since opening with a 3-0 record. They are 6-7 but remain atop the middling NFC East.

But the Cowboys don’t look anything like a playoff team much less a team that could go on a postseason run to fulfill Jones’ fairytale dream. The owner seemed to realize that watching Thursday’s game.

“They took it to us,” Jones said. “We’ve just got to see if we can step in here and win a game. I don’t care if we stay in contention all the way down until they have the playoffs, we’ve got to start showing our fans, more importantly, show ourselves we can do the things to win games.”

Jones criticized the coaching staff after the team’s loss to the Patriots in Week 12. He was asked Thursday if that criticism has contributed to the Cowboys’ lackluster play.

He didn’t appreciate the question.

“The same way that my praise of them is contributing,” Jones said. “You may have noticed that I’ve been praising them, too. So much for words. Seriously. So much for words.”

Dak Prescott said earlier this week it was put up or shut up time. It seems it’s shut-up time in Dallas.

68 responses to “Jerry Jones will not make coaching change this week

  1. Seriously. So much for words.”


    That’s all you got Jerry, maybe it’s time to stop running your mouth.

  2. David Tepper let Rivera go early so he could beat Jerrah to Lincoln Riley with a boatload of money. Jones ends up with Urban Meyer who recommends franchising Dak so he can evaluate him for a year. My sources (the voices in my head) are reporting all of this as fact.

  3. Jerry Jones….Al Davis 2.0

    They won long time ago and pushed aside what got them there to bask in the Gloryhole.
    Never realizing it was other peoples work, not exclusivly their own, that got them there…smh

  4. Maybe Jerry should coach them himself since he built the collection of players.

    I saw Dak make a sweet bomb to Cooper in the endzone then miss throws and receivers drop balls. I saw Zeke run hard and score touchdowns. And also saw the defense get picked apart, commit pass interference, and miss too many tackles. While Garrett’s time as head coach should be up, the Dallas players are responsible for that loss.

    Jerry will be talking Super Bowl again by the beginning of next week. Maybe he is the problem…

  5. Yeah, “so much for words”. When his lips are moving, he is usually lying. Words mean nothing to him. The players should threaten to go on strike if a move is not made immediately. What do they see in Garrett other than a coach that flops when November arrives?

  6. Dear Jerry, your ownership group stinks, your GM in particular is horrendous, and your coaching staff (as a whole) is dreadful.

    Dak Prescott once again manages enough garbage time numbers to make himself look good. In fact better than good which isn’t good for your football team. He used to be elusive and patient. He’s now neither, but rather the opposite of both, a slow statue and scared to death. He’s become Eli Manning without the pedigree. Even with the pedigree Eli Manning will finish his career under .500 as a starting NFL QB. This seems to be the ONLY thing you’ve gotten right in not tendering him a huge offer.

    Your O line is not good, and your D line is worse. Sean Lee should’ve retired 2 years ago.

    Amari Cooper is either injured or has lost complete interest in playing. He ran sever routes during this game where he completely gave up. Even though Buck and Aikman did their very best to try to show that Dak should’ve gone to him due to single coverage. They single covered him due to the fact he couldn’t get open and it made more sense to double Gallup.

    Jason Whitten… can be as mad as you want, but the problem at TE for the cowboys is that they brought you back. You are slow, you can be covered with a defensive lineman, and if you were being honest with yourself you thought you were coming back to a super bowl caliber team only to find out they are worse than your very short lived broadcasting career.

    Troy Aikman, you were a good QB on a great team. You WERE a very good broadcaster. I’m not sure when you became such a homer. I’m thinking the cowboys snowed you too, and it was easy to be hard on them because you knew they were bad for a few years. Now you expected them to be good and you could hitch your wagon behind them only to find out they sucked you in too. Please go back to just calling it like you see it, you were better off and better at your job.

    Refs, I don’t know how you make so many phantom calls and yet miss some very easy to call face masks. This game should’ve been a lot worse.

    Cowboy fans, enjoy your #1 offense. They’re clearly scaring the death out of other teams.

  7. Actually impressed that Jerruh is not acting out and firing The Clapper. Still, guessing that they have an agreement in principle with their next head coach…

  8. Maybe if the defence could run one play without a missed tackle we might win a game I’ve seen better tackling in my 6 year olds flag football league

  9. I’ve heard the Cowboys have a real interest in Urban Meyer. At least Stephen Jones has interest and met with him recently. I think Jerry is worried that Urban will be just like Jimmy Johnson and try to keep him out of the football operations. Jerry does not like a strong head coach that will come in and run the show completely. Jerry can control Jason and that is the main reason that Garrett has lasted so long.

    We will see if Stephen Jones can convince Jerry that they need Urban Meyer to get the team another championship. Jerry does realize that he isn’t getting any younger and he does want another Lombardi before he dies.

  10. Replacing Jason Garrett at this time gives them zero percent chance of winning the Super Bowl. LOL

  11. Sadly, Troy Aikman REPEATEDLY made a point that Jason Garrett doesn’t get. He said the Cowboys show their defense every time and never change it up, which dramatically aids a young QB like Trubisky who no longer needs to go through reads or progressions. He sees it when he lines up, and runs his play. Cowboys lose. What the hell, Dallas?

  12. What an annoying owner. The best thing he could do for his team is to just disappear during the season.

  13. When empty seats at Jerry World start showing up, he’ll make a change. He’ll be losing money then.

  14. On Jerry, why don’t you just man up and realize your team isn’t as good as you think they are and adisappointing. Keep writing those big checks to these mediocre players like Elliott that likes to show off his belly and blow water out his mouth, or Dak that wants to show you his quarterback prowlness. Several things are not going to happen. You won’t win the Super Bowl this season, you so won’t even win the NFC, and you won’t become the most interesting man in the world. Any message your trying to convey from the top down, doesn’t seem to landing on the right people. Maybe next year….maybe !

  15. Same thing that happened last year will happen this year. Jones decided not to fire Garrett before the season ended, and by that time all the good coaching choices were gone. Fire this guy NOW and give the team a better choice. Only reason a lot of cowboy fans don’t bail it’s because we love football more than the cowboys. Jones should keep Garrett in front office if he loves him like a son, and get on with it. Enough of this. Have to mention players to, I mean where the he’ll is Lawrence, he ain’t doing s***t. got payed and got complacent Albert haynsworth 2.0

  16. Cowboys will have either Mike Zimmer or Urban Meyer as their Head Coach next season.

    Forget about Lincoln Riley, he has no idea what defense even means…….. & I’m a Sooners fan.

  17. How this all starts.. “experts” blinded by publicity declare Dallas to have the greatest talent ever assembled and analysts who are former Dallas players and the play by play guy pick up on it coupled with weekly national broadcasts mistake exposure for excellence and create the myth.

  18. Jerry is comfortable sucking, he has dollar wise the most valuable losing franchise in the country. Putting out a crappy product and getting paid.

  19. Poor Cowboys fans…..your team sucks and your owner is clueless. The Cowboys will never succeed until Jerry stops pretending he’s an NFL GM. Your owner is holding your team back much like my GM and coach are.

  20. Jerry is never firing Jason Clap Clap Smile Garrett. He has his yes man puppet why would he want someone else who might actually get tired of the owners meddling. You know like a Bill Parcells or a Jimmy Johnson? The coaches like that who win are the ones who want the owners to simply sign the checks and stay outta the way. Like Bill Belichick in New England he would never go to Dallas even if he got tired of New England. Why? Because Jerry wants to run everything from the draft to whos sweeping the parking lot, and we’ve seen how thats worked out. Oh well Dallas fans just wait till next year… yea wait till next year… been waiting since 1997 but but next year will be better..u just wait

  21. To put the Cowboys organization into words Jerry can understand, the Cowboys are the definition of: “All Hat, No Cattle”

  22. Talent acquisition is an organizational effort involving scouting, evaluation, self-evaluation and good decision making. When the Owner is the General Manager that process is forever inhibited by the owner’s over-inflated view of himself, his decision making and his team’s talent. Quite frankly the Cowboys suck, their talent is average and to make matter much worse the owner believes coaching is the only problem. Unless of course he really is just having fun with his favorite toy and making money doing it at the fans expense.

  23. He knows what he has isn’t the answer. He also knows if he were to jettison the puppet right now he doesn’t have anyone to take his place. This is all his own fault. Hiring guys that are strictly yes men will get you no where…. 10 more wasted years. Someone want to tell me again what qualified him to go into the HOF? I’m still confused about that. I’ll tell you how…..he bought his way in. He loves it when people tell him how great he is.. he’s a juvenile that needs attention. He’s got some issues for sure. BUT anyone with any football knowledge knew 10 years ago that this “HC” wasn’t the answer.. 10 years later it’s come full circle and the proof is there. 10 years 4 winning seasons…. How could anyone justify that? Simple Cowboys fans keep blindly just believing that every year is their year……wake up and demand more else you’re just wasting your own time.

  24. The NFC East is the minor league of the NFL. The once powerful and admired team that Jimmy Johnson built, Jerrah turned that into a AAA squad.

    And somehow Jerrah is in Canton and Jimmy isn’t.

  25. Let’s be honest here, Zeke and Dak just are not that good. They lived off of hype for so many years. Anyone could rush for a hundo behind that strong OL in its heyday.
    The saving grace for them is the division is really really bad.
    It’s really sad when a team can potentially win 11 games and be a wild card and have to travel to a team that could possibly be under 500

  26. As long as Jerry keeps getting national exposure and prime TV slots, I doubt if he really cares about mediocrity. And this will be the 24th straight season with no ring for you, Jerry

  27. Jerry should fire the GM, hire someone capable and let them run the team he owns. He should just be an owner…..removing himself from the football side would be the best move he could make.

  28. xenova1 says:
    December 6, 2019 at 2:21 am
    Yeah, “so much for words”. When his lips are moving, he is usually lying. Words mean nothing to him. ———–

    Just curious. Not a Jerry fan really, but can you point out some lies he’s told. There should be many with that kind of statement. Or are you just having an emotional rant based on nothing?

  29. factschecker says:
    December 6, 2019 at 8:32 am
    The NFC East is the minor league of the NFL. The once powerful and admired team that Jimmy Johnson built, Jerrah turned that into a AAA squad.

    And somehow Jerrah is in Canton and Jimmy isn’t.
    Jimmy not close to a hall of famer. Yes, he won back to back Super Bowls, but is 16 games over .500 for his career.

  30. Why not? He already destroyed any team chemistry there was by throwing Garrett under the bus
    two weeks ago. So why not do what everyone else knows is coming? The drama around this team is Jones and it won’t change until he’s gone.

  31. WHO CARES?? Why do the Cowboys continue to get so much coverage? They haven’t been “America’s Team” in decades. Last week, after the Bills soundly beat them, 90% of the coverage the following day was all about Dallas, not Buffalo – ridiculous. Again – who cares?

  32. “Jerry Jones will not make coaching change this week”

    My magic eight ball says it is because his team is still in first place in the division. And the day his team is no longer in first place in the division is the day Garrett gets fired. Or it happens after the Cowboys lose their first playoff game. If they win one playoff game he keeps Garrett for another year.

  33. Jerry jones is an incredible leader who made a billion dollars. The haters dont work as hard as him and therefore live a menial existence and have nothing left to do but hate.

  34. Perhaps the next Yes man in Dallas will be Freddie Kitchens, Jay Gruden or Jim Caldwell. My money is on Caldwell.

  35. Jerry Jones needs to just give Jason Garrett a VP title and a do nothing job there at the Star in Frisco and then go hire a competent head coach.

  36. There is one constant with the Cowboys since Jerry bought the team that is failure at the ownership and GM levels. The GM provides the owner with the best options for coaching the team that fit the owners needs, then the GM provides the coach with talent; there is clearly something amiss with those three tasks with making an above average winning football team. This is going on 24 years of failure since Jimmy Johnson. To fix the problem a third party evaluation is needed to tell the owner the team is failing because of the ineptness with the GM.

  37. Ahem.
    Mr. Prescot, let me suggest you take your own edict more personally.
    Your performance last night was pedestrian, to be polite.

    Might I also suggest you consider the merits of the Redskins winning the division?
    Yes, I’m sure you see them clearly.

    Good day.

  38. Lincoln Riley may go for JJ having full control, but no way would Urban Myers go for it. Urban won’t coach the Cowpies.

  39. When a team is a lot better “on paper” than in real life, it points directly to coaching (or management, but Jerry isn’t about to fire himself).

    On paper, Dallas is a good to great team – team really doesn’t have a glaring weakness, ON PAPER.

    Problem with a coaching change in Dallas is finding a coach that is capable of working with Jerry – maybe find someone already bald so they can’t rip any hair out? JG wouldn’t be the head coach anywhere else likely, he’s just not talented enough – he’s the head coach of Dallas because he has ties and he will put up with Jerry.

    Dallas goes nowhere until Jerry and his ilk LEARN to step away – sign the checks and trust the coaches to do their jobs – not likely in his lifetime.

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