Playoffs or not in 2019, the Bears have removed the dark cloud over 2020

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Not long ago, the Bears had no hope for 2019. And the status of the roster, coupled with limited options for addressing key positions like quarterback, was beginning to undermine any reasonable hope for 2020.

That didn’t stop Bears fans from musing about any and every potentially available replacement to Mitch Trubisky for next year, from Cam Newton to Philip Rivers to Tom Brady to Drew Brees. (They weren’t sufficiently desperate to pine for Eli Manning.)

Now, with three straight wins and two great performances from Trubisky, the Bears have not only an outside shot at making it to the playoffs at 7-6 but also a reason to feel a lot better about next year.

The Bears most likely will exercise Trubisky’s fifth-year option before May 3, giving him $26 million or more for 2021, guaranteed for injury. And then the question will become when and if the Trubisky contract becomes a long-term deal.

The timing and amoung of Trubisky’s contract will depend on whether he continues to play well. The mere fact that he even has a chance to earn that contract is amazing, given that not too long ago Bears fans were thinking about when and how to most quickly finagle a divorce.

For more, check out the attached video, which includes comments from Big Cat, who knows a thing or two about the Bears.

33 responses to “Playoffs or not in 2019, the Bears have removed the dark cloud over 2020

  1. One read QB’s won’t get you anywhere in the playoffs where the competition is much stronger with better defenses.

  2. is not like they have actually beaten even an average team. Maybe wait a few weeks then decide before anointing Mitchel.

  3. I think signing a veteran QB to back up this young fellow makes good sense. Getting an old starter makes no sense to me.

  4. As a Packer fan, would love for the Bears to sign Trubisky to a big long term deal. Taking up 25-30 million in salary cap a year to have him on the Bears would be excellent.

  5. Bears were mired with very poor offensive line play for the first half of the season. Coupled with a huge problem with dropped balls by the receivers and penalty issues doomed Trubisky. The turn around in Trubisky’s play really happened when the rest of the offense decided to start playing

  6. This is the best case scenario. The Bears do just well enough to keep up the hope. Trubustky flashes for a couple of games and that is enough to keep him around! The rest of the NFC North begs you to sign Mitch to a big extension!

  7. I truly hope the Bears can find that black cloud for one more game … Against the Pack.

    The way things go in this immense rivalry though, they’ll find the cloud for the Vikings and look like Super Bowl contenders against the Packers.

    I don’t much like the Bears although I respect that organization. Find the darn cloud guys…find it and make it part of your very being.

  8. The Bears-Packers game coming up December 15 may be the most meaningful for both teams in a long long time.

    Both Curley Lambeau and George Halas will be watching intently from the cheap seats, at the edge of football heaven, high above Lambeau Field..

  9. Looks like the Packers and Vikings fans are having some fun so let me throw in some facts to help with all that fun. Trubisky under Nagy has a starting record of 18 – 8 and is 8 -2 in the division.

  10. No…not an older backup ! Draft a QB in the 3rd round of the draft to back him up and get to know the system, meanwhile get Holtz and Cordelle on the field more often

  11. Wow! A string of three wins from arguably three of the worst teams this season and they are making already casting the Crystal Biksky Beer Stein collection in Chicago. I like Nagy’s coaching style but lets not get too carried away with the QB position just yet.

  12. QB injuries aren’t that common.
    I’d pick up Mitch’s option, but cut him after 2020 if he hasn’t greatly improved.
    I’m not paying him $26 or anywhere near that unless he proves he’s worth it.

  13. “let me throw in some facts to help with all that fun”

    The only fact that is relevant right now is that the Bears are 3rd in the division.

  14. bobthebillsfan says:
    December 6, 2019 at 2:03 pm
    I saw the prequel to this movie – it was called Blake Bortles.


    The sequel you are referring to is called Josh Allen

  15. Three wins in a row in the NFL IS a big deal and who the three wins are against is inconsequential.

    Rule #1 in the NFL is the fact that the other guys get paid too. I don’t like the notion that they’re finding their groove in time to come to Lambeau.

  16. As a huge Bears critic and skeptic, I did acknowledge that Trubisky, Nagy and the Bears had a great game last night, and they looked like they beat a team that has given up. Add in that they have beaten the Lions and Giants, these are not huge wins. They have three tough games remaining. If they revert back they will end the year as predicted 7-9. and nothing has change. Let them play out before anyone claims victory and even if they do win out, they still will likely not make the playoffs. If that is what happens the this year was a failing. Good game last night and the issue is not healed.

  17. Good for Trubisky, I’m not sure if he’s gonna be anything special, but I feel for the guy who had a few people predicting a possible MVP season, then pouncing on him to be cut or demoted 3 months later. Almost every young QB has a slump year, kid needs time to grow.

  18. Nagy’s dogged refusal to play starters in the preseason backfired big-time. The lack of sharpness by the offense in particular and Trubisky in particular, right out of the gate, cost them critical wins earlier in the season that would have given them an entirely different prognosis for the playoffs now. What’s most ironic is that the ostensible reason — to keep his starters healthy — hasn’t materialized either with the Bears reverting to their usual injury-riddled form after the healthiest season they’ve enjoyed in years during 2018.

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