Sean McVay has fun with his “me not being an idiot” remark

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On Wednesday, Rams coach Sean McVay attributed the increase in running back Todd Gurley‘s workload not to a decision by the coach to manage Gurley’s workload but to “me not being an idiot.” On Thursday, McVay was asked about the reaction to his decision to call himself an idiot.

He said he heard from some of his friends, and not from any other coaches.

“I think you try to learn from it, but if you saw it, I was saying . . . I don’t really think I’m an idiot most of the time,” McVay told reporters. “Do you think I’m an idiot?”

Said a reporter in response: “In the Steelers game, maybe.”

McVay got a laugh out of the comment, but the truth continues to be not that McVay is an idiot but that the Rams have been careful with Gurley because of his knee. However, McVay won’t say that, in large part because Gurley gets upset when anyone talks about his knee.

So reporters don’t ask, McVay doesn’t tell, and the reality is that, with the Rams’ playoff hopes evaporating, they need to forget about Gurley’s knee and lean on him. That’s why Gurley has gotten more work lately — even if McVay will never attribute past management of Gurley’s workload to his knee.

2 responses to “Sean McVay has fun with his “me not being an idiot” remark

  1. Said a reporter in response: “In the Steelers game, maybe.”—when McVay took Gurley out for the critical 4th quarter.
    Then leaves Gurley in pounding the rock in the 4th quarter against AZ when the Rams are up 34-0.

    This nonsense has gone on since the NFCCG in NO.

    In truth, McVay´s use of Gurley has been consistently idiotic, and Rams fans are downright baffled by it.
    Would be awesome seeing McVay “not being an idiot” when it comes to Gurley.
    Still waiting.

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