Giants should let Eli Manning finish the season

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Some think that the Giants are using quarterback Daniel Jones‘ ankle injury as cover for an Eli Manning farewell tour. If the Giants aren’t doing that, they should be.

The Giants have two remaining December home games, next Sunday against the Dolphins and Week 17 against the Eagles. Based on the attendance at last Sunday’s home game against the Packers, Giants fans aren’t showing up to watch a team that has now lost eight games in a row and counting.

With that streak expected to run to nine on Monday night in Philadelphia, it’s all the more reason to give Giants fans a couple of chances to properly say goodbye to a two-time Super Bowl winner — since that’s far more likely to get them to show up.

Remember, it’s not enough for the tickets to be sold. The team still needs the people with tickets to choose to attend, so that they’ll buy stuff. Expensive stuff, in most stadiums. The food/beverage/merchandise sales becomes a significant part of the profit margin, and thus the profits take a hit when people choose to stay home.

Rookie Daniel Jones already is out of a walking boot, but if he truly has a high ankle sprain, it will require several weeks to heal. There’s no reason to rush Jones back; sure, they still have a wafer thin shot at winning one of the worst divisions the league has ever seen, but their Powerball possibilities hinge on beating the Eagles. If they do, it will become a notch on Eli’s belt, further justifying a decision to keep him on the field.

While on one hand Jones would benefit from the extra game reps to cap his first NFL season, the organization benefits from playing Eli for a few games to end the season. With big changes, from new coach to new G.M. to both, quite possibly coming soon, make the last few weeks a celebration of a pair of championships that Eli delivered, especially since there’s it could be awhile until the Giants get a fifth Lombardi Trophy.

25 responses to “Giants should let Eli Manning finish the season

  1. The Giants drafted poorly for years.
    They fired their GM and head coach and brought in bad replacements.
    The rebuild starts in 2020 and will take several years, unless they get super Lucky in the draft, which is unlikely.

  2. Eli won’t be back with the Giants.
    Big question is what will he be doing next season?
    I’m guessing retirement.

  3. If it is a legitimate injury for Jones then I agree, do not play Jones again this season.

    But these reps are important for a young player, even if it is in meaningless games against what might be bad teams. That is more important than a sentimental sendoff for Manning, when he got at least 2 years of starting QB seasons more than he should have.

  4. Eli should have been cut when the knew he wasn’t starting his sideline presence is not needed. Move on.

  5. I don’t believe in playing someone for sentimental reasons. That’s part of the reason that the Giants are in the position they are in now. They already let Eli play 2 or 3 seasons too long. If Jones is healthy enough to play he should play.

  6. Eli is a better QB than Jones. This was a horrible decision that the Giants did benching him.
    I hope Eli comes out and hangs a 50 burger vs Philly

  7. Yeah let him finish the season. I’m sure Giants fans have missed seeing the wobbly ducks he throws. I’d sign a QB off the street and plug him in before I’d play Eli again.

  8. Let Eli play it out. There zero chance he plays anywhere next year. Eli, Rivers and Ben came into the league together and hit their expiration date together. Turn the page on a great QB class.

  9. RIDICULOUS. The NFL is not a charity. Daniel Jones is possibly the future of the franchise, and you do everything to get him better by playing him if healthy.

    Manning already got all the accolades when he won the SBs and doesn’t need this sentimental junk of a “farewell tour.”

  10. First you said he should have been cut but now you want him to finish the season being the starter. I’m confused

  11. I know Chase Young is going at #2.

    I know most fans don’t dig that deep but die hard fans do. To root against your own team for one player is ODD and I won’t. I get the forest from the trees but still…

    Put Eli in there and if you root against what he’s meant, then go root for Jets. Or if winning is the end all , turn on channel 3 out of Hartford and root for the Patriots.

    Yes, sports are strange in that we continually support losing teams. But every Giant generation has had a winner. This guy had a hand in 2 of those. Root against him makes YOU a loser.

    PS: I was at the Minnesota game when Sydney Rice streaked right at me. Eli’s worse day as a pro. So many naysayers from that day on. They won that year.

  12. I love Eli and he’s remained a class act to the end. But the $23 million he got paid this season to be the backup QB coach seems more than fair. Don’t win one or two now in garbage time of a lost season and screw up the chance to draft Chase Young.

  13. Not sure that playing Eli will put any more asses in the seats than that ones that will already show up. Yes the greedy owners want every penny they can wring out of it since the billions they have already don’t seem to be enough, that would be the only reason to play him.

  14. I think it would benefit Jones to sit out and take all the mental reps. Heck look at Patrick Mahomes. He sat out his entire rookie season, but he went through all the mental reps and he had a veteran QB (Alex Smith) to watch. Now that Jones has been on the field, the mental reps will mean even more. If it also allows Eli a little farewell tour, that’s icing on the cake. But the Giants’ front office will do what’s best for the team moving forward.

  15. Has everyone forgotten what it was like under Eli? They were winning — or should I say losing — at the same rate. I don’t think the two are distinguishable as far as impact on bottom line. So you choose Jones because (1) you expect Jones to improve as he matures and (2) Eli is expected to age out of the league soon anyway.

    I don’t expect the Giants to date well against the Eagles but even if they do, how much can you take away from that knowing the Eagles are a hot mess right now. If I were the Giants, the Eagles are the team I want to see right now. Then again, if I were the Eagles, the Giants are the team I’d want to see right now.

  16. harrisonhits2 says:

    Not sure that playing Eli will put any more asses in the seats than that ones that will already show up.

    Giants games usually have good attendance.
    Jets games, on the other hand…

  17. Eli for sure should start the rest of the season. The biggest issue is management shouldn’t allow Shurmur to graze the Giant sideline anymore. Sack him tonight before the game tomorrow,

  18. I hope Eli`s time on the bench has given him time to reflect. I hope he comes out with I am going to enjoy this time mentality and throw the ball more. Watching him be part of losing games with no TD passes and way underperforming was maddening. OBJ is gone. Lose the excuses. Try and do something for the fans.

  19. Good idea, No use in Jones getting further beat up. I like Jones, much better than I thought he’d be. If the Giants had kept Beckham, they probably would have had a good shot at the division title. 7-9 or 8-8 is likely to win it…….

  20. Eli was born for and excelled with, the Run and Shoot. You play chess but you need your WR’s to be smart in their choice(s).

    If you don’t know what the Run and Shoot entails, then move on. It’s why you saw Eli always pointing in a direction when a pass looked 200 yards off target. Toomer excelled in it. Manningham, not so much. Burress, he was always open.

    The WC offense was too little too late and certainly not good for his skill set.

    Thanks for the 2 SB’s. I don’t care if he plays another down. He did his job until they said he couldn’t do it anymore. That’s how it works in all jobs. Unless one walks away first.

    PS: If Stupid hadn’t shot himself, the 08 team was the best in my lifetime. 11-1. Gone.

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