Jaylon Smith says no harm intended by celebrating over injured opponent

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Cowboys linebacker Jaylon Smith landed on the leg of Bears wide receiver Javon Wims while breaking up a pass on Thursday night, resulting in a knee injury that knocked Wims out of the game. After the play, Smith got up and celebrated with Wims on the ground nearby.

But after the game, when Smith saw people criticizing him on social media for celebrating over an injured opponent, he wrote that he hadn’t realized Wims was hurt.

“To clear the air, I was unaware my opponent was down with an injury following a play in tonight’s game,” Smith wrote. “I understand how it feels to be down with an injury and would never wish that upon anyone. I celebrated after making a big play. Sending a speedy recovery his way.”

Smith suffered a serious knee injury in the final game of his college career, a knee injury that likely cost him tens of millions of dollars when he went from a potential Top 5 draft pick to the second round. On Friday, Smith said he fully understands that a knee injury is nothing to celebrate.

“I’m not that type of player,” Smith said, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News. “I didn’t know my guy was hurt. I know how it feels, and I’m praying for him. Absolutely. . . . I ain’t that type of guy.”

Although Wims’ injury looked bad and resulted in him missing the rest of the game, it reportedly isn’t serious enough to end his season.

23 responses to “Jaylon Smith says no harm intended by celebrating over injured opponent

  1. What a load of BS. It was obvious he saw he was down when it happened. And the picture you guys included clearly shows Wims within sight as well. This dude is a clown.

  2. Ok STOP. Let me stop laughing. The NFL allows the entire team to run into the end zone after just about every play and do the dumbest looking stuff I’ve ever seen. It’s embarrassing, but I understand they’re just kids. So the league has allowed it, and I’m sure the NFLPA fought hard for it. I’d say this is an issue for the NFLPA to deal with. I guess this is the stuff we all wanted to see. Enjoy it!

  3. In real time, he was looking down at the guy he injured while celebrating. He then points to the guy on the ground once training staff were already helping him. Specious at best.

  4. Stop the celebrations all together, they have gotten out of hand. roll back to the old days when players played with pride and class.

  5. The NFL allows these celebrations as a way of placating the players.
    The league is like, “Oh, we’ll let you act silly sometimes, but we’re just throwing you a bone to distract you from bigger things.”

  6. Everytime this kind of stuff comes up, I miss Barry Sanders and the classy way he behaved his entire career. I agree with the comments above, the childish celebrations and group gropes are embarrassing as well as stupid.

  7. People are assuming he saw him peripherally. After a big play, you get locked onto something. In this case, it was his teammate. If you’ve ever made a pic or whatever (even a slider on the corner) you’re mind locks up as it’s almost out of body and time stops. Then you get back into reality. Every athlete has experienced this.

    If you drill someone and get up or stay up in the same spot, yes, that would be unacceptable. That wasn’t the case.

    He lost millions and endured a grueling recovery. He’d have to be one serious tool to celebrate on purpose.

    NOTHING he has ever said or done as proven him to be anything but a stand up guy.

    A Giants fan

  8. Maybe just tone down the in-game celebrations in general, they scored a TD on YOU on the very next play and blew your team out. Not a good look.

  9. During Monday Night Countdown, a player was talking about the NSynch dance celebration, noted that the next opponent also prioritized elaborate celebrations, and said something to the effect that ‘Now we have to compete with them on the field and also in our celebrations.’ Something is definitely out of whack here. The focus should be on football, not end zone group photos, multiplayer dancing, etc. The egos and meism of these celebrations make me sick.

  10. Jaylon Smith knew he was injured. He looked right at him and saw he wasnt immediately getting up and clutching his leg yet continued celebrating

  11. This is the NFL players of today they respect no one and are so full of themselves they feel the world revolves around them.

  12. He was clearly looking right at him and even making a mockery of himself doing it. As the trainers were next to him. These players nowadays celebrate an average tackle these days. Even when they’re losing by several TDs..SMH

  13. Yeah it’s embarrassing when did celebrations get out of control like this? And I’m not being that buzzkill everything’s serious type of guy taking to the fun out of everything but like c’mon there friggin choreographing this stuff during the week. Having the entire offense run 50 yards to the end zone to celebrate? I forget who it was but a couple weeks ago this guy got a td and his one team mate was trying to give him a high fives and jump around hugging and stuff and the dude was trying to get around him literally pushing him trying to get around, completely ignoring him so he could get to the closest camera on him and do some dance. I’m a millennial but I’m everything but a millennial

  14. Jaylon Smith is a media seeking missile. All he thinks about is himself.
    He played about 7 – 8 games well last year. I give him credit for coming back
    from an ACL injury, however, many players have come back form injuries,
    yes’m his was serious , he was given the 2 years to come back, now we have to
    judge him s he is.
    Smith is physical in the box area, he is so -so in space and not especially good
    in pass coverage, His recognition skills are average. You don’t see him moving like
    Sean Lee did in his prime.
    Smith is good at a few skills, he celebrates a tackle better than most. Watching him
    celebrate a 5 yard stop is exciting, He is also clearly good at marketing himself,
    he played 7-8;good games in his third year and suddenly he is a captain?
    Captains don’t celebrate tackles in the 4th quarter when the team is behind and
    a teammate is hurt. The running to end zone for the infrequent turnover is
    also nauseating. Please Jaylon …at least wait until the turnover is confirmed
    It was embarrassing last year when you celebrated a fumble recovery like no
    other, running all to the end zone for a picture, only to have the call reversed.,
    Watch Smith after games, even when the Cowboys lose, he is running around
    warmly greeting the opposition. Perhaps he is running a campaign for Pro-bowl ?
    If he makes the pro bowl ….we should call the FBI ..clearly there has to be some
    type of foreign interference in the pro bowl voting.

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