Odell Beckham’s talent “wasted” in “dysfunctional” Browns’ offense

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The marriage between the Cleveland Browns and receiver Odell Beckham Jr. isn’t going well.

The latest proof of that fact comes from Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com, who opens a new article with this bombshell: “Odell Beckham Jr.’s exceptional talent has been wasted this season in what multiple sources describe as a dysfunctional Browns offense.”

That’s a strong statement, one that immediately invites speculation as to the identity of the unnamed sources — and that starts the clock on Beckham’s next interview with Lil’ Wayne inexplicably sitting next to him.

There’s more, from Cabot: “Beckham is floundering on an offense multiple sources consider poorly designed and poorly run. The sources believe it won’t succeed in the future unless changes are made in terms of coaching, scheme or playcalling.”

Without speculating on the identity of the unnamed sources, consider this: Cabot explains that receiver Jarvis Landry and quarterbacks coach Ryan Lindley argued on the sideline during last Sunday’s loss to the Steelers, and that linebacker Christian Kirksey had to keep Landry away from Lindley.

Landry, meanwhile, has been avoiding the media over the past two weeks, not speaking during the practice week and skipping out of post-game media obligations last Sunday, along with Beckham — according to Cabot.

It’s unclear where it all goes from here. Beckham’s vague comments from Thursday made it clear that the future is anything but, and his willingness to stay with the Browns may hinge on whether the Browns hire a new head coach after a season of failed expectations ends.

82 responses to “Odell Beckham’s talent “wasted” in “dysfunctional” Browns’ offense

  1. Trade him to the Vikes. Imagine an offense with Thielen, Diggs, OB, Cook, and Rudolph as targets? That’s scary good.

  2. OBJ and Laundry are coach-killers. They are solely-focused on their shoes, their watches, their face shields, their socks, their tattoos, their bling, and their Stats. They couldn’t care less about the W-L record.

  3. Fred kitchens and Oat Shurmur have one thing in common. Both are weak. And that means they can’t lead men.

  4. ARod(in his collarbone) says:
    December 7, 2019 at 10:01 pm
    Trade him to the Vikes. Imagine an offense with Thielen, Diggs, OB, Cook, and Rudolph as targets? That’s scary good.


    That’s the same thing they said about Cleveland. Too many stars on one team, especially on the same side of the ball invites catastrophe. Diggs is already a diva on his own. Beckham isn’t gonna make it any better.

    Anyway I’m sure the Browns offense is dysfunctional in part to Beckham himself. He’s contributing to the dysfunctional and frustration. Those divas bathe in the spotlight when they’re winning but can’t deal with losing.

  5. Landry and OBJ are about their brand. Any coach, GM or owner gets in their way and they will leave any team cohesion and franchise in tatters. Buyer beware.

  6. Obvious to anyone paying attention that Kitchens is in over his head which begs the question of why he hired in the first place. I mean the guy admitted he was still learning how to call plays. Hopefully the homeless guy will have a replacement recommendation….

  7. =============

    ARod(in his collarbone) says:
    December 7, 2019 at 10:01 pm

    Trade him to the Vikes. Imagine an offense with Thielen, Diggs, OB, Cook, and Rudolph as targets? That’s scary good.

    Maybe add Antonio too, now that lineup would be scary!!!! LOL, only in a Vikings fan mind…

  8. Odell Beckham is one of the best receivers in NFL-but is not a food fit in cleveland. They should trade him.

  9. Mayfield is immature, OB Very immature, Kitchens Very Very immature, now if you have them all work in a place that has no culture how surprised can anyone really be?

  10. Or… OBJ is not some amazing player everyone hypes him as. He’s done nothing for any team he’s played for and is often injured.

  11. Other than a few games and one spectacular catch, Odell is an average receiver with giant ego. Catch wait to watch the “Where are the now” special.in 5 years showing Odell flat broke with no skills to even work at IHOP.

  12. I laugh at these comments about Odell being selfish and about his brand? What does that even mean? The Browns aren’t winning so he has every right to complain about his usage. He is their best player and they don’t make it a priority to get him the ball. He’s the most talented WR in the NFL. If you throw him the ball he makes plays. The Browns can’t seem to figure that out though.

  13. I can’t tell if it’s the play-calling or if Beckham is mentally checked out. Maybe both. Reminds me of those 2 years in Oakland when Randy Moss took a vacation from playing serious football.

  14. Credit the Giants for cutting him loose. Don’t piss off management or you’ll get traded to Cleveland, where careers go to die.

  15. There is a ton of talent being wasted in Cleveland. Beckham is just the loudest of the bunch. The problem in Cleveland is that they have a ton of talent that isn’t a team. That is on coaching and management. Cleveland needs leadership and until they have it, nothing will change.

  16. What does play calling have ANY thing to do with 7 pre-snap penalties as a W.R.?
    Let’s begin with this. As a wide receiver, how is that even possible? How’s about stop trying to catch everything with one hand, use 2 and maybe, just maybe you will have less drops this year too.

  17. And OBJ will wander around the NFL, going from team to team and having his “talent wasted ” for a few more years. Or until he gets caught doing something stupid and the NFL bans him. How do people get that way? Everything is someone else’s fault and the player is blameless.

  18. mrbigass says:
    December 7, 2019 at 10:18 pm
    Obvious to anyone paying attention that Kitchens is in over his head which begs the question of why he hired in the first place. I mean the guy admitted he was still learning how to call plays. Hopefully the homeless guy will have a replacement recommendation….


    He was picked to be the head coach, because he was an Alabama guy. Like most SEC guys, the Cleveland Brown’s owner worships at the alter of the SEC. So he wanted a Bubba Joe to be his head coach instead of a qualified NFL coach with years of NFL experience. You know, ‘Bama’s good, so he’s gotta be good. Well, you see the results. Saw this one coming a mile off.

  19. Well the Patriots tried to get OBJ because they knew if Brady had him as an option they would be able to utilize OBJ’s talents to their maximum potential. A threat to get the ball on every single offensive play would have resulted in OBJ getting double covered, or protection sliding to his side which would have opened up so many more options for other guys, but the Giants made sure that was never gonna happen, and now he’s wasting away in Cleveland while Brady rides out his final season with a bunch of new guys, and one old vet who keeps dropping passes on a regular basis

  20. One of the most underachieving teams in the league this year compared to preseason hype. Total bust of a season. Compare them to the overachieving Steelers.

  21. Odell Beckham’s talent “wasted” in “dysfunctional” offense — Odell, Matthew Stafford is one Line 1, he’d like a word with you!

  22. It was headed for disaster even before Beckham arrived. He was just the gas to be thrown on the fire. And they gave up next years first round pick for him too.

    Browns fans deserve better.

  23. I actually cannot blame any of this on the Haslems. They tried something different this year by not meddling in operations.
    Someone escaping scrutiny is the GM John Dorsey. There is a huge leadership void that needs to be addressed this offseason.

  24. Predictions in August already had the Browns penciled into the AFC Championship. Is that still on the agenda?

  25. On pace for well over a thousand yards in a “dysfunctional offense”.. I’d take him on my team

  26. “Trade him to the Vikes. Imagine an offense with Thielen, Diggs, OB, Cook, and Rudolph as targets?”

    Good luck with that. Vikes have 1.15 million in cap space and Beckham gets what, something like 18 million a year? To add Beckham they’d have to cut one or more of those other players you named, or other good players on the roster.

  27. When does Odell get real about the results he produces? How many more teams does he need to go to before he realizes his selfishness is his issue? He is like AB2.0, just not as good.

  28. Its never been a question about talent but it’s just that there are some players who simply don’t want in your lockerroom because they are selfish and its destroys the team from within, like a cancer. OBJ is Exhibit A in that regard.

  29. I’d take Thielen and Diggs over these two jokers all day everyday. Thought Landry OBJ Chubb we’re supposed to be the next triplets. How’s that working out. Lol.

  30. This quote could be said of many teams, such as the Jets.
    Players have a choice. If you don’t want to play for a bad team then don’t sign an extension. If money is the objective, take a lucrative contract with the (usually bad) team paying the most.
    If winning is very important take a pay cut and go to a contender.

    If you are a diva then you will be unhappy wherever you go.

  31. Odell can’t thriw the hall to himself. LAndry gets the ball all the time.
    I don’t blame Odell being unhappy, the coach sucks and the QB has several ways of playing . Too bad that talent is wasted there.

  32. No mystery: 90% plus of the anonymous sources about inner team workings are agents passing on what players or coaches tell them.

  33. Injuries caught up to Odell and he isn’t as dynamic as he use to be. He isn’t getting a lot of separation from CBs these days.
    It also didn’t help that Odell blew off a lot of the off season work. Odell overrates his own talent and thinks he can just show up and dominate. He is a good player but it looks like his great days are behind him.

  34. The source is probably OBJs agent. The Oline certainly doesn’t help but he’s been one of the league leaders in drops and has trouble getting lined up. Landry has been the more dynamic, more reliable receiver.

  35. You must disregard what he has actually done. The last two years he was with the Giants he played in half the games but did a lot of talking. The number 1 wr for Cleveland is Landry because of the effort and route running ability. Never understood the Oprah like love for Beckham. He ran himself out of the Giants. The Browns are stuck because Dorsey gave so much for him. He wants to be a legend not on a consistently winning team. Luckily for him the media ADORES him.

  36. Is there anywhere in the NFL good enough for Beckham? Maybe this guy should try and make it work wherever he is instead of always being disruptive.

  37. Odell needs to go to the Patriots. Listening to Baker Mayfield he’s now thrown the medical staff under the bus. He needs to shut his mouth,and
    play a little better. He doesn’t own the team, or manage it, shut the hell up.
    This team was going to the Super Bowl, or so they all said, what happened? Too many big egos.

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