Ryan Tannehill climbs to the top of the passer rating rankings

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The first pick in the 2012 draft is retired. The second pick currently backs up MVP favorite Lamar Jackson. (A third-round quarterback from that same draft is No. 2 in the MVP race.) And the eighth pick in 2012 now has the best passer rating of any NFL quarterback.

Ryan Tannehill, who supplanted Marcus Mariota earlier in the year, has a 113.9 score in the NFL’s official (and officially convoluted) formula that determines passing prowess based in equal measures in competion percentage, yards per attempt, touchdown percentage, and interception percentage.

Tannehill, who has started six games, holds a two-point lead over Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins, a fourth-round pick in that same draft.

It’s part of an amazing second act for Tannehill, who had seven seasons in Miami to get things rolling and never could sustain it. He told PFT over last weekend’s 14-point win over the Colts that he’s currently cherishing everything about the job.

And there’s plenty for Tannehill to cherish. He’s completing 72.7 percent of his throws, and he’s averaging 9.1 yards per attempt. Tannehill has thrown 12 touchdown passes against four interceptions.

He’s also due to be a free agent in March. Which could make for an interesting decision from the Titans, who may have to consider the franchise tag or the transition tag to keep him from hitting the open market and attracting the possible attention of teams that may be looking for a new starting quarterback.

The list of interested teams remains to be determined. But if he keeps playing like he has and if the Titans end up in the playoffs, Tannehill could find himself surprisingly in demand.

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  1. Yes, but he was hamstrung in Miami. He Adam Gase as head coach. He is terrible. (At least in NJ).


  2. Yes, but he was hamstrung in Miami. He had Adam Gase as head coach. Gase is terrible. (At least so far in NJ).


  3. NFL’s official (and officially convoluted) formula that determines passing prowess based in equal measures …..
    Actually they are not weighted in equal measures.
    Interceptions are weighted more than anything else.
    On an average day for a QB, if you throw zero interceptions, you will have a 100 passer rating.

  4. Tannehill was always branded as the problem in Miami- he never really was : it’s too bad he’s not there now
    I hope the Titans make the playoffs and bounce someone

  5. Hmmmm. Where all all the dummies that were calling him a bust? Even their own fans. I still wear my Dolphins’ Tannehill Jersey each week and hope he takes the Titans to the Playoffs and more since my Fins are in re-build mode.

    To Tanny !!!!!

  6. Ryan Tannehill is a legit FIGHTER (NEVER GIVES UP). He keeps improving with EVERY game, happy he found a good home.

  7. I’m so happy for Tannehill and his family, and everyone else who roots for him to succeed. I think his story is the story of the year, so far. But I’m not going to get too carried away until he starts winning super bowls, or even significant playoff games. I’m not ready to call anyone a genius for signing him, and I’m not calling anyone an idiot that didn’t think he was a great QB. I see some people win a couple games and all of the sudden they’re the greatest of all time, then they lose two in a row and we call them all sorts of bad names. Lets just see how Tannehill’s career plays out, and I’m rooting for him to keep it rolling.

  8. Why can Tannehill get coached up but Mariotta couldnt. Does he understand the offense better? Indont think Tannehill has a better skillset so ita gotnto be the mental part ofnthe game.

  9. Transition tag at least. Will the Titans actually let Mariota go ?
    Tannehill still has to keep improving and get rid of the ball quickly, with a young group of receivers. Walker needs to get back to full health and contribute as well.

  10. Tannehill > dak

    If the Cowboys had tannehill, they’d be atleast 7-5 right now. Let dak go to Miami. The Cowboys will be better off without dak and his cap destroying contract he’s demanding. I’d rather go with Bridgewater, tannehill or keenum for alot less money team friendly deal and keep the team competitive because they can sign all their key players on offense and defense including depth. If dak can’t win playing on a rookie deal surrounded by a deep talented team, he will only get worse once he breaks the bank and have to let good players go to other teams because dak is a selfish greedy diva only thinking about himself and not the team.

  11. Injuries ruined Tannehill in Miami. Are we all forgetting that the guy never stayed healthy at all? Yeah you can blame Gase but Ryan was always hurt. And mariota is gone from the titans to the commenter above. If he was staying I wouldn’t think they would bench him.

  12. Tannehill wasn’t the problem in Miami; the problem was twofold: the Dolphins spent virtually all their high draft picks on wide receivers while largely ignoring the defense, and the offensive line was in a state of constant flux.

  13. It’s inaccurate to say Tannehill was “always” injured in Miami. He never missed a start the first 77 games of his career there. It was only after the knee injury in 2016 that he became unreliable, missing all of 2017 and only starting 11 in 2018.

  14. The Dolphins didn’t spend virtually all of their high draft picks on wide receivers. In the 7 seasons that Tannehill was there they used a total of 3 picks in the first 3 rounds (one each in rounds 1-3) and used a 3 in a trade for Kenny Stills. Meanwhile they used three #1s on defensive players.

  15. Been a fan of Tannehill since his pro day. Tannehill won’t throw for 400+ yards and 4 tds but he can win games. His game against KC was impressive. Last week against the Colts he looked poised. His biggest compliment is hearing ex-players who are commentators showing Tannehill respect. Rooting for the titans and Tannehill!!!!

  16. Geezzz, pump the brakes. So 6 games in and he’s the next MVP after 7 years of meh? Ya’ll need to relax…

  17. “It’s part of an amazing second act for Tannehill, who had seven seasons in Miami to get things rolling and never could sustain it.”

    He almost never had even an average Oline in front of him in Miami. When his Oline played well so did Tannehill. Most of the time even guys like Brady, Brees and Rodgers would have struggled behind the turnstiles they put in front of Tannehil in Miami. And the one time they did mange to get a decent crew in front of him Goodell fabricated bullygate as something worthy of punishment and it fell apart.

  18. RT going back to Miami seems like a reach. Why do it? I never wanted to see him leave but he was so unappreciated and put down that really he was lucky to get a 2nd chance anywhere. The fans where he’s at now are actually calling the team The Tanne see Titans. They believe in him so much more than the Miami fans did when he was here. Funny, I never heard from any of these people writing good things about now…. then. A fair weather state with fair weather fans..

  19. I was a Tannehill Defender, but to a point. Most people are spot-on here today (except the knucklehead comments about him being injury prone). He is good, but not great. He can’t win the game for you. He is a solid Flacco equivalent. Behind the right OLine, running game and play calling he will do well. The Dolphins average 30th in team OLine during his tenure. Gase ruined him. He had confidence and would run for yardage, but Gase forbid him from doing so. His pocket awareness was always suspect and with limited allowance he was a sitting duck. He is still to this day the most sacked QB in NFL history during that time span. I hope he does well for himself and the Titans. He spent his entire career being scrutinized. However, do I want him back in Miami. Heck, No! He can only get you 9-7 and that is WITH a solid team around him.

  20. It was always a Dolphins problem…not a Tannehill problem. Said it for years. And you people think you can just stick a good QB onto a crap team and he’ll succeed.

  21. 21 out of 27 attempts today for 391 yards, 3 td’s and 1 int. He’s 6 wins and 1 loss as a starter this year with the best QB rating in the league over those 7 games. That’s not bad.

  22. 21 out of 27 attempts today for 391 yards, 3 td’s and 1 int.”

    Let’s not forget to mention that the INT was a deflected pass, but……….He made one heckuva tackle on a big boy to prevent a TD.

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