49ers hope another full week on the road pays off

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For the second time this year, the 49ers have a pair of back-to-back games that start at 1:00 p.m. ET. For the second time this year, the 49ers spent the week between those games away from home.

After Week One at Tampa, they stayed in Ohio before beating the Bengals in Cincinnati. After Week Thirteen at Baltimore, they detoured to Florida before Sunday’s game at New Orleans.

After the Week Two win over the Bengals, coach Kyle Shanahan told PFT that he didn’t believe in the importance of keeping players’ bodies adjusted to a different time zone until he became the coach of a West Coast team, when he realized what a “huge difference” it makes.

“It hurts the team to be away from routine and family,” Shanahan said at the time, but he explained that, when traveling back and forth across the country, “guys are dead no matter what we try to do.”

They were very much alive in Week Two, but the opponent was one of the worst teams in the league. They’ll need to be more than alive in the Superdome on Sunday in order to recover from last week’s loss and commence the process of reclaiming the No. 1 seed by beating the Saints and hoping that the Seahawks lose to the Rams.

3 responses to “49ers hope another full week on the road pays off

  1. Another disappointing end coming for the Saints this year. They’re not that good. Michael Thomas is a possession receiver that has good games against bad defenses. Did anyone else notice how he bailed out on that onside kick last week? I did, stop flexing your arms you’re soft. And then you have the QB who has no zip on the ball anymore. Mr. dink and dunker Drew Brees.

  2. It worked. Frisco won 48-46. The cynical rovers will say that Jimmy G. won another “meaningless game.” They claimed that the 5 game he won in 2017 were “meaningless.” LOL They cannot say that he cannot engineer a last minute come back win, nor can they say that he cannot win a shootout if the defense is not able to hold their other team to a low score. Move over cynical rovers, and let Jimmy G. take over.

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