Austin Ekeler records this season’s first rushing-receiving double-triple

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In today’s win over the Jaguars, the Chargers’ Austin Ekeler had one of the best games any running back has played in the NFL this season.

Ekeler recorded a double-triple by running for 101 yards and gaining 112 yards receiving. That was the first rushing-receiving double-triple in the NFL this season.

The double-triple, as PFT has previously explained, is an NFL statistical accomplishment achieved when a player has triple-digit yards in two different categories. Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has four double-triples this season, the most any player has ever had in any season.

But while Jackson is making the double-triple commonplace for a quarterback, they’re actually very rare for a running back. Ekeler had the first rushing-receiving double-triple for a running back since Christian McCaffrey had 125 rushing yards and 112 receiving yards in Week 12 of last season. Many of the best rushing-receiving backs in NFL history, such as Marshall Faulk and Roger Craig, never had a double-triple.

What Ekeler did today is rare, a special game in a big win for the Chargers.

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