Baker Mayfield calls out Browns training staff

Getty Images

The official Browns T-shirt slogan for 2019 should have been, “This is fine.”

Even when they win, if feels like they lost. Today’s distractions came from receiver Odell Beckham Jr., who reportedly has told players and coaches from other teams that he wants out of Cleveland — and who refused to address the situation after the game.

Quarterback Baker Mayfield, who is always brutally honest, criticized the team’s training staff for the way that it handled Beckham’s sports hernia, which has plagued him all season.

“It wasn’t handled right in our training room,” Mayfield said.

That’s a stunning comment from Mayfield, one that will potentially create hard feelings and awkward moments in the building. But maybe that’s what needs to happen to finally drag the Browns out of the doldrums and into consistent contention.

If players aren’t doing their jobs, they get called out. Others whose job performance is critical to the success of a football team shouldn’t be immune from that.