Browns keep slim playoff hopes alive with win over Bengals

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It’s probably too little, too late, but the Browns aren’t done just yet.

Cleveland did what it had to do in the Battle for Ohio today, beating Cincinnati 27-19 to improve to 6-7 on the season and remain in AFC wild card contention.

Baker Mayfield did not play well, but Andy Dalton didn’t, either. The difference for the Browns was Nick Chubb, who topped 100 yards with a game that included a 57-yard run.

Beating the Bengals doesn’t prove anything, and there are still major questions about whether Freddie Kitchens is the right man for the job in Cleveland. But for today, the Browns are winners.

The 1-12 Bengals have clinched last place in the AFC North. Next stop in Cincinnati: Clinch the first overall pick in the draft, which will belong to the Bengals if they lose their final three games.

22 responses to “Browns keep slim playoff hopes alive with win over Bengals

  1. This would be a playoff team if the browns didn’t have baker mayfield. He is garbage way to much talent on the browns the head coach and baker both need pink slips

  2. The Bengals demolished the Jets last week so they are not playing bad football. The Browns are a rebuilding team, they are a year or two away.

  3. They are terrible and with the talent on paper they should be well over 500
    The coach should be replaced no matter what

  4. Your not a rebuilding team when you trade for Beckham giving up ur first rounder and have Landry Chubb hunt and supposedly the best quarterback in the league who is in every commercial on tv not to mention the sexy Super Bowl pick. How exactly is that going for a rebuild? That seems like their in it to win it patsy fan

  5. Mayfield didn’t have a great game, but the stats don’t tell the whole story. He made plays when the team needed it. Again, erratic playcalling, protection issues/OL reshuffling (Browns started 2 guys on the OL that didn’t start last week), and over reliance on empty sets put Baker in some very tough spots.

    This guy is a keeper, even if he is a troll magnet. Consider that he was drafted by easily the most dysfunctional organization in the league and it gives you a more realistic perspective. He’s had 3 HC, 3 OC, 3 playbooks. His WR’s this year have been vastly different (outside of Landry) than what he had last year. He’s only had 2 games with his top TE. And that OL…only 2 guys on that unit have started all the games this year. The other 3 spots have seen shufflings, benchings, injuries.

    Baker came into a situation where the Browns had been 0-16 the year prior, 1-15 the year before that, and 3-13 the year before that.

    Even with all the dysfunction past and present, consider the Browns are:

    4-44 before Mayfield
    11-10 with Mayfield

    What do the trolls say to that?

  6. Baker Mayfield did not play well, but Andy Dalton didn’t, either.


    Mayfield-192 yards
    Dalton-262 yards
    L. Jackson- 145 yards

    And yet both put up better passing numbers than the annointed one. MVP? MVPuhlease.

  7. Dude baker sucks sorry to break that news to you. Injuries are apart of the game look at the list of injuries for the jets. We have had 8 different starting offensive lines this year not to mention a quarterback who had mono . You have had baker and ur weapons all year and look at his numbers they Ficken terrible. Ur offseason will surround questions about whether he is the right guy going forward which no matter what he will be their for at least another lost year. And you will have a new head coach who will implement a new offense. It’s over browns fans and it never even began that’s sad. Stay in the bottom with us jets fans we can be miserable together

  8. @jets2469,

    Beckham, Landry, Chubb, and Hunt are all relatively young players at their positions and can be part of a rebuild. The roster still has holes to contend and even more importantly they need to learn how to win. People forget this was a 0-16 team not too long ago.

  9. Completely agree but they can’t contend when you miss on the quarterback. The league figured him out and it is over. Beckham will be gone next year

  10. I believe next year will tell us who Baker Mayfield is. College was too easy for him. First year in pro football again too easy. Toast of the town and spent the off-season reading his own press clippings. He believed he could dominate without preparing for this season.
    Next year he will be ready or was truly a flash in the pan.

  11. tednancy says:
    December 8, 2019 at 4:42 pm
    Mayfield didn’t have a great game, but the stats don’t tell the whole story. He made plays when the team needed it.

    The stats don’t tell the whole story and neither does cherry-picking positives from a game against the worst team in the NFL!

  12. Nobody is saying Baker has arrived, or is putting him in the HOF, let alone the Pro Bowl. But this “bust” talk – that it’s “over” – is just moronic. He has a ton of potential and for those who don’t watch the Browns every week it’s easy to look at the stats and follow the national media narratives. You see the commercials and you think “this guy is overexposed” – but what about his actual play on the field?

    Nobody in Cleveland has lost faith in Mayfield. Have there been frustrations? Undoubtedly. But Brownstown knows what a bust/non-franchise QB looks like from vast experience – and Mayfield is the first genuine hope at the position since Kosar.

    The only people saying “he’s done” are trolls in NY who need to believe they got their guy in Darnold (and maybe they have – not a zero sum game here dude) or loudmouths dancing to the national media jig. Like annoying puppets on a string.

  13. The Bengals should get stomped by the Pats, so there should be a maximum of 3 wins on the season. They really stand a shot at beating the Phins and could beat the Browns so I think their best hope is that Eli Manning comes in and wins 1 or 2 for the Giants, but one of those 2 wins is not against the Phins in week 15. Bengals are so close to Joe Burrow, but also so close to screwing this tank job up.

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