Jerome Boger: “Not really” a thought to rule N’Keal Harry scored and then review

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The Patriots had some calls go against them in Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs, including a ruling that wide receiver N'Keal Harry stepped out of bounds before scoring a touchdown in the fourth quarter of the game.

Replays showed that Harry did not go out of bounds, but the Patriots were out of challenges after Bill Belichick used both of them on one Chiefs possession in the third quarter. New England wound up kicking a field goal and never got the touchdown they needed in a 23-16 loss.

After the game, referee Jerome Boger explained why Harry was ruled short to pool reporter Mike Reiss of

“What led to it was the covering official on the wing was blocked out by defenders,” Boger said. “The downfield official who was on the goal line and looking back toward the field of play had that he stepped out at the three-yard line. So, they got together and conferred on that. The final ruling was that he was out of bounds at the three-yard line.”

Reiss asked if there was thought to ruling it a touchdown in order to trigger an automatic review.

“Not really. Those two officials who were covering it, they look at it in real time,” Boger said. “This case was unique in that the guy who would have ruled touchdown had him short. So maybe if that ruling official on the goal line had a touchdown, we could have gotten into that, but he thought that that guy stepped out of bounds. The goal line wasn’t in the play.”

It was a costly call for the Patriots and their failure to punch it in from the 3-yard-line on the next three plays was also costly for a team that finds itself on a two-game losing streak.

80 responses to “Jerome Boger: “Not really” a thought to rule N’Keal Harry scored and then review

  1. Jerome Boger and company are probably the worst crew in the NFL. Very ticky tacky and inconsistent. It takes all of the fun out of the game.

  2. That explanation is so lame. They admit they couldn’t see down the OB line because they were blocked so the guy who was out of position and could no way see just guessed he was out. This is the kind of crap review should fix and an eye in the shy ref could have fixed it. But no, that’s too simple, we have to have central command in NY. Stupid.

  3. Boger and his minions are horrible. How many times today did they throw flags and then pick them up? He’s more of a camera hog than Hochuli ever was.

  4. This was a joke. There was a chance he scored on the play, in fact he did, but because the guy two feet from where it happened decided he didn’t care about action at the goal line ( even though it’s part of his job ) because he thought his foot was out at the three they don’t even review the action at the goal. Makes no sense. SMH.

  5. So basically, he said that not only did they get it wrong on being out of bounds at the three, but they also would have screwed up and ruled him short too? How utterly ridiculous.

  6. How Boger still has a job is mind boggling. He’s absolute trash.

    It’s only a matter of time before he’s promoted the officials review center because, by the NFL standards it would only make complete sense.

  7. I REALLY don’t like games that the outcome was so clearly decided by the ref’s not the players on the field. This is one of the worst ones of those type of games I can remember.

  8. Has anyone else but me figured out that this Pats Chiefs game was pretty much meaningless once Houston lost and Baltimore won? The Pats are all but a lock for the 2 seed, the Chiefs a lock for the 3. If the Chiefs don’t choke in wild card (big if) they head to Foxboro and the out come of this game does not change that.

  9. Jerome Boger has a track record as being one of the worst referees in a league of bad referees. He and his crew should at the very least be subject to a suspension if not outright fired. But it’s the Patriots and they “Get all the Calls” so no one will care.

  10. I understand the 2 challenges but if you win a challenge you should not lose the ability to use it again. It’s the incompetence of the refs that make you use the challenge in the first place. You should be able to have 2 unsuccessful challenges and each one costs a timeout.

  11. I think we’re having too many bad mistakes by officials to just let a team run out of challenges. The call the Patriots lost on was a super close call that could easily have been flipped on multiple counts, and then the officials just kept making bad call after bad call while the Patriots could only watch. There’s already infinite challenges if you get them all right but we’re having too many blatantly wrong calls to just assume someone’s going to get all their challenges right to fix every bad call. One close call that doesn’t go your way and you’re out the rest of the game. I think you should have the infinite challenges until you get two wrong instead of just one, and then you’re out. In this situation I’d rather see the extra review to correct the obvious calls that are getting missed. And if you fail two challenges then you’re challenging multiple calls that are too close anyways, that would give the cushion of the one close call to challenge then just save the last one for obvious calls.

  12. When you blow your challenges on garbage and then have none for something potentially game changing, you’re a third rate coach who ought to be in high school. Quit blaming the refs. That’s what challenges are for. Or the Chiefs fault that sore loser crybaby Belicheat doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  13. So weird watching Patriots fans cry foul play against referees.

    Normally, they’d just be saying that one call doesn’t decide the game or that the coach shouldn’t have used up all the challenges.

    They see that the Superbowl is very unlikely this year (because they don’t get all the calls?)

  14. With the multiple bad calls in both the Patriots & Dolphins Games, it was NOT a good day for NFL officiating and Al Riveron!

    How do you call Neal out of bounds?
    Pats got a fumble but the huge return was nullified thanks to a quick & unnecessary whistle
    Dolphins PI call was a JOKE

    That PI would NOT have been called in Weeks 3-11
    Standard changed mid season & is causing a lot of problems

  15. League gave the Pats-Chiefs assignment to Jerome Boger knowing full well this would be a big game with playoff implications. Boger has no business refereeing any high-stakes matchups.

  16. zack2482 says:
    Funny, complaining about the refs now. Play better
    That’s kind of the point here, they did play better then the score reflected. Points that were earned were removed from the scoreboard when anyone with a tv clearly saw that they shouldn’t have been.

  17. TimTebowGodOfFootballKarma says:

    When you blow your challenges on garbage and then have none for something potentially game changing, you’re a third rate coach who ought to be in high school.
    Belichick had to ‘blow a challenge’ on a Travis Kelce fumble that the referees missed. Kinda game changing.

  18. That may be the worse call in sports of all time.

    I think this is my fault for saying this is the one call NFL refs are actually good at. Apparently they are terrible at everything.

    The NFL would be so embarrassed if this happened to any team other than the Patriots. The sense of relief the NFL front office must be feeling is emense.

  19. Boger is such a joke! Not surprising considering that Riveron is head of officiating! It’s a huge black eye for the league.

  20. People should have stepped up to the microphone in the post game and flat out blasted that officiating crew. When games are decided by officials, the officials should be disciplined just like anyone else. Monday afternoon apologies from the league office are just absurdly inconsequential.

    In this instance, Boger is basically finding a way to justify that his official was out of position (because there was a clear view down the sideline), and that the other official was blatantly wrong. If they both say they didn’t see it, then the right call would eventually be made. Instead they made up an outcome, and Boger supports it (instead of calling it what it is).

    Add that to the rest of the errors, and this crew had about a 50% call accuracy rate over about 12 minutes of football. This is the NFL, not high school.

  21. Was at game with seats in the corner where most of the mess took place. Patriots got royally hosed multiple times but were beneficieries of several lame calls, as well…not game changers, though. We are not looking for any sympathy from the haters. Nor will you get any if/when Boger and this crew works an important game your team is involved in. They are incompetent from top to bottom.

  22. the moment I heard Boger was the white hat, I knew there would be controversy. Usually it goes against the chiefs, So it was nice to see the Pat’s getting a taste of what opposing fans always felt when playing the Pat’s the last 10 years. Just breath on Brady and there is a flag.

  23. Boger & Lil Hochuli should not employees as NFL Referees, I’m hoping they’re nowhere near a playoff game!

  24. The NY/NFL signaled to the Refs that Belichick was out of Challenges = thus we watched the Refs undo a clear TD that would of be automatically been reviewed.
    However, the NFL had Belichick by the balls and clamped down with a vice grip to extract endless suffering from Brady, the Team and all NE Fans.

    Stay tuned Fans as we watch more ‘controlled outcomes’ orchestrated by NY/NFL Zebra Puppets.

  25. Whenever Jermome Boogers is the official, the game will be officiated by a mythical rule book and never by the NFL one. He ignores real calls that should be made and simply pulls them out of his backside.

  26. I’m a Pats fan but my money was on KC cuz I bet with my head not my heart, so I was cool with the call and the outcome…hehehe

  27. The NFL should try using Reply Review. It tends to work when it is used.

    That said, it sure is fun to rag on humans.

  28. Horrible call for sure, again this is typically what fans of teams that play the Pats deal with weekly. Its nice for Pats fans to see what it feels like. BUT, the Patriots definitely got corn holed on that one for sure.
    The league should call them a TD when that close since it will always be reviewed. The only problem with that is the entire play of reviewed and if there was OPI or holding or anything else it also could go against the so called scoring team.
    Bottom line is the officiating this year keeps getting worse and worse.
    The BB presser was a classic as always. I love that guy

  29. We have the technology so why can’t we use it? History is going to look back at this era and laugh at how archaic the officiating is in all major sports. Ref in a box. Let them see what we see and then call it correctly. It’s really that simple.

    Pats got robbed today. No if ands or buts about it.

    The only silver lining… now they’re angry.

  30. Although it was a missed call (there were a number of them), I think it’s correct not to rule something a touchdown just so it could be reviewed. We’ve seen the damage this causes with turnovers (ironic, I know, given what happened on the fumble in this game). Once a ruling happens, there has to be indisputable video evidence to change it. What if the camera angle isn’t as good as the refs angle or the pylon camera is blocked. The refs need to make the call they feel is accurate and let the review process start from there.

    The better solution would be to remove the review of possible scoring plays from the two-a-game standard. If there’s a close play at the goal, either the coach can challenge even if they’ve used two or the booth can initiate. To prevent abuse, do what the NHL does and pop them with a delay of game penalty if they’re wrong.

    The bigger concern with the officiating in this game was the number of picked up flags. How many mistaken calls occurred that even the other refs thought weren’t fouls? Two of the pickups were originally called by the actual referee, at that.

  31. The whole game was a black eye on officiating. They called a d lineman for holding…while he was being held by the o lineman. The early whistle on the Kelce fumble, not overturning what was clearly a terrible spot, the Harry TD being ruled OB, the failure to call DPI on Dorsett, and a handful of OPI on Sammy Watkins (not to mention missed holds on BOTH teams).

    How Boger still has a job evades my sensibilities. The Pats played crappy for long stretches of the game, but they deserved a shot to win this one and were kind of robbed by some really bad calls. Oh well, win out and they are still the 2 seed and KC has to come back and hope the crew that day is equally bad (or paid off).

  32. Is there a thought in not cheating and maybe resigning with some dignity?

    This is an outrage. He and his crew cheated on numerous calls that were magically missed for tds.

    These people cannot be this bad which means they are in on it.

  33. Patsareinyourheads says:
    December 8, 2019 at 10:15 pm
    The Chiefs were the better team today, but, Jerome Boger should never referee another NFL game.


    Clearly, you missed the game.

    NE dominated the second half. Go look at the Chiefs receivers final numbers. Hill was taken out of the game
    and Kelce’s fumble that was a td the other way that wasn’t, was a gamechanger.

  34. Officiating will continue to get worse and worse and worse. Next year, officials will be exponentially worse than they are this year, just like they are exponentially worse this year than they were last year.

    Take away technology, however, and the refs today are no doubt as good as if not better than, the refs BRR (Before Replay Review).

    Next year, we’ll be able slow the film down even more, zoom in super close, blow it up, examine it through VR goggles, and almost reach out and touch the players as we watch every play play out a dozen times in slo-mo.

    I’m not a scientist, but my thinking on this is that the human eye, in real time, just doesn’t have the luxury to look at things this way. I could be wrong, of course, officials should be expected to get every call perfect.

    But I digress. In reality, officiating isn’t getting worse at all. Technology just makes it look awful.

    Again, the NFL might want to consider using it, or do away with it altogether (my vote) and just let the kids play.

  35. The refs are as good as the man hiring them, and ultimately that man is Roger Goodell. He picks the bottom of the barrell to be the head official, who then picks the worst laziest guy to lead each crew.

  36. Hahahaha Pat’s fans whining about officials, of course you guys were just fine with the obvious ruffing the QB non call when Mahomes was pushed into the coers on the sideline. That would have resulted in a first down at the Pat’s 20. Or the horrible illegal block in the back call against KC that negated a first down that would have put the Chiefs at the Pat’s 15. I guess when you’re so used to the zebras just handing your team every close call on a constant basis it’s hard to swallow when the shoe is on the other foot. Maybe the Pat’s should have scored more than 7 points in the first half, which btw was given to them by the zebras consecutive penalties on 3rd down when your offense had gained virtually nothing.

  37. naes says:
    December 8, 2019 at 9:12 pm

    It is time for a sky judge. The bozos on the field aren’t good enough.


    The replay official is just as bad. They need better cameras but the people in NY need to overturn calls also. Clear and obvious: implement the technology, eat the cost while profit margins are high.

  38. Yes, it was a bad call but it also resulted in first and goal just short of the end zone. If you’re a good team you should be able to punch it in with three (or four downs). The Pats couldn’t do it.

  39. It appears that those who didn’t have a problem with the missed/bad calls believe it’s okay because it was against the Patriots. There sure are a lot of butt hurt fans out there.
    A bad call is a bad call every time no matter who benefits from it. Accuracy and fairness should always be the ultimate goal.

  40. This is a rule that needs to change. Why only review a play if it is CALLED a TD? If it MAY have been a TD, then it should be reviewed. This one could have been resolved in 10 seconds, so no delay in game to review and get it right. Or you know, the sky judge to get it right BEFORE the review.

  41. So the ref couldn’t see if Harry had stepped out so instead of letting replay sort it, they stole aTD. I still can’t figure the 2 yard bonus spot they gave KC. That’s what it takes to beat the Pats I guess.

  42. Think of the outrage of those who bet and lost on the Patriots or whose line bets were impacted by the cascade of officiating errors. Sooner or later the NFL will be forced by pending lawsuits or state or federal legislatures into employing the “sky judge” using retired officials who can no longer officiate from the field. Boger and his crew have just given additional ammunition to the advocates of an embedded review official. Sad that Boger’s disaster may impact the playoff seedings.

  43. Referees or (NY) should have a right to review their own calls that may have been obstructed or a ref out of position for a proper call. Last nights Harry call was an assumption or guess that he was out of bounds.

    I don’t want the refs to make a call on something that could not see or out of position on. Its all about getting it right.

  44. I think the number of challenges should be set by how bad the referee team is.

    Just like a team being a ten point favorite or a ten point dog, Boger’s crew should be a ten challenge crew.

  45. “but he thought that that guy stepped out of bounds”

    Here’s the problem, and it is why the Refs absolutely suck now, this was NOT a judgement call. The ref either saw him step out or he didn’t. He clearly did not see him step out because N’Keal never stepped out, but “he thought” he was out…. THAT IS NOT HIS JOB. His job is to call a player out if he SEES that he steps out, not to think he was out!!! Jerome Boger leads the worst crew in the league

  46. Would be nice if someone could find a tape of Boger and one of his crew talking about this exact play in another game and seeing if they ruled it a TD or out of bounds. There is no way this is the first time a ref couldn’t see whether or not they stopped out of bounds. Then you see if they ruled it a TD in that case. If they did, Boger should be immediately suspended on investigation.

    NFL has access to the tools that would allow them to do this is a week.

  47. ronnyw9 says:
    December 8, 2019 at 10:02 pm
    I love hearing Patriot fans whine when they get a bad call. Poor fans never get any breaks.

    I’m getting ready for next week when all the Patriot Haters whine about the referees being in the Patriots pocket even tho this game still exists in video form.

    Isn’t sports fun?

  48. The Next One says:
    December 9, 2019 at 8:52 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “Just breath on Brady and there is a flag.”

    Are Patriot haters addicted to being wrong? Or do they just hate reality? Try watching some football so you don’t write stupid stuff like this.

    Sorry still mad at this. Y’all know they keep track of stats right? You can literally look up QB hits and Roughing the Passer calls. Please do this now.

  49. I see I’ve found the Pats fans excuse/self-pity board. So quick to take the win when calls go your way (which is the norm), yet quick to complain when they don’t. Boohoo. :`(

  50. The Next One says:

    “Just breath on Brady and there is a flag.”


    I’ve seen Brady looking for a roughing the passer penalty when the running back bumped into him.

  51. Chiefs equipment came late, Mahomes played with an injured hand, the helmet hit on Kelce was not called, Pats are cheapshot artists and play dirty, etc. All the excuses, 1 final score.

  52. Don’t blame the refs. They Pats had the ball on the 3 twice and could not punch it in on 7 plays. That is just awful. The Chiefs stood them up when needed. Good game by them. As for the haters out there – which is it? If the Pats win you blame the refs and how they are getting paid by Kraft. The Pats lose you complain about the Pats fans complaining about the refs. The refs missed a couple calls yet you look the other way when if this was the other team you would be crying like you normally do. Oh well… On to Cincinnati again to right the ship.

  53. Borger has taken over from Jeff Triplette as the worst official in the league and most everybody knows this. There were two marquee games this weekend, and this was one of them. For the NFL to assign this crew to this game indicates that the league couldn’t care less about the quality of the officiating and isn’t really worried about the integrity of the sport. They should be.

  54. tylawspick6 says:
    December 8, 2019 at 11:14 pm
    Is there a thought in not cheating and maybe resigning with some dignity?
    This is an outrage. He and his crew cheated on numerous calls that were magically missed for tds.
    These people cannot be this bad which means they are in on it.

    Even if the refs did miss some calls and that’s a big IF, it’s not cheating and very disingenuous of you to say so considering your hero is Belicheat.

  55. johnnycantread says:
    December 9, 2019 at 9:29 am
    The Next One says:

    “Just breath on Brady and there is a flag.”


    I’ve seen Brady looking for a roughing the passer penalty when the running back bumped into him.

    Name a QB that does not look for flags. I saw Brady get hit multiple times yesterday. I did not see him once complain. Just sad the narratives you guys come up with. I am waiting for people to cry about Mahomes getting his guys fired up on the sideline yesterday. If that was Brady – like last week – there would be a whole storyline he is yelling at his receivers and being a diva. The double standard is tremendous. Almost as ridiculous as all the jealousy towards Brady.

  56. mark0226 says:
    December 9, 2019 at 10:54 am
    Patriot tears taste delicious.

    SB victories taste much better. How many has the team you root for won lately? Do you say the same thing to all the others who whine and cry when the Pats win? Chiefs executed and won. A big win for them. Hope there is a rematch next month.

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