Jon Gruden defends Derek Carr’s fourth-down throw away


It wasn’t likely to change the final outcome, but Derek Carr has taken heat for his throw away on fourth down late in Sunday’s 42-21 loss to the Titans.

With 3:50 remaining, the Raiders faced fourth-and-goal from the Titans 1-yard line.

Carr rolled right, away from pressure, and threw the ball out of the end zone, giving his receivers no chance.

Raiders coach Jon Gruden defended his quarterback after the game.

“He exhausted that play for what it was,” Gruden said, via Paul Gutierrez of ESPN. “I’m not going to be one to stand here and say that a turning point in the game, but I think he played really well today, Carr did, given what’s going on around him. I think there’s a big story there. At least, we recognize it, and we’re really proud of the way he’s competing and performing with all the moving pieces.”

The Raiders were without 1,000-yard rusher Josh Jacobs, receiver Hunter Renfrow and right tackle Trent Brown.

“Jacobs is our feature back,” Gruden said. “We miss Renfrow; we miss Trent Brown; we miss [Foster] Moreau; we miss [Vontaze] Burfict; we miss John Abram; we miss Karl Joseph. I’ll keep going. But our guys are fighting.”

Carr completed 25 of 34 passes for 263 yards and two touchdowns.

23 responses to “Jon Gruden defends Derek Carr’s fourth-down throw away

  1. People love to dump on Carr but the simple fact is we dont have dependable receivers that can beat man coverage.

    Waller is a mismatch for every defender in one way or another so he always finds away to come down with the ball but besides him were just not talented enough at the position.

    Renfrow is hurt, Moreau is now probably done for the year aswell. Carrier is solid but hes not as dependable blocking wise as Moreau. Doesnt help that Tyrell is compromised aswell with his foot.

    Raiders, when healthy, have a very potent offense at every level. People calling for Carr to bounce are delusional. Hes the Raiders best chance for success unless magically Burrows falls to us at whatever spot the Bears pick stops at.

    Hurt and Tua and the rest of the guys coming out arnt worth developing when the Raiders are so close to being good. Once we add a few pieces to the Defense we’ll be giving the Chiefs another run at the division next year, hopefully the Broncos dont find a way to catch up in the meantime.

  2. People forget the Raiders got to 6-4 by beating 3 teams at home with a combined record of 9-29-1 by a combined 16 point margin of victory. They are in the middle of a rebuild with lots of young players, that is before you factor in all the injuries. This team is getting by on scrappiness but you can only get so far when you lack overall talent and depth. Next year after another strong draft and a few select free agents and this team will be better and a playoff contender. It takes a few drafts to add quality depth and that is what is needed along with a #1 receiver that can take the top off of a defense, nobody on the current roster fills that need. Carr has played good with the offensive talent around him, other than Jacobs and Waller and a good O-Line what does he have that other NFL teams would want on their rosters? None of the wideouts, best receiver is a 5th round rookie.

  3. Rag on Jon Gruden after he’s done just goes to show you why he makes 10 million a year and you make nothing

  4. this franchise has Never drafted a Qb that has been better than mediocore..Carr is no different then the rest..Just Lose Baby that’s all this sorry franchise knows ..and skipping out of town !!

  5. The Raiders only have 3 players left over from the prior regime, so the re-build is a complete overhaul. Gruden joined a team that only had one winning season in the previous 15 years. That’s not a misprint. It wasn’t a minor tweak. Two more drafts and the Raiders will be a top team.

  6. I was watching this part of the game in live time and I also thought it was a bad choice by carr. Another thing that stood out to me was that on this play or the play before(I think it was this 4th down play) the raiders are down 3 tds with 4 or 5 mins left and carr is just wasting time and running the play clock all the way down to 5 seconds when it was a running clock. Why? Why no urgency? It seemed like he was already giving up and not giving his team their best opportunity. Not a good look for the qb. I was about to call him a young qb but that’s not the case anymore and he shouldnt be getting a pass on situations like this anymore because hes a veteran qb now and maybe, just maybe, raiders should start looking for another qb next year.

  7. We can finish with 8 and 8 or 9 and 7 record and finish with a record with no double digit losses. We are moving in the right direction.It seems we always get the hardest schedule in the NFL. I think the team’s who lose should get the easiest and the good teams should get the hardest but everyone always bag on Carr. Give him couple of good receivers.some good defense and replace the dc coordinator.We will be in good shape. Plus 75 million to spend on free agents will help as well

  8. No one expected us to have a shot at the playoffs this year, but for a moment there, it looked like we had a chance. The team is definitely headed in the right direction. As others have pointed out, with one more strong draft (WR, LB, CB, DE), we can be making waves next year.

  9. 12 noon on March 16th…..AJ Green, its Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden on line 1. Pick up the phone

  10. At 6-4 a young team trending up and looking forward to a potential playoff berth? That was one way to look at it. Another way to look at things? A defense that can’t stop anyone and is the league’s worst. Again. True, Carr’s decision making has been poor but Gruden’s play calling? It’s been awful and not just during this game and not only at the goal line when its done and dusted. Again. Fans of any team focus on reason for optimism. The Raiders have some. Oakland hit on some picks last season – Jacobs and Crosby principally. Renfrow was looking good too before he got hurt. However, Clelin Ferrell has been invisible since his breakout Chargers game against a 3rd string offensive lineman. Who wouldn’t rather have Josh Allen or Ed Oliver? Maybe Ferrell won’t be a bust but he certainly doesn’t justify the 4th overall pick and it raises concerns about Gruden’s ability to draft for the future. That aside, Chucky’s record this time around stand at 10-18 and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the team drop the rest of its games this season. He was a sub .500 coach in Tampa after taking Dungy’s team to the Super Bowl. He’s also untouchable no matter what record he posts. He was the wrong pick for head coach two years ago and I don’t think he will ever build a consistent winner.

  11. Anyone that is still missing Burfict at this point hasn’t been paying attention…he’s always missing for some reason…wonder what that is ?

  12. Just a question, when the NFL makes new schedule does anyone there even look at it, seems the Raiders have been going to Kansas City to close out the series with the Chiefs at the end of the season for close to 12 years now, when will they rotate schedule to have the Chiefs close out the series in Oakland at the years end?
    Sorry this had nothing to do with yesterdays game.

  13. Let’s hear from all the geniuses who declared the Raiders were Super Bowl contenders and that Gruden had the inside track on Coach of the Year.

  14. Bigger problem was motioning the rb leaving only Ingold on first down. Everyone knows he is getting ball then. This was not like his 4th down spike vs. SD last year. If picked ball is St 20. Throw away gives D a chance to get turnover or quick punt. Thought was smart. Had at least 8 sec and no one had any separation.

  15. mstattraider says:
    December 9, 2019 at 7:59 am
    Just a question, when the NFL makes new schedule does anyone there even look at it, seems the Raiders have been going to Kansas City to close out the series with the Chiefs at the end of the season for close to 12 years now, when will they rotate schedule to have the Chiefs close out the series in Oakland at the years end?
    Sorry this had nothing to do with yesterdays game.
    – — – – – – – – –
    I am not expecting the Raiders to close out any more games in Oakland after this season…it’s total BS, but is what it is

  16. I’ve said this before, the Raiders have already exceeded expectations. Most people had them winning max 6 games. This team has almost no skill talent with Jacobs out. The defensive front 4 is budding but still so young. They lost Burfict immediately and their corners/secondary is awful. They still have a good chance of going 8-8 which would’ve been considered a miracle by many in week 1.

  17. They’re better than they were last year, but 7-9 is still on the table for this team and the idea that would have been deemed nearly impossible back in the summer is just dumb, sorry.

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