Packers up 14-6 at halftime

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The Packers offense scored two of the first three times they had the ball before slowing down over the rest of the first half, but the early strikes were enough to send them to halftime with a lead.

Aaron Jones ran for a touchdown and Robert Tonyan caught one as the Packers jumped out to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter. Adrian Peterson‘s touchdown run would get Washington on the board in the second quarter, but the score is 14-8 after Dustin Hopkins missed the extra point and a late foray into Green Bay territory ended when Dwayne Haskins was intercepted by Adrian Amos.

Green Bay’s own bid for points before the break ended when Aaron Rodgers lost a fumble while being sacked by Ryan Anderson. Ryan Kerrigan and Daron Payne also have sacks as Washington’s pass rush has been able to keep the Packers from rediscovering that early offensive momentum.

Washington’s offensive momentum picked up a bit in the second quarter and they’ve picked up 90 yards on 17 rushing attempts. Even if Derrius Guice isn’t around to help the cause, keeping the game close enough to rely on the running game is in Washington’s best interests.

8 responses to “Packers up 14-6 at halftime

  1. Packers have started well in many games, the scripted plays seem to work quite well, but they need to find a groove once those scripted plays are done being called.

  2. Anyone with working eyes can clearly see that Haskins-Robbins with the Numbskins will never be an effective NFL Qb. The Numbskins would be prudent to draft a QB and to offload Haskins-Robbins to anyone who will give them ANY draft pick in exchange. This guy cannot move a team at all other than when he’s behind and padding his stats. Last week was a fluke. This team is awful. Haskins-Robbins only consistently throws a different flavor of interception. He is allergic to touchdown passes.

  3. So glad my local affiliate decided this was a better game for me to see than Niners-Saints :-/

  4. The Packers aren’t as good as their record indicates. Aaron Rodgers is the only good player on that team. Aaron Jones only has good games against bad defenses so I don’t want to hear how he’s a good RB. He’s not. The defense was never any good to begin with. They only look good against inept offenses.

  5. Cant believe how uninteresting Aaron Rogers can make a game, running around waiting for the Redskins to get back in the game. All he needs is a few yards but wait, wait, till its too late, then sack or throw it away. If he thinks he has escapability anymore then he has very poor self-awareness. Getting very old and boring Aaron.

  6. Freaking Packers beat the skins by 5, you all made fun of the Minnesota win……lmao

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