Patriots still not willing to bring back Antonio Brown

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Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead. And the Patriots are still not interested in bringing back receiver Antonio Brown.

The latest re-confirmation of the lingering reality that the Patriots aren’t interested in a reunion with Brown comes from Adam Schefter of, who says that the team’s ongoing struggles on offense haven’t prompted a change of heart.

As Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston explained on PFT Live late last month, the failure of Brown’s camp to disclose a then-looming sexual assault lawsuit when he first signed with the Patriots makes a reunion highly unlikely.

“It has more to do with the fact that, when he signed initially with the Patriots, they went through the exercise of, ‘OK, is anything gonna bubble up here? We gonna have an issue with anything?’” Curran said on November 22. “And they were told ‘no,’ mainly because Drew Rosenhaus was under the feeling, I think, that they had it under control. The Britney Taylor situation was not going to explode on them, yet it did. . . . The Patriots don’t want that grenade to go off in their hand twice.”

None of it matters until the NFL clears Brown to return. No team has been willing to sign him since the Patriots released him, due to concerns that the league would place him on paid leave while it finalizes an investigation that is now nearly three months old. Some believe the NFL is content to kick the can into the offseason; with no clear deadlines or dates or mandates in the Personal Conduct Policy, the NFL has the power to take its time, and the NFL Players Association has no power to stop it.

And so Brown continues to wait. Even though the Patriots wouldn’t pursue him, a playoff contender surely would, if the league announces that the investigation is over and he won’t be suspended.

With only three games after this weekend until the playoffs begin, however, the clock is ticking more loudly than ever.

31 responses to “Patriots still not willing to bring back Antonio Brown

  1. He ruined the start of the 100th season with negative headline after negative headline.

    The league is not going to allow him to ruin the playoffs and Super Bowl of their 100th anniversary you can be sure about that.

    He’ll be left dangling until after the season is over and he can’t be singed by anyone for the remainder of this one.

  2. On one hand I think its ridiculous that the NFL league office has not decided what to do with the latest allegations. Either make a statement that he will be suspended for a few games or whatever and let teams decide what they want to do. There is NO way they should take 3 months to put an end to it one way or another.
    Now, on the other hand I think AB made his bed and he needs to sleep in it. Perhaps one day he will learn this lesson and be humbled.
    Probably not possible but the only way this guy plays again is if he can prove that he has grown up. If BB does not want him back given the circumstances they are dealing with that speaks loudly that he just might not be worth it anymore until he grows up.

  3. Still feels like the Steelers and AB make up and his return is to the burgh… as ugly as it may be at first… TDs and winning erase a lot in the NFL…

  4. So Rosenhaus lied to get him signed. Makes you wonder how much of a trust/reputation hit he took as well.

  5. I know Rosenhaus has a lot of cred but his handling of his clients situations this year has been abysmal. Obviously AB is a nightmare to handle but he should of laid down the law like a year ago. If I was AB my next call would be to Ray Donavan

  6. Brown is coming back to the team this season. Belichick and Kraft are just waiting until the league finishes their investigation. There is no fixed date attached to that point. I guessed December 13th a few weeks ago. These same stories are coming from those who said Brady was leaving the Patriots, his career is over, and how the team is just not good anymore.

  7. Always good to start a post with a 30+ year old reference that few of your readers under 50 appreciate. It’s that kind of thinking that is making Jerry Jones to give you strong consideration as his next coach. Good luck

  8. Wow, this is rare. It was widely reported that Brady wanted AB back a second time. But Big Bill has apparently told Prince Tom “no, stay in your lane.” Good stuff. Camelot indeed may be burning.

  9. Disclosures are what make contracts enforceable whether it’s buying a house or buying a head case.

    AB and his legal team failed to disclose a potential lawsuit. No other details would be necessary given the confidentiality agreement with the potential plaintiff.

    Kraft is a very successful business man. Without trust, there’s really nothing more to report.

  10. Rosenhaus’ reputation takes zero hit . News flash agents lie to get the best deals . Rosenhaus has also said publicly that he lies. No shock that the apology from him I mean AB didn’t work

  11. “No team has been willing to sign him since the Patriots released him, due to concerns that the league would place him on paid leave while it finalizes an investigation that is now nearly three months old.”

    Don’t place the blame on the league. This is all on AB. He blew it and now he gets to own it. Just like everybody else.

  12. Hopefully the clock will keep ticking for the next 10 years. The Steelers, Raiders, and Patriots got rid of him him and the 29 other teams heard him loud and clear when he went on his various rants.

  13. I think everyone should just overlook & dismiss whatever little personality quirks Brown may have, and let him play. After all, he’s been a very successful player. What does it matter about his so-called behavior? The dude can ball!

  14. No team should even consider this guy we all saw what he did at the end in Pittsburgh, threats and mouth in Oakland and all the bad boy comes out in NE where NE finally had to do something good.

  15. i heard an interesting comment a few days ago. It basically said –

    even with all his problems, his rants, the way he treats women, teammates,coaches, bill collectors, commentators, the NFL itself etc…….that’s not why he’s not playing now.

    It’s his use of social media.

    Because if you don’t change anything about his attitude or actions or even allegations against him….but he just didn’t use twitter, instagram and facebook to advertise them…..

    He would be employed by an NFL team now.

  16. The NFL is being petty and small with their handling of AB. Regardless of what he’s done or how despicable he may be, it in no way excuses or makes right the way the NFL is acting toward him. It is never right to be small and petty. Not that I expect Rodger and his crew to much care about that.

  17. The Patriots aren’t going to tip their hand. They might figure the NFL doesn’t want to see them in the super bowl again. If Antonio Brown gets cleared to play, I bet the Patriots sign him within 5 minutes. In fact, I’ll bet the deal is already put together. They’re just waiting for the NFL to give them the green light. The NFL might suspect this or might even have been tipped off, so they might just kick it into the off-season.

  18. Larry Fitzgerald has been pretty washed up for 5 years now. And yet any team in the NFL would sign him in a second if he became available. Antonio Brown is the most talented receiver the NFL has seen in a long time, but nobody will touch him. Someone should point this out to AB

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